Why Linux Reseller Hosting Is More Popular Than Windows Reseller Hosting?

Why Linux Reseller Hosting Is More Popular Than Windows Reseller Hosting?
Why Linux Reseller Hosting Is More Popular Than Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is one of the most profitable web hosting services that’s gaining increasing popularity in the past few years. It is a hosting solution that lets you start and run your own web hosting business without investing in huge infrastructure or hardware requirements. 

When you buy Reseller Hosting plans, you get two options to choose from- Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting. 

Apart from the operating system, these two Reseller plans differ from each other in several other ways. Linux Reseller Hosting is a hosting service that is widely adopted and preferred over the Windows plan for multiple reasons, including its affordability and advanced features. 

Let us see how these two Resell Web Hosting solutions differ and why individuals prefer the Linux Reseller plan over the Windows version. 

5 reasons why Linux Reseller Hosting is more popular than Windows Reseller Hosting

As a hosting platform, Linux is a reliable and highly secure option used by millions of users around the globe. Here are five more reasons behind the wide popularity of the Linux Reseller plan over the Windows Reseller plan. 

  1. Level of access to the Hosting Reseller 

Both Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting provide access to you as a Hosting Reseller via FTP. 

However, with Linux Reseller Web Hosting, you get many advanced options like Telnet, VNC, SSH, and more, which are difficult to get with a Windows Reseller Hosting solution. 

  1. Programming languages supported

This is one of the major reasons why Hosting Resellers choose Linux Reseller plans to start their Web Hosting Reseller business. 

Linux Reseller Web Hosting supports a broad range of programming languages as opposed to Windows Reseller Hosting. Right from basic CGI scripts to higher-level programming languages like Ruby, Perl, PHP, etc. 

On the other hand, the choice of programming languages that are powered by Microsoft, ASP, etc., is limited in the Windows version of Reseller Hosting. 

  1. Bandwidth allocation 

Users prefer websites with a fast page loading speed and smooth performance, and the amount of bandwidth allocation allows easy website loading.

The bandwidth limit you choose depends on your specific requirements and hosting plan. Since Linux Reseller Hosting is affordable, you can get higher bandwidth at a cost-effective rate than the Windows plan. You also get an easy-to-use control panel which is a critical requirement for Web Hosting Resellers. 

  1. Security and performance 

Linux Reseller Server Hosting is a secure and performance-driven hosting solution that prevents malicious and unauthorized access to your business website’s data and information. 

Moreover, it allows you to fix server exploits or any vulnerabilities quickly compared to Windows Reseller Hosting. 

  1. Cost-efficient 

The server overhead with a Windows Reseller plan is way more expensive than Linux Reseller Hosting. This results in more resource consumption of a Windows Reseller Server compared to a Linux Server with the same traffic requests, demands, and applications. 


Even though Windows Reseller Hosting’s systems and applications are highly interactive and easy to use, the advanced features and benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting overpower the Windows plan. 

Thus, if you wish to step into the hosting industry and start your web hosting business, choose the best Linux Reseller Hosting solution for your business from a reliable hosting provider.