Global Environment, Politics and Society MSc

Team-working is at the heart of this project, exploring the dynamics of leadership, decision-making and the relationship between operational/organisational concerns and the realisation of an artistic vision. Through this symbiotic practical and theoretical work, you focus on how meaning is generated in performance, and begin to ask basic questions about Theatre Making, to explore further in your own work and your analysis of material created by other artists. At a time when the politics of climate, disability, economics, gender, race, and sexuality are increasingly contended, performance has a unique role to play in creating a better, fairer future. Your English language qualification must be no more than three and a half years old from the start date of the programme you are applying to study, unless you are using IELTS, TOEFL, Trinity ISE or PTE, in which case it must be no more than two years old.

Any offer of a place is dependent on the University’s ability to provide the appropriate supervision for your chosen area of work. Please refer to the ‘About’ section of this page for more information about the provision of supervision for this course. Your test must have been taken no more than two years before the start date of your course. Our Application Guide providesfurther information about the English language test requirement. Publications are not expected, but a demonstrably peer-reviewed publication in political science or an allied discipline may be taken asprima facieevidence of aptitude for research. At the end of the course, you are required to complete the assessment in the optional papers of your choice and submit a thesis of not more than 30,000 words.

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If your circumstances change and, therefore, you need to request a deferral after an offer has been made, then we can generally permit these for this programme. However, each deferral request will be considered on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to decline any post-offer deferral request. Requests should be submitted via a message on King’s Apply with an explanation of the reason for making the request. The personal information you provide is stored on our customer relationship management database. This database is used by members of staff at St John’s College and is a fully managed system, with procedures and policies in place in order to keep your information protected from misuse in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. By filling out this form, you are giving us permission to contact you about future Politics Society events.

  • All students are given access to the DPIR and to the open-plan workspace during working hours and regular users may submit an application for twenty-four hour access, subject to attendance at a health and safety induction.
  • The Politics Society is wonderful as it provides support for all students regardless if they do Politics or not.
  • Each desk has an internet connection and gives you access to major social science software packages, and to email, file storage and other facilities.
  • The After you apply section of this website provides further information about the academic assessment of your application, including the potential outcomes.
  • As such you will be ideally placed to take advantage of the growing employment market related to responding to the climate emergency.

You will focus particularly on developing your skills as a facilitator/workshop leader. Build links and partnerships with our local community in South-East London, arts organisations, and increasingly through international networks. Be an independent learner and create your own learning pathways supported by tutors. Work alongside students from all backgrounds, and learn from each other’s different perspectives. If you live in the UK, you may be able to apply for a postgraduate loan from one of the UK’s governments. Information about living in London, including events, budgeting and expenses, travel and safety.

Samuel Beckett: Performance, Writing and Philosophy

Theatre Making 3 focuses on the acquisition and development of performance making skills and the application of those acquired skills to the creation of a performed event. In the Culture and Performance modules, you will investigate contemporary notions of identity and culture in the UK and around the world in relation to an increasingly globalised world. Contemporary Britain is perceived as progressively more multicultural; at the same time, there is an evolving awareness of the impact of global trends in society and culture.