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In cybersecurity, data refers to digital data that is stored and transmitted on an information system. Sustaining the privacy of an individual and keeping the data secured is the primary concern of cybersecurity practice. There are always vulnerabilities on the software, and hackers keep looking for them, so it’s an ongoing process to keep cybersecurity updated. CMS is becoming increasingly popular among both web developers and non-developers. Developers save time and effort by not having to code the website from scratch.

Professional Portfoliofocuses on enhancing your employability through the undertaking of a series of small web-based technical builds/tasks that have been provided by industry partners or set by academic staff. The focus is on interacting with a client, interpreting a brief, delivering to the brief, and presenting your work in a mock interview. The module will outline how to search for and identify the right job and will also cover the application process, preparing a portfolio that showcases the best of your work, interview techniques and assessment day experiences. You will ultimately develop an online portfolio website and two client briefs.

BSc Hons Computing and Web Development with Foundation Year

Our experienced web designers are passionate artists who will create the beautiful and effective websites you need. Pre and Post Covid we began building industry-specific booking systems enabling businesses to take bookings without having to pay for a 3rd party platform. Other techniques such as visitor analysis for repeat visitors and navigational analysis through a website can show how effective a particular design is.

  • This purpose-built development offers highly contemporary suites of outstanding facilities for Computer Science and Engineering students.
  • If you’re strictly speaking about the general concepts of web design vs web development.
  • This includes all elements of the acquisition and integration of the product, including features of branding, design, usability, and function.
  • A computer’s IP address allows it to send and receive data to and from specified machines in a network.

Front-end development consists of layout, design, and interactivity using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The things you see and what you use, such as the drop-down menus and the text, the visual aspect of the website, are all called front-end development. As you search for the best computer for web design, consider all of the features and functionality discussed above. Mac still has a cult-like following, but Windows users enjoy the flexibility and customization options available for PCs. The advantage of using a mouse or mousepad is that it’s accurate with less sensitive motions.

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In addition, you will see how the various skills in project management and software engineering combine to aid the delivery of a successful outcome in a commercial and economic context. Usability Testing and Data Analysisimmerses you in the user-centred methodology that has become one of the main methods of gathering user-generated data and scientifically proving changes to systems. This module will introduce each method in-depth including background research, experiment set-up, procedures, data produced, and methods of interpreting the findings. You will subsequently research, devise and undertake a series of usability tests for a given scenario. Time management, planning, critical analysis and application of knowledge will be particularly strong features of this module. With the increasing demand for workers to be skilled in cyber and digital technologies, this course provides you with the basic skills to progress in this ever-growing sector.