Essential guide to selling your products or services

If you do not stop selling, you might talk your prospect out of a sale. Do not falsely state that a product will only be available for a limited time in order to get consumers to buy there and then – this is illegal. The same product may be sold differently to two different customers, according to their priorities. For example, “Now that you are getting orders abroad, distribution must be more of a challenge.”

Small businesses or start-up businesses might need to successfully market their offering to convince people to purchase. For more help on how to promote your business, take a look at our guides to search engine marketing and advertising. Once you understand what customers are looking for, show the benefits they will get from buying your product or service. Selling face-to-face is best for high-value sales and for complex products or services that require demonstration or explanation. The starting point is to find out about the customer and their needs.

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Keep on top of your money with some helpful products, whether that’s everyday or long-term. Environmental Products and Services Ltd are the manufacturer of the award winning GreaseShield grease trap brand. Our services package provides expertise, insights, learning, and support via our CX Cloud digital platform. Easy to use and with no hidden costs – from card readers to POS kits. Search for sales training courses from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

  • Your Social Team has a highlight reel on Instagram where it shares its best affiliates with its existing customers.
  • Maybe you recently traveled abroad and came across unique products that aren’t readily available in your market but that you sense an appetite for.
  • One of the most lucrative ways to establish your business is by taking advantage of emerging markets and trends – but, it can also be very risky.

The average salary of a social media manager hovers around the $70,000 mark. With a TikTok following of one million and a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube, she was able to quit her job as a hairdresser and start her social media business from home. Besides a beauty product, what are you providing that makes for an experience that keeps your customers coming back? Keep in mind that customer loyalty, as well as customer retention, are a key part of maintaining recurring revenue.

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Identify and use the appropriate mode of communication and be able to deal with and listen to customers. We are proud to be a supported business that is part of Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council. We are experts in the manufacturing and installation of high quality PVCu Windows and Doors in South Wales for over 25 years. BP Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology are specially designed to remove dirt and protect against its build up. Visit our repairs and services page to find a HomeServe approved Home Expert. Our nationwide network of approved Gas Safe registered engineers are nearby to install your new boiler at a time that suits you.

If you don’t already have a product in mind, choosing one that’s not already popular or competitive can be difficult. Here are some steps you can take to find that star item with lots of potential. Commoditised products make up a large percentage of overall sales as they tend to cover essential things that everyone needs.


Whether you are selling face-to-face or over the phone, asking questions is essential if you want to understand your customer’s needs. If not, ask if your product or service might be of interest at a later date. For example, by having a structured quality management system and written policies on issues such as diversity and inclusion. Initial sales of a new or untested product or service may take longer than expected.

You ask them to leave but they say they need to get a sale today or they’ll lose their job. They want you to buy an expensive mattress that you don’t need or can’t afford, and they give you a piece of paper that says you can pay the mattress off over the next 12 months. All EE Smart Home products come with 12 months free helpline support. If you’re experiencing problems our experts can help you with troubleshooting, set-up and connecting your Smart Home product to your network and to other devices. If you buy your Smart Home product at the same time as a phone, both items will be delivered at the same time.