E-Learning: Understanding and Recommendations!

E-Learning: Understanding and Recommendations!
E-Learning: Understanding and Recommendations!

E-Learning: Some people have difficulty understanding the lessons given by their teachers or lecturers who also teach online. The difficulties experienced require solutions that can help them in their studies. Some people find that they quickly grasp the lessons that teachers teach online, while others have a hard time keeping up.

We can see this from the increasing availability of features in several applications, as well as the shift to video and audio-educational services from text-based materials.

Understanding E-Learning

Electronic learning or online learning called E-Learning is formal and non-formal learning carried out by utilizing technology so that students and teachers carry out the teaching and learning process using electronic media. Students and teachers can access E-Learning anywhere and anytime. Because they can do it online.

E-Learning that often exists is usually in the form of online courses, online seminars, and so on. Generally, online education is done through a web-based internet intermediary, all materials, quizzes, and teaching materials can be accessed on the web. The available material can be in the form of text formatted into a pdf file, in the form of sound, and some in the form of streaming YouTube. This development can help you to better understand the material being taught in more detail.

E-Learning Recommendations

E-Learning is in the form of sites and applications, a number of existing applications also provide several facilities that are not much different. These apps are available for free and some features require payment to get them. Some of them require a small memory space, you can download them through the App Store and Play Store.

Teacher’s room

Ruangguru already has more than fifteen million users and manages 300 thousand teachers. Develop various technology-based services, including virtual classroom services, online exam platforms, subscription learning videos, private tutoring markets, and other learning content that we can access via the web.


Quipper is a digital-based educational content provider company. It provides an online learning system, allowing you to easily conduct face-to-face learning with teachers. Quipper has a feature called Quipper School, which allows you to create virtual classes and assign assignments.


With a capacity of only ten Megabytes, you can download Brainly on Android and iOS devices. How to use it is quite easy either with the application or through the website. Brainly will process and display answers according to the keywords you entered. You can go through the official website to access it.


PT Zona Edukasi Nusantara has released the Zenius application since 2004. The main feature of this application is the simulation of the Computer-Based Writing Exam (UTBK). We can download Zenius on the App Store and Play Store with a capacity of 30 Megabytes.