A place to learn: 6 Alternative Study Places

A place to learn: 6 Alternative Study Places
A place to learn: 6 Alternative Study Places

A place to learn: One of the tricks for overcoming the reluctance to study and repeat the material before the exam is to find a fun place. Who knows, maybe a new atmosphere can increase your enthusiasm for learning. Where are the places that we can use to study?


Have you ever thought about studying at a cafe? We can study at the cafe, you know! But not just any cafe, pal. If the place is too noisy, especially for auditory types, studying in a cafe is not a good option. Big bookstores with cafe corners that are quite quiet, for example, can be an option for you to read notebooks.

How about the real cafe? As long as the atmosphere in the place is relatively supportive for learning, why not? Smart friends can order food and drinks while studying. WiFi is usually also available. But just play the game or social media later, okay? Now use the WiFi first to add reading resources about exam materials.

Empty Class

For students, empty classes can be an alternative place to study or do assignments – especially for Smart Friends who really need a quiet atmosphere to focus on studying more easily. But first, make sure the room is not in use, pal.

Because it’s still in the campus area, you can also access free WiFi – without the need to buy food or drinks like in a cafe. The atmosphere of the classroom may give serious suggestions, so we can focus more quickly and complete assignments without too much distraction.

Hall for a place to learn

In addition to empty classes, shared lecture rooms can also be used. But first, make sure that the space is allowed to be used at any time by students in general, yes.

How about at school? The school hall has a construction similar to a shared lecture hall – both are spacious. Could also use the Hall all the time, so maybe use it to study when it was empty. Again, make sure you first get permission to use it as a place to study, okay?

Friend’s House for a place to learn

Tired of studying at home alone? Make an arrangement to study together at one of your friends’ places. In addition to getting a new place and atmosphere to learn, you can also discuss material that has not been understood.

Next time, move your study location to your home, pal. Even though the place was already boring, the atmosphere might have been different because someone else had come.

City Park

If you don’t need a really quiet atmosphere to study, occasionally going to a city park with a book isn’t a bad idea, you know. Maybe the free air outside brings a new, refreshing atmosphere – as long as you don’t get easily distracted by the circumstances and the people around you, okay?

It doesn’t have to be a city park, terrace, or backyard, it also offers outdoor free air. In essence, any location with fresh air that makes you comfortable can be a place to study.


Tried all the alternative places, but still can’t enjoy your study? How about going back to the library, pal? If you boring with the central campus library, try using the department library. You can also try the city library if you want a new atmosphere after many times studying in the school library.

Or, try visiting a reading house near where you live, pal. Not only can it be a place to study, but reading houses or privately owned libraries that are open to the public also provide books that can increase knowledge without us having to buy them. Can save pocket money, right?

No matter where you choose to study, the important thing is that you can study comfortably in a short amount of time. There are no absolute requirements or criteria that make a place worthy or not a place to learn. As long as you can reach the place and it doesn’t interfere with your learning, why not give it a try?

It’s even better if there are supporting facilities in that place, such as WiFi, books that can be read or borrowed freely, and even a power source if you use electronic devices. So, no more bored with studying, right, pal?