5 Fun Ways to Learn Math

5 Fun Ways to Learn Math
5 Fun Ways to Learn Math

If students are asked what subject is the most difficult? Most of the answers are math. From the past until now mathematics is still a scourge for students. How not, math problems are very difficult to do even the material is filled with formulas so that it is difficult to learn and understand.

When students don’t like and are even afraid of one of the subjects, they will tend to be lazy to learn it. There are even those who have studied really hard but their math test results are still bad. If you have this, it means that you need a surefire way to make learning math fun and exciting. Then how? Here are some fun and fun ways to learn math.

Fun Ways to Learn Math

1. Learning in the Outdoors

Learning mathematics is a very boring activity, especially if it is done in class. So that children are more enthusiastic and enthusiastic about learning mathematics, there is nothing wrong with inviting them to study in the open. To know more about political society you can visit this site https://www.vegetarianorganiclife.com/

When studying in the open, students can be taught how to count in a fun way using flowers or leaves. Meanwhile, to study subtraction, students can make purchases in canteens, school cooperatives or shops. Using this method can indirectly improve students’ mathematical abilities.

2. Learn Math Tricks

One of the difficulties experienced by students when learning mathematics is the number of formulas. Almost all the material taught always has a formula with a large amount. Where the formulas are difficult to memorize. For students who have good memory, it is quite easy to memorize formulas. On the other hand, students with poor memory will certainly face difficulties.

Problems like this can be solved by inventing mathematical tricks. The tricks that can be made can be in the form of how to calculate quickly, look for certain values ​​without formulas and so on. Using the tricks that are made then math becomes easy to learn with great fun.

3. Studying the Abacus

The abacus is a calculating tool that is often used by the Chinese people. By using this tool, all number operations can be performed better and correctly. Being able to use the abacus will make it easier to learn to count. Even children can count quickly.

However, over time the abacus is no longer needed because it is replaced by hand movements. Although not used, but when counting with hand movements, they still imagine the abacus.

4. Using Games

The next fun and exciting way to learn math is by using games. There are two types of games that can be used to learn mathematics. First, using a game that can be done directly. For example counting using fingers, hurry and so on. Second, it is done by using props and applications.

Currently there are many math learning videos on Youtube that are packaged in an interesting way and can be watched for free. The learning videos are packaged in the form of animated videos so that they are very popular with students and easy to understand.

5. Using Circles to Learn Circles

Math subject matter is very much, one of which is fraction and clock material. For some students this material is very difficult to understand. To make it easier for students to understand it, they can learn this material by making a clock circle. Using this method, the teacher will find it easier to explain about fractions, especially about quarters and half.

That’s information about 5 fun and exciting ways to learn math. Basically mathematics is easy to learn as long as you know how. This way, many students will like it so that their test scores will be better.

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