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  • I appreciate that since bending over isn’t the fun it used to be:this is a wonderful tool for me. I has serious Spinal Surgery for Scoliosis in March, with rods etc. unable to bend the help of this shoehorn, grabbers and etc have saved me. I am 76 yrs young.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Damier
  • Great for travel:Used for taking an infant on a Single engine plane. Although he can’t tell me he likes it my older kids say it quietens down the cabin noise as much as their standard aviation headsets.Mens Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Quality item!:From the other reviews, I chose this shoehorn and purchased two of them. So glad I did! It is sturdy and well constructed and works extremely well. I don’t think you will find a better shoehorn for the price. This is a great product!Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • Great for outdoors:Got these today and was offered a free travel bottle for a five star review… I am satisfied with these slim packing bags which are well made. I expect they will hold up well and be very practical for packing underwear, scarfs, socks and anything else that will fit in them. They seem to be good quality and are the perfect size for packing many accessories neatly in my suitcase and for that reason I am giving 5 stars. This is my first experience with packing cubes. I will need to use them on a few travel trips to give a more detailed review.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Bag
  • Conquered my struggles with a pair of tight fitting shoes!:works as advertised. Did not break/ curve after every day use for a while. Very sturdy. I do not know why some people have problems with this item
  • very nice:Not as big as i thought it’d be
  • Great product!!:I like the length on this, bought it for husband who just had back surgery, it is allowing him to safely put on his shoes without bending over, the quality of the product seems good and sturdy.
  • Great on bringing noise way down:Bought these for my friend who had a baby and she raves about them. The kiddo (6 months) is comfy in them, and now they can go to shows or other loud events or even turn the music up at home and protect baby’s ears.
  • Love Oofoos!:I use these to wear around the house. The arch support is amazing and I believe it’s contributing to a swifter recovery for me from my plantar fasciitis. They are pretty decent looking. Probably adds an inch and a half – two inches to your height (these have thick heels and quite a drop)
  • Another Kipling success:I absolutely love this bag! It looks great, perfect size for everyday’s use. Very happy with the purchase!
  • If I had known….:I actually just got this to help with putting on 8" work boots that have zippered sides which makes it more difficult than standard lace up boots to put on. I was not able to find a shoehorn in between this 24" size and the standard horn for shoes. The extra 12" of length gets in my way but would work out well for those unable to bend over.
  • Where have you been all my life, Keens?! I love you!:We love these shoes for our active preschooler. He measured at at 12.5 at the store so we ordered the size 1 because we have always found that the ankle of the shoe seems too tight and difficult to get on and off if we order a size closer to his exact size. He has a LOT I toe room but the rest of the foot fits snugly. We have put these and the hiking shoe/boots from KEEN through the ringer and they generally survive to go through another active boy (or two!). He has discovered that he hates wearing them to parks with bark flooring because the bark gets stuck in his shoes, but they are otherwise the perfect summer shoe. No socks, appropriate for water, but with great toe and foot protection all around. Don’t forget to sunscreen the top of the foot though or you’ll end up with sunburn stripes!

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  • Had to give away…. boo.:Love these booties! They look cute (especially with a pair of skinny jeans:) and stay on her feet. It’s been a cold winter and she’s wears them at least 3 days a week. Definitely recommend for a younger infant whose not walking as they have no tread.Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • The best shoehorn:Very convenient. One of those purchases where you think "Why didn’t I buy one of these sooner?"Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • just the best:Nice and warm but thin too. Great fabric.Replica Louis Vuitton Women Belt
  • Five Stars:warm!!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle
  • Great for kids:I wear Clark’s shoes with the normal full back and for those it’s literally slip-in-and-go. No more messing around with the heel wanting to fold over, et cetera, or my even having to find a place to ‘sit’ to put on the shoes. The long handle solves all this. It is sturdy and reasonably constructed. For my Clark’s sandals, though, I’m still working out a system to get my foot snaked fulling into the toe of the sandal first, and then working the shoe horn around the side, then finally to the back. It is doable, but it is more my learning curve than any fault of the shoe horn. I’m certain I’ll develop a trick for it in the next few tries. I really like this product. I might suggest one use a bit of silicon spray on it if they find it ‘sticking’ at all.
  • Great Shoes!:My daughter is seven years-old, and we ‘be had three pairs of Keens. They are the best all purpose shoe around! Great support, vented, traction for sports and super cute and sporty. Well made, of course.
  • I have been so impressed with how this product has …:Simple and effective for those of us recovering from hip replacement surgery. I will find a continued use for this with a pair of boots that’s always been a little hard to get on. Nice folks – nice product.
  • Solid shoe horn:Great product for what it is, prevents creasing on shoes while putting them on…wish I knew about these sooner!
  • Awesome product! The socks ROCK:These are perfect if you do yoga at home. Especially on hardwoods! They fit nice and snug and are quite soft inside. Very comfortable and there’s literally no slippage while wearing them. You really don’t even need a yoga mat while wearing these. Less to drag out and put away! Thank you for choosing me for this discount for my review! Namaste! :)
  • Unexpectedly comfortable:I had shoe horn in the past and of course they broke after a while. This one is made out of super strong metal so I’m sure it will last forever. The fit and finish is awesome and what’s the best is that it’s US made. I love it. Too bad not many people use this and it’s a great accessory for your day to day routine.
  • I was pleasantly pleased:I chose this shoehorn for its 24" extra long length. Anyone who finds it difficult bending over, when tying their shoes (those with daily conic lower back pain, or arthritis, etc.) will appreciate how easy it is to place the shoehorn in the back of their sneakers, without needing to bend over. Standing, or sitting on the side of a bed or chair, the extra long handle will reach your shoes with ease. Slightly lift you leg and place it over you knee, to tie the laces. You’ll love the pain free comfort this product offers,when slipping on your shoes. It has a large easy grip handle, useful for hanging in a close, where you store your shoes. I highly recommended this product. I purchased this long handled shoehorn for an out-of-town guest, who was visiting. However, he didn’t want to return home with the shoehorn in his luggage. He feared customs might want to examine his luggage (if the long object looked suspicious?) Not wanting to worry my elderly guest (we all hate going through airport security!) I mailed the long shoehorn, via USP. If anyone has flown with this product, please leave a message regarding your experience. I’m curious if security examined the inside of your suit case, because of the long length, the unusual shape? Thanks.
  • One Star:Totally meet my expectation and I’m pleased with product

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  • The Cadillac of Shoe Horns:This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, the previous shoehorn I had was flimsy and came in two pieces which of course fall apart whenever ANY pressure is put on them.This product is SOLID and you can tell it is of good quality. You can’t tell too well in the picture but the top end is a circle so you can hang this very neatly on any nail in your closet.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Damier
  • Great!:Exactly what was needed and works beautifully. Easy to use – substantial weight.Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • good quality, nice handle:Was immediately impressed by its sturdy construction; also, the plastic is "slick" allowing one to maneuver the shoe horn into the shoe around his/her foot. (No more breaking down the "heel box" of the shoe trying to put it on.) 24" is longer many similar products, and if you are over five foot tall, you will need this length if you have back or hip problems.Wish I had known about and purchased this item a couple of years ago.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:Bought this handbag from Sasy420, i was a bit hesitant at first beacuse the name didnt seem professional to me, But i’m so happy i went ahead and ordered it still. My main concern was…. if the handbag was original and IT IS! and i got it at a great price. I definitely recommend buying from this seller, and will definitely purchase again. I absolutely love my new handbag. I’ve gotten so many compliments, it looks very expensive and strong. Sure to last me a long time. 5stars all the way.Replica Louis Vuitton White Belt
  • Great cross body purse!:Versatile little bag that feels quite comfortable with the adjustable strap and the multiple pockets on the outside and inside. Also, the perky pattern of the purse makes me happy.
  • I love my Michael Kors handbag!:Gave as a gift to an 18 year old. She loves it!!
  • Amazing support!:I absolutely love these shoes and use them as my "inside shoes" all year!!
  • He was excited to give them a try after I explained how much I like Darn Tough socks and that I have actually started …:Great pair of socks. Comfortable year round. I especially like the higher length of these socks.
  • Good Quality!:Nice size for the money. I
  • Believe the hype!:I love these socks very comfortable
  • Super lightweight handbag:I got a lot of compliments from having this bag. Pretty much like every female I encountered was like “Where did you get that bag? What is that monkey? That’s a Kipling monkey? What is a Kipling monkey?” I am doing this brand a lot of advertising!I do actually own another Kipling bag. It is a smaller size and I got it actually for around the same price. I was a dork and I did a thorough online bag review search. That’s right. I researched which bags had the highest reviews and then sorted by price and function. I took the highest ranking items and did a cost-value comparison. There are actual websites devoted to this, so I’m not the only one! Anyways, I went to some baggage specialty site and bought my first Kipling then. This was a couple years ago. I used it for my travels abroad because I wanted to get something with a bunch of pockets. You know, so I could hold my valuables safe but in the open. Bad guys would be fooled because I had so many decoy pockets. Anyways —Since then, I feel like Kipling has improved even though they were awesome back then too!This bag is about the price of other Kipling bags (around $78 at time of purchase). It is a bit more pricey, but it is still at a lower price point than the designer bags like Coach or L V. I think this bag is a good day bag because it has many compartments. If you pick the right color, it can go with many wardrobe items. It is a bag that could blend in with casual wear and a little more formal wear. (I took this to the streets of NYC and even to a 3 star Michelin restaurant! No one looked at me funny.) Nylon does feel thin though against the skin. I can see how some people may question whether or not nylon would be very durable if they are new to having a bag made of the fabric. My other bag (that I bought years ago) has still lasted. I just wanted a bigger bag to stuff more things into.The inside fabric color now, at least for the white bag, which I bought matches the color of the outside. I liked that. My older Kipling bag had this green tint inside which I didn’t like. But this bag seems to have improved to be more color coordinated inside and out. I found all the zippered pockets to be well placed and thought out. I could put small bills in the back. Keep some receipts in the front. Have a pouch left over for keys. Put my phone inside the main compartment. Slip in tissues into the fold in the main compartment. Bring some paper soap along with me also in the fold in the main compartment. Plus, stuff my sunglasses inside with much room to spare.In short, I love this handbag! It is very functional. I would recommend this for someone who is traveling and needs to bring a lot with them to feel comfortable that she is not leaving something important behind.
  • Extended handle shoehorn:the shoehorn is constructed very well. I believe it will last for years to come.I am very pleased with the product.

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  • PurSabino Bella Toeless Yoga Grip Socks, Non Slip:These were a perfect fit and as a girl with size 11 shoes it’s difficult enough to find a great pair of shoes or socks let alone something fitted like these. I have a really hard time finding things in store and rarely ever order any clothes or shoes online so I wasn’t expecting much from these, but they actually fit great, gave me lots of support, and were really comfortable. In fact, a few months ago, I ordered a pair of yoga shoes which were somewhat similar to these from Nike that were over $100. In so far as effectiveness, they both did the trick. The Nike pair might have given me a tiny bit more support in the ankles since they went up higher but they were on the tighter side so these were much more comfortable and offered more flexibility which is ideal for yoga. I ordered this product with a 100% off coupon in exchange for my honest opinion.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Mens
  • Great deal !:I love itReplica Louis Vuitton Belts Men
  • best present for gf:BEAUTIFUL .. I LOVE MK PRODUCTSReplica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • Five Stars:I bought this as a gift for my daughter and she really Loves it.Replica Louis Vuitton Cheap Belts
  • Excellent:great for travel. holds 2 passports comfortably with your currencies. but i did manage to put 4 passports and stuff money as well. very practical .
  • In a word: Quality:Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Socks are a well-designed and carefully crafted labor of love. If you’re tired of “Made in China” junk that falls apart after one season, spend the extra few dollars for an item that will give you years – or even decades – of wear. I’ve never encountered anyone who had a bad thing to say about Darn Tough socks.One word of caution — while some reviewers seem to have a “true to size” experience, I didn’t: I wear a size 6 (women’s) normal width shoe, and the small socks I ordered through Amazon wouldn’t even have fit half my foot — the mediums I exchanged them for fit, snugly. I don’t know if these will loosen up a bit over time as socks sometimes do, but you may want to consider ordering a size up.
  • but it works great!:These are good small shoehorns. They came extremely quickly.
  • Five Stars:Made a great gift
  • Classy Bag:This is a lovely purse. It is beautifully made and sewn. It will be perfect for summer use and traveling.
  • For the Hiker… Or for the one who loves great socks:Darn Tough is my new favorite brand. We live in Minnesota, it’s cold. I have 2 drawers full of socks. Socks are a very big deal here ; ) Darn Tough is my new "go-to" brand. I’ve also accidentally nuked them in the clothes dryer, and they have not shrunk.
  • great shoes for bad feet:I purchased two pair. One white and one black. Will not buy the white because it is too easy to get dirty. One it get dirty it can’t be clean and you will be stuck with what look like a dirty white thong. The shoes are very comfortable and cool in the hot Las Vegas summer temperature.
  • but great for comfort:They are comfortable my feet feel good when I wear them

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  • Awesome Fit and Comfort!:I’m loving these socks!!I love them so much, I am going to start buying them as gifts for the girls in my yoga class. These also work great in my barre class.They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I really like that my toes are still able to spread out for balancing.the grips on the bottom are great. They really do help keep me in place, even on the yoga mat.Plus they look so cute on! I wear them in my sneakers. They are very comfortable, no need to change at the gym. Everyone keeps asking me where i got them from. I received these at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Bag
  • Five Stars:Love it! :)Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • ALYSSASMOM:I have quite the extensive flip flop collection and this is definitely my most favorite and comfortable pair. The only reason that I did not give it a 5 star rating was the arch support. If you looking for really good arch support try Chaco’s. They are not as comfortable as these and tend to rub at the top of the foot but have the best arch support. I have not tried other Sanuk’s but I am definitely trying out more after my experience with these.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Five Stars:Bought this purse for the summer and I sure am glad I did. Paired with the super fast shipping, I am one happy customer!Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belt Replica
  • Great socks!:I bought these for my husband to wear to work with his boots. He is on his feet all day and he LOVED them and requested more!
  • One Star:light and comfortable with good arch support.
  • Fit well and shipped quickly:They are very inexpensive, relatively well constructed, and a decent level of protection. Well padded for highest level of comfort relatively wide range of adjust-ability.
  • Five Stars:Wife was very pleased with this hip purse and it was received in decent time with the shipping
  • Super comfy and stays clean:Within 10 minutes of wearing my first pair, I knew I needed to buy them in every color/pair!! They are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear for hours. I have issues with my knee and have had no problem walking/standing in them all day. They cost a little bit more but are well worth the price! They are a little heavier than normal flip flops but I didn’t notice it after an hour of wearing them.
  • Love this bag:This purse is very light and easy to carry! There are enough zippered pockets to keep me organized. The colors are vibrant!
  • This travel wallet was exactly what I needed when traveling …:Looks very durable. Has multiple pockets to hold passport, forex, cards, etc. I would definitely recommend this to a frequent traveller.
  • DOT&DOT MAKES AN IMPRESSIVE PRODUCT AT FANTASTIC PRODUCTS!:We used them on our cruise and they worked out really great, so glad I found them with you….

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  • LOVE Sanuk Yoga Mat:Living in SoCal, flip flops are a year-round pleasure so it’s only right that I get a good pair and these are them!I usually just go for the $5 cheapie flops that wear paper thin or have the little thong pop out. Silly me, huh? They destroy my feet and make my back hurt..I realize my base of comparison isn’t great, but these really are the most comfortable flop I’ve ever owned. I saw so many amazing reviews that I knew I should just dive in and get them. Boy was everyone right! 😀 I suppose my one complaint is that they are not made in the USA. Mine didn’t come with the little gem on the side either, which is fine for me because I think it looks tacky!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle
  • Awesome:I think I’m spoiled by my Braggallini bag. This one is very pretty, but I’m used to all the zippered pockets and space to hold everything. I’m still working on what I don’t need to carry with me everyday. Until then, I’m also carrying a tote bag.Update: the stitching under the zipper on the back of bag has started to unravel! Poor quality. So disappointed. I thought Vera Bradley bags were a better quality. And in case you think I stuffed the pocket full, I don’t use it. Knocking my review down to 2 stars.Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • love,love,love it!!!:Great product! Love the pattern and style!Prada Mens Belt Replica
  • Ehhh!:Honestly, these guys make the best socks hands down.Red Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Strong long shoehorn…:Great tool after knee surgery . Easy to use and as advertised.
  • The best socks, worth the money:An outstanding sock. When everything else on your body is frozen, your feet will be toasty yet breathable. I’ve worn these skiing, working outside, and lounging inside. Haven’t found a better all around sock to basically wear all winter long.
  • Love them!:Love these flip flops so much– so comfortable — wish they made them in regular shoes ! First pair of flip flops I have been able to walk in for hours & your feet don’t hurt !!
  • Fantastic Handbag:I ordered this bag to take on my recent trip abroad. It served me well. There was lots of room for everything I needed to carry. Zippers worked smoothly allowing for easy access to my stuff. Lots of compartments kept the things I most often needed accessible. I would easily recommended this bag for travel as well as at home use. So glad I made this purchase.
  • easy to use for my boots:I like the loop handle and the sturdiness of the shoe horn. Also works great for getting those winter boots on. Works well and shipped quickly.
  • On the og type girl*:I bought this purse for my girlfriend and she loved it. It was cheaper than in regular stores, so it was a great value.
  • Exactly What it Says — An Extra Long Shoehorn!:After the father-in-law made multiple comments about not having a shoehorn around the house, we decided to invest in one. This one is long enough that you barely need to reach down to use it. That’s a great feature, but it is pretty plain looking if you are looking for something fancy you might need to look elsewhere. If you are looking for practical, this is the one to go with.
  • Very disappointed.:Received the item in excellent condition.

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  • zutano booty reaction:I bought these for my 6 month old. They were a little roomy so he has plenty of growing space. They are nice and warm. The fit around the ankle is nice, not too tight. There are two buttons so you can adjust how tight they are. I have hardwood so the floors get dirty very fast with multiple children and pets in and out. These cream colored footies really show the dirt! I wont use tehm any longer when he starts walking, they dont have any grippers on the bottoms. I’ve received several compliments on them!Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • very comfortable. The fabric is a little thinner than I …:i purchased 5 pair of socks for a very unscientific test.these darn tough socks were the clear winners. i hope they hold upThorlo http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009MZVX0/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1Drymax http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003EUALD4/ref=oh_details_o00_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1Wigwam http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0044BWXAQ/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1Smartwool http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CEO5CS/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belts
  • Perfect Hiking Sock:Great find! Bought these socks to compare to SmartWool socks that have been wearing for years. Not only were these socks less expensive, they were more comfortable, just as warm, came with a lifetime guarantee, AND made in the USA! That’s a winner all the way around for me! I was so thrilled to find these great socks, I ordered six more pairs and gave two pairs to each of my sons. I’m telling everyone who loves Smart Wool to give Darn Tough a try – you won’t be disappointed!Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Highly recommended:Love my oofos! Its the first thing i want to put on in the morning, and i dont want to take it off to change into work shoes! Size 6 was perfect according to sizing tip on youtube. i really wanted the ooclog to wear to work but its been over a month since its been available in size 6… I wanted them so badly that i ordered a 7 instead. They were too big, had to return.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts India
  • Five Stars:Great thank you
  • Exactly what I wanted!:I absolutely love this purse. Perfect for on the go. The colors are beautiful. Love the adjustable strap. Lots of pockets
  • American Proud:I love these socks. Haha … Around the house in my Burkenstocks wear them I do. Warm dry toes = happiness.
  • 24″ shoe horn:I am handicapped and my right hand doesn’t work very well; neither does my right leg. As a result, putting on shoes is very difficult. I have had several long shoe horns and they last for a while but then…this all said, this shoe horn is wonderful. Unlike others, the “bowl” of the horn (the part that cups the heel) is wide enough to allow easy use no matter how clumsy one is. The plastic is very strong and feels really secure. I put on shoes sitting down; the horn is too short for use standing up but as I never use it that way it is perfect. I love this product.UPDATE: Because of my condition and my lack of mobility, I often need a shoehorn downstairs, away from where I keep my other one. This shoe horn is so wonderful and useful that I acquired another one! The strength of this shoehorn is critical and is tested on a daily basis simply because I cannot control how my full weight comes down on it. Not a problem!Because it is 24″ long it can be conveniently kept out of sight until needed. I had reason, again, to thank my stars for the shoehorn this morning after a grueling day yesterday had robbed me of what little strength I had. This was like an extra pair of hands, helping me to get dressed. My fiancé, who is just fine (thank goodness), loves the Shacke shoehorn and it has become a wrestling match between us, each day, to see who gets to use it first. Because he is a big guy and sometimes has a back problem, using this shoehorn helps to prevent that problem from cropping up.Another note; should communication with the Shacke company be necessary they are wonderfully responsive and customer service seems to be a primary concern. I had no problem but asked a question via email. I got a polite, cheerful and informed response within minutes and they could not seem to want to do enough for me. Wonderful vendor, wonderful product…How great is that???Healthy or not, I couldn’t recommend this product more highly.
  • well made, but baby takes them off, depending on activities…:Just bought these for my 7 month old son for 4th of July. I tried them on him and he loved them. Laughed the whole time he had them on. Light enough and fit snug but not tight. They adjust for the perfect fit. I would highly recommend them for young babies and toddlers. I also tried them on myself to see how much noise they muffle and they do a great job.
  • love it!!!:WIFE LOVES IT!
  • Couldn’t be better!:I thought this was going to be to small, but it’s the perfect size! I love the color too! Overall great bag!
  • I love it!:Absolutely gorgeous and as room as everyone said. Also, doesn’t slip off my shoulder, which was what I was looking for.