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  • Perfect for putting on shoes after back surgent:Just what I needed! I have a few pair of boots that are so hard to get on. With this tool I easily slip into my boots without working up a sweat! Lol! Love it. Recommend it.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:love itReplica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • Believe the hype!:I love these socks very comfortableReplica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • Great find:Exactly what my 84-year old husband needs to assist him with his shoes. Raves about it every day. Thank you.Prada Mens Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:Great looking product just recieved today , My wife going to like this 1 xmas morning
  • this shoehorn’s a winner:This shoehorn makes life so much easier when one needs to put on sneakers or shoes, specially after back surgery. Love the extra long handle and the substantial horn itself. Will purchase another one to keep downstairs for putting on boots. Highly recommend it.
  • Perfect Shoehorn!!!!:Arrived earlier than promised. Item was exactly as advertised. My husband is tall (6-2) and has some problems with mobility. This has really helped him with one of life’s everyday tasks.
  • RECOMMENDED:Just exactly what we were looking for! Great product at a great price. Thanks!
  • Five Stars:Very nice I love it
  • Great bags! Very handy and makes packing a breeze.:I ordered the slim packing cubes in orange and the product exceeded expectations. The fabric is of a nice quality and absolutely love the color, vibrant. The cube itself was sewn very well and the seams constructed with durability in mind. Fully packed, it zips easily and no worries about blowing out a seam. Travel for me has become organized! Would like more colors/sizes for quick ID of clothes. Excellent packing cube, would definitely recommend this product.
  • Five Stars:excellent
  • Awesome organizer:Excellent product I wanted in very good condition perfect for organizing all cards and chuequeras color is very good I really liked

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  • Great product:I like the length because it’s hard for me to bend over to get on my new shoes as required for physical therapy, It’s exactly as advertised!Authentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Outstanding!:This sturdy, good looking shoe horn is terrific. I have used shoe horns since my adolescent days of sliding into every shoe by crunching down the heels on my way in. I’ve had a long ecru plastic shoehorn for years, but the dogs occasionally mistake it for rawhide and have gnawed both ends into sharp, raggedy hazards. My partner protested it’s presence in the mudroom on aesthetic grounds. I agreed.This one means business and I’m sliding easily into every pair of shoes. The dogs aren’t even tempted. Thanks.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • Love them!:Love, Love love the shoe. They are just what I need after exercising. Thanks for the free foot massager!Replica Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Replica
  • Bought a Pair Locally while Hiking the Appalachian:I haven’t felt compelled to review any item before, but I feel like I’d be doing Darn Tough Vermont a grave disservice if I neglected to write a short review of their fabulous socks. If you’re on the fence about these socks because of the price, do yourself a favor and buy them. These socks more than make up for the rather high price through quality, materials used, and performance. The stitching in the toes and heel is very heavy and durable. I’ve already worn these socks on multi-mile walks and hikes, and they feel great even in the awful heat and humidity of Mississippi. The blend of the socks (merino wool, nylon, and lycra spandex) does an excellent job of wicking moisture, and I have developed no blisters or even hot spots with these form-fitting sleeves of wonder. Speaking of form-fitting, these socks are a snug fit by design. If you don’t like having tight socks, you might want to go up a size but I love the way they feel. These socks do not bunch or sag down your calf the way cotton socks do. I haven’t had these long so time will be the true test, but I anticipate no issues. And if the socks do form a hole or otherwise present me with some problem, Darn Tough Vermont offers a lifetime warranty – no questions asked. How many companies stand behind their products like that?One thing I’d mention that I haven’t seen in other reviews: If you wear mid-length hiking boots (such as Merrell Moab mid-length), you might want to consider the Darn Tough crew type sock instead. The boot sock comes up to roughly the middle of my calf – quite a bit above the top of my mid-length pair of Moab Ventilators. I don’t mind the length whatsoever, but it is worth mentioning.Replica Louis Vuitton Women Belt
  • Shipping sucked!:bought for a trip, worked great.
  • Great socks. I like them so much I bought …:Awesome socks, great guarantee. They are wearing strong.
  • Odd looking Duck… Works like a Swan:My husband just loves this shoehorn!
  • Great product:This is the second time I have purchased this shoehorn. We keep one at the mud room door and this second is kept outside on our back porch for putting on our hiking and working boots.
  • Great!:Buy these for my kids every summer! Love keens. Pro tip #1 – don’t buy a light color, they do stain. Pro tip #2 – don’t let your kids wear them the day after a rain storm/ the first day you own them… You will have brand new muddy Keens. But, my review still stands because we love our (muddy) kerns :)
  • I cannot bend down as easily as I use to:Love this shoehorn. It is sturdy, easy to use, and makes it possible for me to put on any pair of shoes or sandals without assistance. Buying this is likely the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.
  • I have been having a problem finding a good shoe horn:Simple design that works well. Sturdy, smooth metal that allows for an effortless slide into the shoe.
  • Five Stars:My daughter loves her bag.

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  • Your service is great and that’s why I gave a 5 star review:The Extra Long Handled Shoehorn arrived on schedule. It looks and feels pretty sturdy and so far easy to handle (pun intended). I will recommend this product and seller Shacke to any buyer interested in a shoehorn. Thank you.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Uk
  • Good size for me:A very sturdy metal shoe horn with no rough edges. Works perfectly for an older person needing help with getting the shoes on.Ferragamo Belt Men Replica
  • Five Stars:Excellent item well worth …Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • Helps over packers to stay within limits!:I ordered my Shacke pak packing cubes primarily for my Osprey Fairpoint 55 backpack. After receiving the cubes I was surprised how big the biggest and the second biggest were. I will not be able to use those two sizes in my backpack. It was of course my fault for not checking for dimensions prior to order. However, when I looked into returning this item and buying 3 medium packing cubes instead, I figured out that Shacke pak only comes in 4 sizes together, you cannot order only one size. So this was a bit of a dissapointment. So I will use the biggest two whenever I’m travelling with my suitcase.For packing these cubes work great! You can fit much more stuff in it, especially if you roll your clothes and stack them inside. Good for keeping things organised as well. I would recomment this product.Mens Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Vera Bradley Hipster — best ever!:Really liking the Vera Bradley Hipster bag. It holds a ton of stuff, including the turn lock wallet (nice!!) yet the bag stays very light and flat against your body. I also really really like how the strap does not dig into my neck or shoulders. I think this is my favorite new bag!
  • Five Stars:Excelente
  • This is a great shoehorn. It is nice and long especially for …:Purchased this for one of my parents and others who have visited them have used this and liked it because of the durability and length.I know that 4 people have purchased this just because they saw and tried it at my parents house.
  • … gym shoes on and now with this durable and sturdy shoe horn it’s a piece of cake:i see some reviews that suggest this is flimsy. the stock must be extremely variable. i bought 2 (one for my office) both were strong.
  • Five Stars:I love my bag! It is the right size and fits just right!
  • There is no better product on the market:Great wool socks soft , don’t move all day , made with quality in the USA ( VT ) !!
  • Love Vera Bradley purse!:I love this purse – it is so pretty – the only thing is I thought it would be larger – I wish it was a little bigger as it is hard for me to fit my Vera Bradley Wallet, glasses – check book and sunglasses…. but I manage.
  • they fit fantastic on my tennis shoes and no more tying laces …:I received this for a n honest and unbiased option just as described.

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  • Awesome:I use this everyday to and from work and everywhere in between, its great and easy to use…I LOVE it!!!Replica Louis Vuitton Womens Belt
  • Excellent.:These are great socks. Very well made and they fit great. I would highly recommend these socks!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • Great Customer Relations:Worthless piece of junk is not sturdy at all, broke first time I used it.White Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Dry & warm:I love these socks, I bought a few different versions of them, and they are all great. Very well made, soft, comfortable and no smell after 8 hours of being on my feet! They’re a bit pricey for socks, but they’re well worth it in my opinion. I like the patterns and color options as well. I will buy more of these in the future.Red Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • HAPPY FEET 3…:Size to big
  • Five Stars:Great socks!
  • I was pleasantly pleased:I chose this shoehorn for its 24" extra long length. Anyone who finds it difficult bending over, when tying their shoes (those with daily conic lower back pain, or arthritis, etc.) will appreciate how easy it is to place the shoehorn in the back of their sneakers, without needing to bend over. Standing, or sitting on the side of a bed or chair, the extra long handle will reach your shoes with ease. Slightly lift you leg and place it over you knee, to tie the laces. You’ll love the pain free comfort this product offers,when slipping on your shoes. It has a large easy grip handle, useful for hanging in a close, where you store your shoes. I highly recommended this product. I purchased this long handled shoehorn for an out-of-town guest, who was visiting. However, he didn’t want to return home with the shoehorn in his luggage. He feared customs might want to examine his luggage (if the long object looked suspicious?) Not wanting to worry my elderly guest (we all hate going through airport security!) I mailed the long shoehorn, via USP. If anyone has flown with this product, please leave a message regarding your experience. I’m curious if security examined the inside of your suit case, because of the long length, the unusual shape? Thanks.
  • Quality nice, great service:This shoehorn is wonderful and helps me get my boots on effortlessly. Since we are having so much snow this winter season, I am wearing my boots more often. I used to put my boots on and would crunch down on the back of the heel of the boot. Eventually, the boot would tear or just begin to fall apart. But using the shoehorn has allowed me to keep my boots in better shape and get them on easily and quickly. Love this product!
  • OMG I’M IN LOVE!:The bag came as advertised and it is beautiful.Because I am giving it as a gift I was disappointed that it did not come in a Michael Kors Box.
  • worth it:Absolutely love this! Got it today after ordering it on Tuesday night. Above and beyond expectations and the picture does not do it justice. I have looked at these purses for a while and got a gift card for Amazon and purchased right away. You will NOT be disappointed with the purchase.
  • Comfortable Non Slip Yoga Socks:I received this product for free for my unbiased review and honest thoughts.these were a sung fit but honestly thinking about it doesn’t this sort of product need a sung fit? they were comfortable and versatile with the floor in my apartment. They slipped on with not a problem and were easy to handle. Travel size pretty much , easy to throw in your workout bag or even yoga bag pretty design and easy to work with . I loved these and cannot wait to wear them for yoga . Because honestly all ive been doing is wearing them around the house.
  • Great Shoehorn,Boothorn!:I am 70 years old 6’2" and 330 lbs. I can barely see my shoes much less reach them with a regular shoehorn. This 24" shoehorn is made of very sturdy plastic with no springs or other moving parts (unlike some I have tried). I works great and got a lot of attention from people in the store when I took it with me to buy some new shoes.

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  • Five Stars:I really love my new hipster bag it is amazing and the perfect size too !!!How Much Is A Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:Love this travel bagReplica Louis Vuitton Mens Belt
  • Five Stars:It’s a lot larger than I thought it would be, but I’m happy.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • love my mk bag:love love love it!!!!Replica Louis Vuitton Womens Belt
  • Best purse ever:Always wanted one, nice bag wish the handles were more sturdier though. Not bad for $148 lots of room too!
  • PurSabino Bella Toeless Yoga Grip Socks, Non Slip:These were a perfect fit and as a girl with size 11 shoes it’s difficult enough to find a great pair of shoes or socks let alone something fitted like these. I have a really hard time finding things in store and rarely ever order any clothes or shoes online so I wasn’t expecting much from these, but they actually fit great, gave me lots of support, and were really comfortable. In fact, a few months ago, I ordered a pair of yoga shoes which were somewhat similar to these from Nike that were over $100. In so far as effectiveness, they both did the trick. The Nike pair might have given me a tiny bit more support in the ankles since they went up higher but they were on the tighter side so these were much more comfortable and offered more flexibility which is ideal for yoga. I ordered this product with a 100% off coupon in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Five Stars:Very nice. My son love it. Thx
  • Exactly as described:These are my favorite Sanuks. I’ve tried on many and none are as soft as this. They’re flattering on my flat feet. There’s no break in time and I can wear them for hours and hours. If you’re half size, go up to the next one and it’ll fit perfect. I wore my last ones out and I thought I’d give the Springwaters a go, but they didn’t cut it and now I’ve come back to the good old reliable yoga mat flip flops I love.
  • Five Stars:I bought this as a gift for my daughter and she really Loves it.
  • Four Stars:Great deal for a great bag!!
  • Unpacking will be easy because everything of the same type of clothing is …:The travel cubes came in quickly, were true to size and color and I can’t wait to take them on my big trip!!
  • Buy one pair of these a year or month or whatever and you’ve got four or five pairs of awesome socks for the rest of your life:Great find! Bought these socks to compare to SmartWool socks that have been wearing for years. Not only were these socks less expensive, they were more comfortable, just as warm, came with a lifetime guarantee, AND made in the USA! That’s a winner all the way around for me! I was so thrilled to find these great socks, I ordered six more pairs and gave two pairs to each of my sons. I’m telling everyone who loves Smart Wool to give Darn Tough a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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  • Very prompt!:Love this bag. Super cute print,Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart
  • Three Stars:Nice and warm but thin too. Great fabric.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • This extra long shoehorn is perfect for people with mobility problems:Although the description says plastic, do not hesitate purchasing this item. Very durable and sturdy material. I would recommend a smaller one for traveling.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Men
  • Loose-fitting:We have a super loud fire alarm in our building, so we keep these near his crib at all times. We also take them with us while traveling and going to roller derby events and other sporting (sportsball!) things.I was worried that they would be too tight on his head, but found them to be just right. He’s even managed to sleep with them on while in one of those Ergo baby type things.I HIGHLY recommend every parent have at least one pair of these on hand. You never know when you will be in a noisy or extremely noisy situation. It doesn’t take much to ruin a baby’s hearing. And frankly, hearing loss aside, the first time I saw my lil dude sleeping at a loud sporting event I knew they were worth their weight in gold.UPDATE: We are now on our second set. The first set broke at the band on the very top. I think the plastic got brittle over time and when I opened it a bit too far to pu ton his head it broke. Why did I get a second set then? Still a great pair of ear muffs—and who knows if they got dropped or my son stressed them by playing with them.Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • make life a little easier:This shoehorn is one piece, heavy duty plastic. My husband has difficulty bending over to put on his shoes, and this is just perfect. It shipped promptly, in an amazingly long, huge box. That said, it did get here safely. I’ve received glass items packed with less care. Over all, a good product at a good price, shipped promptly.
  • Simply the best:This purse is exactly what I needed after putting up with one that I completely hated for more than a year. I’m very happy with this and I’m sure it will last much longer tan the other one.
  • Works good!:It is the best shoe horn ever, but I grew weary from the multiple request from the company to review it.
  • super comfy and warm:Don’t cheap out on socks! Good long lasting socks
  • BEST SHOEHORN:Works great! Could not find anything like it in any shoe store.
  • Used for taking an infant on a Single engine plane …:My 11 month old daughter takes them off… so the 4 stars is not necessarily the Baby Banz fault. They seem pretty comfortable, but babies tend to not like things covering their ears. :)
  • This is a lifesaver:It is saving my boots from wear and tear while putting them on. No more tugging and pulling on the seams.
  • Four Stars:Defea bags are my favorite Kipling bag (I have three) for travelling, shopping, and using anywhere that a lightweight bag is needed. The adjustable shoulder strap also provides use as a (somewhat bulky) cross-body bag. I just wish they were more affordable and came in more neutral colors.

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  • Great bag!:This was a gift from my son. This tote is very well made, I love it and it holds a lot.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • Useful travel document case:I bought this for my husband and he loves it! We travel a lot, usually multi-destination trips, and this product helps him keep all our travel documents organized. Our passports fit perfectly into the slots, there are enough slits to put all our frequent flyer cards and club cards, there’s a little mesh section to put coins, and it’s long enough to store boarding passes. It also makes for an excellent gift for people who travel often!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • Sunak are ugly once they get wet:I bought the white ones and they look exactly like the picture. These are as comfortable as Teva’s mush flip flops but not as comfortable as Mephisto. (But they are obviously in a different class than Mephisto.) They are not as wide as Teva’s and a little narrow but for me, they work fine.Replica Louis Vuitton Mens Belt
  • Larger shoe horn for men:Long wearing for ten (10) years or more. An terrific value at a reasonable price.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Love:Really like it.
  • just the best:Great socks. Will be buying more.
  • This is a very sturdy shoehorn and long enough to help me get my …:Got this long shoehorn for a friend. He just bought a pair of cloth sneakers and they were hard to put on. Therefore, I got this long handled shoehorn and he says he loves it. It was a little more expensive than others I’ve seen in catalogs I’ve gotten at home but when I received it, I noticed that this shoehorn was made out of sturdier plastic and is very well made. I’ve really glad I went ahead and spent the extra dollars and got a quality made and constructed merchandise. Thank you.
  • XMAS Gift:I love this bag which is purse/backpack combo. This does stay on your shoulder much better than what I had.
  • Very comfortable:Perfect for people who have foot problems or are on their feet a lot… comfortable beyond belief!
  • Perfect!!:It was a present to my girlfriend for her bday, she takes it everywhere and is in love with it .
  • The shoehorn is great.:Needed a long shoe horn as have had two hip replacements and cannot lean down. Most helpful for me as give that extra length I need when having a bad day..
  • Five Stars:Great socks! Fit well and long lasting!

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  • Five Stars:expeditiously delivered, outstanding quality.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Replica
  • Great if you can’t bend over.:This is probably the last long-handled shoe horn we will have to buy. We have gone through several of them, but this one is wonderful. That great big handle at the top is what makes this one different (for those of us with aching, arthritic hands) and it also gives much better leverage to get it in the right position. Excellent product that is extremely well made and user friendly. Thanks to whomever came up with this one. Well thought out!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • Must have for all Babys and Kids:These Baby Banz earmuffs have worked great! I bought them for my daughter when she was three months old and have continued to use them as she has grown to almost a year old, with no indication that she will grow out of them anytime soon. They fit great, they are adjustable and shaped to easily fit to any size child. They seem comfortable, my daughter hasn’t fussed or gotten upset when she is wearing them. She hasn’t startled or cried around the loud noises I bought these to protect her from (even falling asleep during several events), so I have to think they muffle the noise fairly well for her. I have accidentally stepped on them twice and they haven’t broken, so they seem to be make with quality products as well. I would recommend these to anyone asking about infant hearing protection.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Price Replica
  • Love Keens for kids:Keen makes a lot of great shoes and this one is no exception. This sandal is high quality, protective, versatile, and stylish. It can be used for everyday wear, including at the beach or pool since it dries fast.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Price Replica
  • Fantastic bag:I love it! Very practical and light material bag with a lot of space at the same time perfect size not small but not too big, those 2 pockets on the front are big enough 4 my iphone 6+, inside there are another zipper pocket, and 2 more open pockets credit card size.
  • Excellent Shoehorn:I chose this long shoehorn because I have an artificial hip.So, this shoehorn fills what I need to.No complaints, very good product.
  • WORTH EVERY DOLLAR!:I prefer Dot&Dot travel products over their competitors; great quality, and a bigger bang for your buck.
  • My favorite bag:Not too big, not too small. Just right! Has 2 outside pockets (one that zips) and some inside pockets (for cell phone, etc.). Print is super cute. Love the adjustable strap.
  • Darn Tough Boot socks:I got these to keep my feet warm during cool motorcycle rides. They only worked slightly better than the cotton socks they replaced but I do love the texture and smooth feel and the fit of them (12 size shoe)
  • totally in love:Love these flip flops so much– so comfortable — wish they made them in regular shoes ! First pair of flip flops I have been able to walk in for hours & your feet don’t hurt !!
  • Great travel bag:very nice for every day wear love it a lot
  • Perfect!:If you are about to need joint replacement or if your knees / hips make getting on shoes a problem….then THIS is the answer!!!Had my left hip replaced on 7 March 14, out of hospital on the 9th of March and would not EVER be without this Beauty!!This procedure came after having both knees replaced, left May 11, and right March 13.and no….I’m in Great shape 5′ 10" and150# at the age of 59 but be prepared to struggle if you are w/o a 24" Extra Long Handled Shoehorn by Shacke!