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  • Cute and functional =) Love these on so many levels!:LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Embarrassing but I have the worlds sweatiest feet! I don’t know why I have never orders yoga socks before . I’ve been doing yoga for 15 years and usually just keep a towel at the end of my mat. Sticky feet socks are excellent. So comfy and definitely keep the mat from getting slippery . They are really cute too! I ordered during a promotion and received a discount but I will certainly order more pairs. I was hesitant about how they would feel on my toes but having free toes and dry heels is so important in yoga I figured I should give them a try. I am so glad I did. Namaste!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Bag
  • Five Stars:Mom Loved ItReplica Louis Vuitton Women Belt
  • Blister Free:I will start off by saying that I was extremely impressed by these socks. The day I got them I was heading to the smokies so I gave them a proper test run there through dense forest up to rugged mountain tops and all in between. I did not get a single blister while wearing these. I always had a tendency to blister while wearing cotton socks because sweat is absorbed by them and we all know that is no good. Also, While hiking downhill my toes often would hurt by getting bunched up in the front of my boots but these socks have enough cushion to eliminate that. Shoot, they eliminated all my foot woes. Just to further emphasize the glory of these socks, I bought a pair of smartwool socks and tried them one morning on the trip and had a blister in under 3 hours. Then I switched back to these and forgot I even had a blister! Oh and all the stuff you read about merino wool not holding odors is completely true. I wore these for 25 miles over 3 days with no washing and I could barely smell anything on them afterwards. No excuses. Pamper your feet and buy these.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Mens
  • Five Stars:I bought this for my wife for Christmas and she love it.. Great item ..White Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • Beautiful Organizer!!:Better than I thought, I put 5 passports I. And it will still have space for the tickets and money.
  • worth it:Received today. A beautiful flawless bag! Perfect size. Loved it!
  • A MUST HAVE for all Yoga fanatics! Truly comfortable, non-slip with a strong grip!:I recently have been trying out yoga so the concept is very new to me. I have been practicing at-home videos. At home I have hardwood floors and I have found that with my regular socks my feet are always slipping and sliding (even when I use a mat my feet tend to slide when I step off the mat just a bit). These yoga grip socks by PurSabino have been very useful to me lately because they are comfortable, they keep my feet from sliding (they have a nice grip to them), and they fit my feet very well. I like that these socks are toeless and they also have an opening in the middle section because they are breathable, perfect for yoga, and comforting. I would recommend these socks to those of you who are new to yoga and those of you who practice yoga frequently because they are great! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review, however all opinions expressed are completely my own.
  • Four Stars:Great item
  • LUV THIS PRODUCT!:I got the small multi purpose bag from Dot & Dot. This is very useful for me to keep my skincare and makeup items during my travels. The bag is waterproof and secure. So, nothing spills out even if there is a leakage. The zipper keeps the bag secure and nothing comes out. I sometimes use the bag to take my travel size body wash, shampoo and conditioner with me. This is the perfect size to keep it in the purse.
  • Five Stars:Love my bag, got it before I thought I would and I just love it!
  • great:Fits 4 passports, all documents and money with room to spare. Spot for a pen and plenty of other cards and papers. Would highly recommend.
  • Sturdy shoehorn that really will help my husband with his …:Will be perfect for my dad wo suffers back pain and has difficulty bending over to put his shoes on. He’s old fashioned and always uses a shoe horn. He will love this!