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  • as it’s super easy. take out your old laces and toss …:I put a pair of these laces on my 9 year old son’s shoes and we love them so far! He has a hard time tying his shoes tight enough to last all day and he gets frustrated when they don’t stay tied. Wearing these Link Laces on his shoes make it a lot faster getting ready for school in the mornings. I will definitely buy more of these laces for his other pair of shoes.Getting them on the shoes and threaded through the locking mechanism is easy. Length is adjustable, you simply cut off the excess length and put the locking clip on the ends of laces. Just make sure the shoes are on the feet when you decide how much length needs to be trimmed. Also, I don’t think the locking clip can be removed once it is in place without doing damage to it.NOTE: The shoes may not feel as tight with these laces, as opposed to traditional laces because they are elastic and stretch. It is not an issue for my son, but for someone who prefers their shoes laced tightly (like my teen daughter), I don’t think these would suffice.*I received a discount on this item in exchange for my honest review.Replica Hermes Belt Prices
  • I love them! They helped so much after my marathon:For anyone with high arches, runners, walkers, or those who workout regularly – these are the sandals you need. I would get sore ankles after a day of wearing flip-flops but once I got these Oofos, I can enjoy my day comfortably knowing I am receiving the support I need. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you feel like you’re walking on clouds and they are easy to clean!Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Travel Organizer:Great travel organiser. Couldn’t live without it these days. Stores my boarding passes, money, cards, 2 passports and pen very comfortably.Replica Hermes Blue Belt
  • Great booties that won’t fall off:I bought these for my 6 month old son. Based on the recommendations, I bought a size 12 month. They fit perfectly! They are NOT un-pull-off-able, though. He pulls them off with ease, which makes me sad. But I like that they are snap on and much easier to put back on his wiggley feet than socks. Overall, I love them.Replica Hermes Men Belt
  • Simple and Brilliant Shoe horn.:It works. It has strength. It is great for anyone that needs to but can’t or should not bend over.
  • I received it very quickly and was very pleased with the appearance:Love, love, love the hipster and this pattern us perfect!
  • I am very pleased with it:I bought this to carry on a cruise and do sight seeing and it was light weight and worked really well for my needs.
  • Need more pockets.:My wife bought this cause she has the matching wallet. She loves it. It is perfect for her.
  • Perefct product!:Perfect exactly what I wanted to use with my tricky orthopedic shoed.
  • Five Stars:Love it!
  • The best shoe horn ever.:Exactly what I was hoping for. Good solid product that will last a long time. It’s extra length is so helpful. Note from the seller was appreciated.
  • These are pretty awesome for storage:I got the pink ones and they are smaller than expected but work great for my carry on luggage. I will try and repost and update after my trip when I use them. But so far so good!Plus they all come in a heavy plastic (plastic zipper) pouch that I will utilize on my trips also!

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  • Great Comfort but between sizes:Love these! My feet hurt pretty much all the time and these provide great support to my high arches and are super cushioned. I’ll probably buy a few more pairs just to wear around the house!Replica Hermes Belt Uk
  • It is perfect!:Durable, and strong product. Fast shipping Very pleased with my purchase.Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Beautiful colors:Absolutely a beautiful bag – and in my favorite colors to boot! Just the right size to fit everything I need. I ordered a wallet to match!Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Good Buy:This is a very nice and durable shoehorn. The only issue I am having with it is that it is a bit wide for my 7 1/2 E shoes, but it still works quite well.Replica Hermes Belt Sizing
  • Five Stars:Product was as expected. Shipping sucked!
  • my first thought was that if they performed as great as they looked:works great! love! highly suggest!
  • Need more pockets.:My wife bought this cause she has the matching wallet. She loves it. It is perfect for her.
  • Worth every penny:It works fine. Remember one like it when I was young. That is why I ordered it.
  • Five Stars:Love it!
  • Five Stars:Very well
  • Five Stars:Very nice hope to be able to buy matching wallet
  • Wow:Love, Love love the shoe. They are just what I need after exercising. Thanks for the free foot massager!

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  • Awesome for plantar fasciitis sufferers!:My husband and I received our first pair of OOPFOS as a Christmas present. My daughter kept using mine so I ordered her a pair. By far the most comfortable slipper/sandal I have ever had on my feet–I live in Hawaii.Replica Hermes Mens Belt Replica
  • Barefoot? Socks? How about the best of both worlds?!:I love these toeless yoga socks. They give me the feel of being in my bare feet but provide a non slip grip. I like doing yoga but am not really great. I need the non slip grip in order to complete and maintain many poses. These provide excellent grip. They were very comfortable to wear and fit my feet well. They did not restrict my feet. These toeless yoga socks are made well. I have washed them a few times now and they hold their shape well. I purchased this product on a promotion in exchange for my honest review. I was neither paid nor sponsored for my opinions–positive or otherwise–and all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own.Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Wonderful to have! Here are the details…:I received these bags to try and they came at the perfect time. So far this month, every weekend my husband and I have been staying away from home. For our latest trip, I packed his clothes in one, his underwear and socks in one and then same for me. It was easy to just pull out and know where each of our stuff was. On my longer solo trips where I go from city to city, I plan on using one bag per location! I would like to get at least 2 more sets so we can use them to store our season clothes. When we move it will be so easy! You can see in the bag, it has a handle and holds way more than you think at first site. They also came in a very sturdy clear storage bag of their own that I am already thinking of many uses for. When these bags are not in use (which will not be often for me) they will store flat and take up very little room. Great color choices… I am lame though and stuck with grey to match my luggage!I think this is the largest one, but if they had just one more size larger, i would buy them up too!Replica Hermes Belt Reversible
  • Too big & received different model:this is very large, but feels well made. lots of pockets and places for to test it in the real world. :)Replica Hermes Belt Size
  • Best purse ever for travel in Africa:Great very good for the summer
  • These are great! This makes slipping sneakers to go to the …:It is so easy to use, so I will get it for my other child right away, its nice easy to tighten & loosen & it so durable!!
  • Oofos – comfort for your feet:They are without a doubt the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned and I plan on looking into the slip on shoe that I have seen. They do relax your legs and if you experience any foot problems, you won’t experience it with these sandals.
  • Awesome socks!:These socks are a bit difficult to get on the 1st time – I had to push my toes the right directions to get in the correct holes – but once you get the toes in the right place they are comfortable and grip the floor or a mat well – less slipping on the mat or the carpet – keep you upright while doing yoga poises -These socks lets your feet breathe and yet still grip the floor – carpet – or yoga mat – I orders the S/M size and they fit my feet snuggly – comfortable to wear and workout in – the photo above is from my son trying them on for a photo-op -These socks are great for yoga so you don’t slip as you workout in triangle or warrior – tree and wheel – good socks for the money.I am a professional reviewer and received this item for an honest review.
  • AKA Large Packing Rectangular Parallelepiped:I received 4 pink large packing cubes from Dot & Dot to review. They are so cute. They are a beautiful shade of pink. I used them to put extra sheets in. They fit perfectly under the bed. Even if the are seen it isn’t a big deal, because the are adorable! We don’t do much traveling, but if you do then you should definitely look into these. They will make packing easier. #GotItFree
  • Would buy it again, again, and again!!:Although it is slightly larger then what I thought , I find it fits well with my needs.It has plenty of card slots, ID spaces and places for money.I also love the colors in the pattern and love Vera Bradley products.
  • Five Stars:Cute and stylish! Love it!
  • Perfect purse:I would like for the strap to be a little longer and/or adjustable. Other than that, it is great.

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  • This is the perfect size for me:Fantastic product. 10/10 would recommend, BUT, this woman that calls herself my girlfriend refuses to let me use it anymore. She thinks that this, along with the yoga pants and glitter makeup is just too much. Where did we go wrong? I’m sorry I thought this was AMERICA!! Anywho, go ahead and buy this. It’s worth the money, and will keep you from looking basic.Black Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:Love this wallet!Replica Hermes Belts For Men
  • Vera Bradley:Love it love it! Love the colors. In fact, I am waiting for the matching wallet to arrive as I ordered that too after I saw how pretty the Hipster was. It is a bit larger than I expected but I can always use more room in my purse.Replica Hermes Womens Belt
  • I don’t like the “toe thong” as I call it:I like these sandals a lot. The top makes it look like a more expensive sandal. I bought these to wear when It was possible I would be getting my feet wet. Unfortunately, the inside becomes slick and my foot was sliding around uncomfortably. I won’t wear them in the rain again, but I will be wearing them. Often.Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Love this purse:Love the size. Love the pockets. Love the print. I originally bought the all in one cross body because I never carry a bag bigger than about 6 inches. But after trying the hipster I found it to be light to carry and hangs flat on my hip. No bulky bulging. I am a convert to a ” real” purse with the hipster. Viva La Vera is a delightful print. Wish she was not retiring it since most the new prints are yucky.hmmm Now I want another hipster in a different print.
  • Great size!!:So far I really love these. I bought the dark blue ones and the color is very pretty. I haven’t had a chance to use them on a trip yet, so I did a trial run to see what kind of things I could fit in them. Most of the other reviews that I read used them for small items such as underwear or kids clothing. I had seen a YouTube video of a lady who was able to fit 19 clothing items into 3 cubes of the same size from eBags. I decided to order these over the eBag slim cubes because with Dot & Dot I got 4 slim cubes for the same price as 3 eBag slim clubs. I thought I would try clothing items as the YouTube lady had done. In one slim cube I was able to fit 3 boyfriend cardigans, I fit 4 pair of leggings in another, 5 long sleeve shirts in another, and 2 pair of skinny jeans and a pair of yoga pants in another. When I placed the 4 slim cubes in my 20″ spinner suitcase, I still had plenty of room for more items. I think using these cubes will help me become a better packer and stay organized. I would definitely recommend them.
  • Pretty and comfortable to wear:I can fit everything I need in here and the strap is the perfect length to sling over my whole body. I also love that you can wash it.
  • Five Stars:Excellent product. Vibrant color
  • Love, Love, LOVE💘:I love this cross body bag. The colors are vibrant. I don’t think it will show the dirt like others. It is the right size for traveling, it will hold essentials and has several pockets for phone, makeup, passport without being bulky and allows your hNd to be free. Delivery was quick.
  • Five Stars:These Packing Organizers Cubes are exactly as described. The material was top-notch, and the zippers were heavy duty. A lot fits in just one bag! They look stylish and high-end. I have the yellow ones! More colors are also available. They will keep all your belongings together neatly. Helps a lot to keep clothes organized in sets, in closet or while travelling. They are virtually totally weightless. Netting allows you to see what’s inside. Large size can hold 3-4 pairs adult slacks/jeans…don’t be afraid to over pack these wonderful babies. Other sizes are also available for everything else. I got 4 packing cubes for the money, very useful and helpful. Very sturdy! The Packing Organizer Cubes performed well. I plan to buy more Packing Organizer Cubes. Great Value and very high quality product. Highly Recommended!
  • My daughter loves it!:The Vera Bradley Hipster is a perfect bag which can be worn either on the shoulder OR as a cross body. It features an easily adjustable strap secured on the sides with silver metal rings. Inside the bag there is one pocket and a large open area. You can put a lot of things in this bag! On the front of the purse there is an open, good size pocket which is good for a cell phone, gum or anything really. There is also a zippered pocket on the front which is where I like to keep my keys. It is, however, large enough for several items such as lipstick, chapstick, mints etc. The back of the purse has yet another zippered pocket. The top of the purse closes with a zipper as well. I am so in love with this Vera Bradley bag. You will find it very useful for everyday use! Check it out.
  • Love these!:It seems like every baby I see has these adorable booties [not surprising since they are made in my state]. They stay on incredibly well and have never fallen off once. They look cute, keep his feet warm, and are easy to wash. I bought them in 3m size as a gift and they were well-received.

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  • Five Stars:Very nice wallet, holds check book,.cards, and money.Belts Replica Hermes
  • Good organizer:Great for our cruise. Would purchase from this seller againGold Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:What the lack in looks they make up for in comfortReplica Hermes Replica Belt
  • awesome:Love the bright design. This was ‘m y first Vera Bradley bag. Very pleased but I wish it was a little larger. Still I can carry my kindle and other essentials.Replica Hermes Constance Belt
  • Great Bag!:I thought this was going to be to small, but it’s the perfect size! I love the color too! Overall great bag!
  • Great packing cube, made well, protects my dress shirts:I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed wit h these packing organizer bags! They are a great size and they actually hold more than you think! I am due with our son in March, and we have already acquired SO MANY baby clothes that we literally ran out of room to store them! I was able to fit close to 40 outfits in two of these packing cubes, with room to spare!
  • Wonderful Satchel:I own four Vera Bradley hipsters. They are light weight and so easy to carry cross body and hands free.
  • its so perfect for:There are great. Very happy with this purchase and the seller!
  • Five Stars:It arrived on time an was just what I wanted.No complaints
  • excelente:Este bolso esta excelente y pracxtico grande y cabe de todo esta muy bien para viajar y para camping para deportes osea todoooooooooo
  • there is a small cut-out on the outside of the …:Shoes are great! I needed comfort for my heel pain, and they ar working out perfectly. Thank you for having them available, for ordering.
  • Great for mobility impaired!:I was so happy to have the opportunity to purchase these at a discount for testing and review. I have a 13 year old in my life who has a devil of a time with his shoelaces. He hates tying the, and they are eternally coming untied. Let’s face it… for a 13 year old boy, velcro can be kind of dorky. These no tie shoelaces were a perfect solution! They keep his shoes tied snugly without any worry of him tripping over them or stepping on the ends and untying them. Saves a lot of frustration and hassle!All opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.

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  • Five Stars:My daughter wanted this particular purse for her birthday. For not knowing much about purses, i was impressed with the quality of the thing. I think she’ll get plenty of use out of it for sometime. One thing i though was pretty cool is the name stamped on the metal rings that attach the should strap to the bag.Silver Replica Hermes Belt
  • It is perfect!:Durable, and strong product. Fast shipping Very pleased with my purchase.Mens Replica Hermes H Belt
  • Only flip flop taht fits:These shoes are like walking on sponges! Soft, smart- looking, and they make feet look really good! I am getting the teal next! Thank-you!Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Great purse!:needed it for vacation! Roomy and sturdy. Great in crowded spaces.deninitely a good buyReplica Hermes Belt Singapore
  • Excellent cubes:I love packing cubes.I’m using these large ones to store bulky winter clothes. The mesh helps them breathe & it’s easy to see what I packed.
  • Five Stars:love it
  • I love it! The size and shape were just as …:Wife wanted it. On one breath she is glad to have it due to the coloration and durability. On the other hand she has commented that the retail price could have been lower considering the simplistic build and materials of it.
  • Everything I expected:I just ordered my next supply for this summer. I put them on first thing in the morning and don’ttake them off till bedtime. Good arch support, soft and squishy and being ableto tighten the arch strap with the velcro flap makes it the almost perfect sandal.
  • Five Stars:Exellent
  • Love it!:Love the design and a real vera bradley purse!
  • Love these shoes:The unisex oofos should be ordered one size larger than your usual size. These are very comfortable!

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  • Great idea:Not a space saver as advertised juts an organizer. I am returning it.Buy Replica Hermes Belt Online
  • travelers best friend:This worked out well for my vacation with my daughter. It held both of our passports and it was easy to find in my huge purse because of the bright red color.Replica Hermes Belt Women
  • Five Stars:PrettyReplica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Five Stars:As it is written! excellent …. thanks!Replica Hermes Belt Sizes
  • Decent comfort, but not as expected…..:These are the most comfortable shoes I own. I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciatis. My inflamed heels are cushioned, and I have great arch support.
  • OOFOS are the best sandal that I have found so far…:Excellent shoe….great arch support is what I was looking for and found it in this shoe!
  • I have really nothing to say about this product and …:I went from a stressful traveler to easy traveler with this. Total game changer.
  • Good quality product:This product is of good quality. I think it’s a little big for travel. The manufacturer must reduce the design. Anyway, I bought it
  • Great booties but size is tricky:We bought the 12 mo size for our 4 mo little girl. They are awesome, but *just* fit her, and I am sure she will outgrow them quickly. So order a few sizes up!Awesome otherwise, adorable, easy to put on (there arent enough baby footwear options that fit in this category!) and stay on. Just ordered another pair in 18 mo size and a pair for a friend who is expecting. Love them that much.
  • Works well after hip surgery:I am 71 and often have back pain, especially in the morning when I am getting dressed. This new long shoehorn is EXACTLY what I needed. It’s terrific!
  • amazing – solved my aching feet!:I have only been wearing for a few days. Since I am being treated for back problems and am cautious about evaluating OOFOS for the long term.
  • too large for me:I bought it for my 20 year old daughter for Christmas. She loved it. It’s a perfect size for weekend trips with friends.

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  • This is perfect for my daughter in 1st grade:these shoe laces eliminates tying so it makes putting on and taking off your running shoes very easy. it provides support and yet is not too constraining. it is also easy to thread through your running shoes. i received this pair of shoe laces for a fraction of the cost in exchange for an honest review.Fake Replica Hermes Belts
  • Love Love Love!!:I had a pair of oofas that I bought in Hawaii. I usually wear a 9 or 9 1/2 but I was able to try them on and I fit into a women’s 8. So I knew what size to order. These are the most comfortable shoes I own!Replica Hermes Mens Belts
  • Great Shoe Horn:This shoe horn is angled right and is very comfortable to use.Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Falls apart easily.:GreatBuy Replica Hermes Belt
  • Avid-Traveller:I took this when I travelled internationally. I looked at a few similar products and decided on this one due to more pockets inside, including some zippered. It worked out great and fit perfect in the front pocket of my carry on bag. It has quite a few internal pockets, with a zippered coin pocket and a longer zippered pocket where I kept cash. I was able to fit all my documents, credit/debit cards, id cards, passport, 2 currencies of money, coins, a pen, etc., with room to spare. There is even an outside pocket where I could stash things quickly if I did not have time to unzip/zip the main compartment while boarding the planes. If you are looking for something to keep all the things in you need at hand while travelling, this is what you need.
  • Shipping sucked!:bought for a trip, worked great.
  • Love love love:I love Vera Bradley purses.I would like the purse to be a little bit bigger.I would love to get my other purses.
  • Solid metal shoe horn. This isn’t going to save …:it didn’t have the smooth finish like in the picture, it had like dents or small imperfections
  • Nice Feel & Quality Material:This shoe horn is angled right and is very comfortable to use.
  • Good:I used to have shoe horn made of plastic. When it broke I had to buy another one. I chose this brand because it’s made of metal, because of the size, and it’s easy to use. I’m satisfied with the product!
  • I really like this purse:Love this bag ! The perfect size and love the adjustable shoulder strap. The colors are so beautiful too !
  • Five Stars:This is my second one and o love them

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  • Great product for what it is:Sturdy product, smooth surface so shoes slip on easily. Bought metal because plastic has a tendency to snap.Gold Replica Hermes Belt
  • Four Stars:Great buy, my daughter loved itReplica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Excellent shoe string replacements:Wonderful sellers, would happily do business with them again! The laces were great! It took a minute to figure them out but the instructions were good enough to get the job done!This product is great for anyone who has issues tying their laces for whatever reason.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • These shoes are incredibly comfortable!:This is my second pair. I don’t know if I should give a good review because…I can’t wear any other shoes anymore. 6 people in my family have bought them. I am a 48 yr old hairdresser and I am spoiled by these shoes. I buy the unisex because they are wide enough.Replica Hermes Crocodile Belt
  • … feet got used to the support they became my favorite pair of flip flops:These are the bomb. If you have plantar fasciitis these are amazing. I wear them around the house and sometimes out of doors. Very nice.
  • Surprisingly useful:These are perfect for storing all of my purses! They are very large and pack a lot of space! They are so space saving too! Very good quality materials. I was given these to try for no cost in exchange for my review, but you can bet I will be ordering more to finish my closet organizing! 11 commentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 1 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5.0 out of 5 starsGreat System!ByLori Garciaon June 16, 2015Size: 4-piece setColor: GreenVerified PurchaseOk I purchased these as a family christmas present but just finally used for a trip to hawaii last week. I had heard good things about this cube type system so I thought I would try it out. We are a family of OVERPACKERS. Period. As much as I try not too we still do so I thought maybe we could fit more comfortably and more organized in our suitcases.Pros: If you pack according to trip "day" OR if you pack all underwear in one, or shorts/tops, etc. it keeps it all organized. Unpacking in the hotel was a breeze and also unpacking once were were hope was so easy as everything that belongs together was together. You can fit a TON of clothes inside each of these little cubes. I think for my "dress" one I had 3 or 4 short dresses along with like 7 or 8 maxi dresses at least! The bags seem to be a little "stretchy" and they give some so it makes it easy to fill them pretty full.Cons: If you cram a ton of stuff inside these cubes your clothes may end up being wrinkled when you unpack. I thought I was folding them pretty neatly but I still had some wrinkles. Most did fall out after a couple days hanging in the closet so that was good. Also if you pack a ton inside the packets get fairly heavy so you still need to watch the weight of your suitcase!Overall I really liked the process. It is somewhat time consuming as you need to "touch" each and every item individually….but I typically do that as well. I also did read that there are better zippers on some other brands but these zippers seemed to work just fine. There are zipper pulls on each zipper which make it easy to open and close. Also the assorted color options make it great to color coordinate your family.We packed for 7 nights and 8 days. My entire wardrobe I brought, along with two smaller cubes fit all of my clothes, toiletries, bathing suits, medicine, etc. So even for overpackers this system works!
  • Vera Bradley Wallet:I love the turn lock wallets. I now have 2 of them to match my handbags. They are perfect. They have a lot of pockets for my credit cards and any other think I need to carry like my drivers license and insurance cards. They are well made and absolutely just perfect. It’s the first wallet that fit all my needs. You can’t go wrong with this.
  • excelente:Excelente Producto y vendedor Muy atento lo recomiendo al 100% era Justo Lo Que estába Buscando saludos desde venezuela Erick Lopez
  • Great for running shoes!:Finally, a pair of elastic laces long enough and stretchy enough for my needs. I have been looking for this product for months. My only complaint would be that they do not come in solid colors. I would love to find either a solid black or a denim blue. Those would be perfect.
  • Five Stars:Love it! One of my favorite Hipsters! The pattern is so colorful!
  • Shoe horn just fine.:I mean it’s a shoe horn…it’s as good as it gets. Thanks!
  • Five Stars:Beautiful purse! Very happy with purchase.

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  • Five Stars:uses dailyReplica Hermes Belts For Men
  • Five Stars:muy buenoReplica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • OOFOS Sandals are a great product.:she said. I also have two pairs that I love. The oofds fit just fine. They were a gift for a Daughter and she loved them. The most comfortable shoe she has had for a long time.Replica Hermes Replica Belt
  • I absolutely love these socks:These are very soft and I love that they have the grips on the bottom. I fall frequently so this is important for me. I feel like my toes stretch better while I am doing my yoga. So I feel more relaxed afterwards. I received a discount in exchange for honest unbiased review.Cheap Replica Hermes Belts
  • I have a thing for Vera Bradley and I LOVE the midnight blue style:I love it great size and shape,pretty colors enough pockets to put things like front part for iPhone.
  • Your ideal shoe horn.:This product is as expected. It seems to be good quality and it as shipped timely.
  • Five Stars:Amazing! Love it!
  • Good quality:There isn’t much to say about it, but its strong, small, and easy to use. Industrious folk might find other uses for it such as scooping ice cream or sharpening it after a zombie apocalypse to use as a zombie-debrainer.
  • Sturdy construction, Easy to travel with! great all around winner!:I love the modular way of packing. It Keeps things neat and organized for travel. I had not used this brand before but they are well constructed and I love the color. The size is rjust right for lots of things.
  • Happy snail:This is the perfect size for everything you carry in a regular size purse. I have a couple in different patterns. Just love it
  • A great price and lovely pattern:This was a gift for my granddaughter. I thought it was darling, but she will be the final judge on Christmas.
  • good quality, excellent price:Great product. Exactly as advertised. Nice to see something that is made to last these days.