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  • Good size bag for travel or every day use:I give this product five stars. So glad that I purchased it. So convienant and easy. Fits all my must haves and I just sling it across my body and go. I love it and will buy it in more colors and prints. Thanks Vera Bradley.Replica Hermes Red Belt
  • Simply Perfect:Works well , product as described. Very strong.Replica Hermes Belts Mens
  • Vera Bradley Purse:Good-sized bag but doesn’t look bulky. Pretty and comfortable to wear. The only change I would make would be to have a small zippered pocket on the inside.Mens Replica Hermes Belt
  • Great organizer:I have a smaller organizer for travel and was not happy with it. I wanted something bigger and more sturdy that I could throw in my backpack and easily retrieve. My current organizer is just a simple around the neck type.I really didn’t like to wear it around my neck and I couldn’t get my tickets/ID out fast.This organizer is perfect. It is bigger, which makes it easier to find. Tons of storage for passports, IDs, tickets, CCs, money, Ect. There is also a place to securely hold tickets on the outside when the organizer is completely zipped.Replica Hermes Belt Real
  • Five Stars:Just like I expected.
  • NO ME ENVIARON EL BOLSO QUE PEDI:The quality is excellent, a little expensive but is a nice bag, ship in time and everything was well done.I recommend this seller and item, if is what you need worth the money.
  • Love it!:Great size, great value. Love the external zippered pockets.
  • Two thumbs (or is that toes?) up?!:I received for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own!
  • Great purse!:Love it
  • RECOMENDADO:I’m obsessed with being organized and at 25, I am traveling with another person for the first time in my entire life. I knew I wanted to keep us both organized, but didn’t think my tried and true method of containing it all in my purse would work for two of us. So I went looking for an organizer and ran across this one, in my favorite colour no less!When I got my Victorinox Travel Organizer (in RED!), I noticed it was a little larger then I expected, even though I looked at the dimensions, I didn’t quite expect it to me this large, but since it was going into my purse, it wasn’t an issue for me. But if you are looking for something that fits in your back pocket, this is not for you.Easily holds 2 Passports, 2 Passport Boarder Cards, 2 Drivers License, Boarding Passes, Tickets, Copies of Itinerary, Currency and Credit/ Debit Cards.Zips open and closed easily.Totally worth the money.
  • Four Stars:Love love love this bag!
  • What a nice surprise these laces were:What a nice surprise these laces easy to put in the shoes, good length. I was very happy with he stretch, and the toggle/tie held nicely. Very satisfied with this product.

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  • A very nice purse:I have the vera bradly check book cover in this same pattern so I bought the bag to match. I received it very quickly and was very pleased with the appearance. The colors are vibrant and the stitching is perfect. There are two pockets on the front and one on the back as well as three in the main compartment so there is a lot of places to store your things from keys to cell phone. Also the main compartment is very spacious as well. I can easily fit my check book and the separate wallet I carry for change cash and cards. Highly recommend!Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Size is perfect!:I’m pleased with my bag. the interior would be better for me if it contained a zippered pocket. I could organize things better.Replica Hermes Belts Men
  • Beautiful bag:It is the perfect size for a weekend trip away and all my clothes fit in comfortably in the bag.Replica Hermes Belt Real
  • MUst Have When Travelling:I recently purchases these bag since I travel 2 week out of every month. I am hooked!! They keep all your cloths PRESSED and organized. Really enjoy the 4 different sizes. So Happy I found these.Replica Hermes Belt Fake
  • Hipster:I’m not a fan of Vera bradley. I feel they are very over priced ! I did buy this as was on sale. But I prefer the Lemon Hill brand that is no longer made.The pattern is really cute and pretty.The design of the bag is too narrow, and deep. It’s not wide enough for my wallet to go in upright.Length is nice, but not the width..My 2nd and last Vera bradley purchase. Just too over priced.
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • Five Stars:Vera Bradley items are always good quality
  • great bag:I like the amount of space this bag has for long weekends, and that it packs flat when not in use. My only improvement would be one internal or external zippered pocket.
  • This is a great item. I bought this as a gift to …:excellent product.! All in perfect condition, very well packaged and in perfect condition. as is as described in the publication. This shop is recommended 100%
  • Five Stars:Exactly what was needed and works beautifully. Easy to use – substantial weight.
  • Love it:Love the colors, very summery and lightweight. Opening could be a little bigger to accomodate the according wallet I got to go with it, but think I will enjoy it.
  • No Worries About Rough Edges:Just what I was looking for to help put on a pair of tight snow boots. Very fast shipping. A product I would definitely recommend as I believe it will last a long time.

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  • Great purse:She loved itReplica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • Heavy, but good quality.:International traveling made easy with this product. Very good quality. It looks like it will last long. Has extensive amount of pockets for frequent flyer membership cards or credit cards. Has inner smaller pocket with a zipper for coins if needed. Had outer deeper thin pocket for boarding pass if needed. Has space for foreign currency. Has a pen holder. Perfect space for passport as well. Overall good design. It is pretty big though. But it can pack a lot. Worth it if you want everything at hand at international customs and security.Replica Hermes Belts For Sale
  • Love this shoe horn:Excellent shoehorn I have ever bought..The length of the shoehorn makes everything easy and the metal give it strength for usageReplica Hermes Belt Real
  • Awesome for plantar fasciitis sufferers!:My husband and I received our first pair of OOPFOS as a Christmas present. My daughter kept using mine so I ordered her a pair. By far the most comfortable slipper/sandal I have ever had on my feet–I live in Hawaii.Replica Hermes Red Belt
  • Does their Job:Reviews indicated these may run small, so I got the larger size. Nope. I went back and orderedc3month size for my 1 month olds, and they are a tad bit too big. My kids are now 9 lbs and 7.5lbs, and the little one has pretty long feet. I kept the 6 month size for later, as these are great booties. My girl, I will say though, does manage to kick these off still. We have yet to find a sock or bootie that will stAy on her feet!
  • Shoehorn:The shoehorn arrived Aug. 27th (I think I ordered it less than a week before) and was put to use the next day. It feels realy sturdy, does the job it was meant to do and I love it. I’m thinking about ordering one for an elderly neighbor who has occasional trouble putting on his shoes.The length is good for use sitting or standing and the finish is smooth, so there’s no catching or snagging.If you’re considering a shoehorn, by all means, get this one!
  • Beautiful wallet:Love the turn lock wallets I’ve been hoarding them in different colors. The black on is great and will match lots of bags. Great storage space inside
  • Five Stars:I have plantar faciitis. These shoes make it bearable to walk around on the tile floors in my home.
  • Excellent cubes:I love packing cubes.I’m using these large ones to store bulky winter clothes. The mesh helps them breathe & it’s easy to see what I packed.
  • Love this bag!!!:The coloring, the extra pockets, and most important, the lightness of this purse. Very comfortable to use, strap is adjustable and has enough room for all the things I normally carry in a handbag.
  • Grande!:I guess I was expecting something like what shoe salesmen use. But this is a very substantial piece of equipment. I couldn’t be more pleased.
  • Great, lightweight purse:It’s a great product. Roomy for most of my stuff. Stylish. It works for my "on the go" life style. Not heavy. And it’s washable. With hand.

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  • Awesome time saver!:These are GREAT!! My only problem is… husband STOLE them from my shoes!! When you have them tightened the way you want they STAY in place, no retightening every 20 minutes. Construction is good! The customer service is 5 STAR PLUS. I wish there were more options to review the customer service end. I had a glitch, I called, no questions or argument, a NEW pair was in my mail box within 5 days. It made me feel like they WANT your business!!Replica Hermes Belt Prices
  • BEST COMFORT EVER:These flip flops are the best ever! They may not be stylish, but they feel like heaven when worn. I am not in pain with my planters fascistic (sp) when I wear them. I bought another pair for my mom and plan on buying more for family and friends. I am purchasing another pair just for indoor wear. If you know of someone who has foot pain, this will be the best gift ever!Black Replica Hermes Belt
  • My Good Friend Vera:I have wanted this purse for a very long time! I finally decided to order it and was hoping to have it by a certain date and they got it to me by the date I needed it! Very happy with this product!!Replica Hermes Belt Real
  • It is a fair value for a mid-priced shoe horn.:This is one sturdy shoe horn; I have no doubt that it’ll last decades.As you’d expect from looking at the pictures, it’s just a single, solid, contoured piece of smooth metal (as it should be). One thing that pictures do not reflect, however, is the size of this thing (although the size *is* listed in the description, to be fair). I mean… this is by no means a dinky, throwaway shoe horn. You’ll probably be fine using this for shoes and low-ish (i.e. chukka-height) boots alike.Replica Hermes Black Belt
  • Amazing! Can’t believe I have been pinching my fingers …:Better than the cheaper version because it has smoother edges and doesn’t drag against socks. Too wide for both men’s and women’s heel cups.
  • Five Stars:I took this purse all over in Uganda (same style different color) in summer 2011. This was the first time I had tried this style and it was PERFECT. It went into the villages with solid dirt and kids hanging on me. It stayed just fine on my hip with strap fully extended. So easy to get into and fit flat. I did not stuff it full!! I loved it so much I got this one for my next trip in 2013. I even washed my other one and it came out perfectly-just like new. Great all around purse for home in the USA also!
  • Perfect for traveling to Europe:The travel cubes came in quickly, were true to size and color and I can’t wait to take them on my big trip!!
  • Nice sturdy shoe horn:I had a couple of cheaper ones in my cart but still went with this one. It is durable, smooth and is just great. Order this with confidence.
  • Awesome!!:I love these booties. If it is really cold out, you may need to layer socks underneath, but these ensure the socks stay on and keep my baby’s feet extra warm. It is true that they would be slippery on hard wood floors, but for a baby who is not yet very mobile, they are perfect. I only have one pair right now but plan to buy another- they are so great for winter!
  • Great for tall people too!:This shoehorn is a bit longer, thicker, and stiffer than I thought. It probably will last forever. The curve that goes around the heel is a little too curved. It doesn’t fit my heel well. It actually works better when you stand up rather than when sitting due to the length (it is longer than the distance from my heel to my knee by just a bit). I have to angle it to use it and that makes the curve even more uncomfortable on my heel. It’s not bad (it doesn’t hurt my heel), but its just not perfect for me.However, I would recommend it to others if they have a narrow heel and use it standing up.
  • Perfect!:My mom always loved Vera Bradley bags, so when I found this model I had to try it. I like crossbody style bags, as that allows you to have your hands free while your bag is safely at your side. There are enough zippered compartments to keep things tucked away, including the main section. I’m one to turn my bag to all sorts of angles especially when tossing it into the car. It is also marked washable, a major plus. And the cheerful blue color compliments just about everything in my sparse closet. A winner. Now I need to get one for my wonderful sis in law!
  • Organized packing made easier:Handy packing cubes good for iPad and cell phone charger and accessories. Also will hold personal underwear items, hair dryer, other incidentals.Zippers are durable and handy little packing item. Was using zip lock bags previously but didn’t last more than one two week trip. These are wonderful and anticipate using them a lot.

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  • Love It!:Soooooo pretty. And I got the cosmetic bag to go with it. I’m very happy with this particular style of bag. Colors are great, too.Women Replica Hermes Belt
  • Good shoehorn:very solid shoe horn. Cannot understand how some people said that they broke when using. must be a competitor sell shoe horns too.Replica Hermes Belt H
  • Great shoe:Excellent shoe….great arch support is what I was looking for and found it in this shoe!Replica Hermes Belt Real
  • Great:My boy loves how easy it is to use these without the hassle of tying his shoe laces.Replica Hermes Crocodile Belt
  • Helps with my Plantar Fasciitis:This is my 2nd pair. They are incredibly comfortable. I wear them ALL the time. I have plantar facitis in both feet. I even had the surgery a few years ago. My feet love these shoes! Worth every penny!
  • Nice product:Works well for me. Smooth n solid.
  • Best ever shoehorn.:What? A shoehorn that breaks on the very first time it is used?Talk about disappointment!I had just bought a gorgeous pair of cowboy boots, and along came this shoehorn as a suggestion. Finally I gave in and bought it. Waste of money! It shattered like glass as soon as I started lowering my heels on the boot.Minding that I could put them on (’em boots) without using a shoehorn, so there wasn’t that much resistance in the sliding in process. I wouldn’t recommend it!
  • Great organizer:The best travel item you can buy.You can storage your id’s, passports, travel tickets, coins, receipts, credit cards and even more
  • like the arch support:Just okay – They are very ‘spongie’ to walk in, have to get used to them. I use them for beach shoes.
  • Very sturdy !:These are exactly what I was looking for – great price, came in a nice plastic holder. Have not used them yet, but looking forward to it.
  • Problem with the strap.:I call this my iPad purse because my iPad fits nicely inside of it even in the case. It is a really nice bag, beautiful pattern, and nice and thick so if I drop it, my iPad is well protected.
  • Much better than socks!:After buying these and using them for a few days I ordered another set. I love these booties. They’re soft, well constructed, add an extra layer of warmth all without being shoes. We don’t do shoes until our little one is walking outside, so these are the perfect choice between now and then. Our little guy has huge feet so I ordered big so he can grow into them. I’ll definitely be getting smaller sizes sooner for our next baby.

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  • Great Product!:These laces are so cool. My fiancé took the and put on his shoes and they look great and he loves them since he no longer has to tie his shoes!! I received this product in exchange for a reviewMens Replica Hermes H Belt
  • Five Stars:High quality finish and feel, you will not be disappointed with this shoe horn.Buy Replica Hermes Belt Online
  • Great size and style for the price:I love this purse. The colors are beautiful and it has more room in it than you think. It is the right size for someone who does not like a big heavy purse to carry.Replica Hermes Belt Real
  • I needed a sturdy small shoe horn:This the best shoe horn I have owned in my life. Forget the other garbage thick and break easily. It is sturdy, thin and you can use both sides. I highly recommend this itemWhite Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:It is better than I expected. I really like it
  • Five Stars:Excellent and practical travel bag
  • Beautiful purse:Bought this with some birthday money. Love that it’s colorful and it’s just the right size for me. I can carry essentials, but there is enough room to smuggle a soda into a movie or bring a paperback along for a doctor’s appointment. My first brightly colored purse and I’m enjoying it quite a bit, also get compliments on it from time to time and that’s fun. Wearing very well, I’ve had it for about 2 months and no visible wear.
  • easy on / easy off, warm, buy 3 they are small!:Fantastic boots! I needed something warm for my baby, and this boots are fantastic, he sleeps with them and the early walker! Just the perfect combo!
  • TrustMeTrustMe:I have to say that not only was the product was better than advertised, the company is very committed to customer service. They sent an email immediately after I ordered letting me know customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. They were willing to stand behind their product if for any reason I was dissatisfied. While I initially was concerned that I was slightly overpaying for plastic shoe horns (I ordered two), the quality was excellent as was the service. After the order arrived, I received another email inquiring if I was satisfied. I certainly was and I am sure you will be too.
  • Best wallet ever:although not shoes. wallet is amazing
  • My favorite bag:I love the purses made by Vera Bradley because of the shoulder strap that can be extended or shortened. I also love all the pockets. It is just the right size.
  • Multi-Purpose Dot & Dot Waterproof Mesh Bag:I LOVE anything dot & dot now! I am a cosmetologist, so I carry a lot of little things around. These bags rock! Keeps everything organized and you can see through them.. So, no guessing whats in each bag. They are easy to clean and wonderful.I Recieved this product for free or for a discounted price, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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  • Works well, great for kids who try to stuff their feet in their shoes and mash down the backs:It’s smooth, sturdy, nice and big for boots, and makes me feel fancy since it’s prettier than the disposable plastic "Hilton" shoe horn that I used for the past decade.Replica Hermes Belt For Women
  • Buy a BIG size:I really liked these and was excited to have a shoe that would fit my 10 month old. I often wear him in the ergo or woven wrap and socks just kept falling off. SO I got these! But the 18 Month size was TOO SMALL for my 10 month old. I ended up giving them to a friend. Other bummer is that is the biggest size they carry.Replica Hermes Belt Women Replica
  • This is perfect! After my total knee replacement:Pretty much works as advertised and as discussed in the various reviews.My experience was that It made it a little easier for me to put on my new “harness” boots (FRYE Men’s Harness 12R Boot), which have quite a ways to go before they “break in”. I think they will be about a perfect fit then, but right now are very tight and both a real hassle and pain (litterally) to put on. But this shoehorn was not a complete fix for the problem. I was having problems getting my feet in; my feet were catching at two places in the boot: My heel was catching on the material just above the heel at the back of the boot and the top of my foot just above and in front of my ankle was catching the inside of the boot where the boot turns from vertical to horizontal. (I am sure there is proper terminology for these parts of the foot and boot, but I don’t know them.)This shoehorn helped greatly with getting my heel all the way into the boot without catching, but of course did very little to ease the other problem; I just had to grit my teeth and push on past.The shoehorn also greatly simplified my getting each boot back off. That part of the operation seems to be neglected in Schacke’s descriptions of their shoehorn’s benefits, but is definitely not insignificant for tight boots! I did this by my inserting the shoehorn back into the boot behind my heel, and pushing down on the shoehorn to push the boot off past my heel! This does probably put a lot of stress on the plastic shoehorn, but so far it has withstood it.I was concerned both before ordering (based on reviewers’ comments) and when I initially unpacked the shoehorn about the narrowness of the heel part of the shoehorn, since I have fairly big feet. It is narrow, but not so much that it made that big a difference in my using it. If I had had a choice, I would have gotten one with a little wider “spoon” part, but again, it still worked fine for me as is.On a side note, the company contacted me by email almost immediately after my purchase from Amazon to tell me that they would be of service if I had any questions about or problems with their product (which I did not), so I believe they will stand by their product guarantee, if necessary.Overall, recommended for putting on boots AND for taking them off, if they are tight.Replica Hermes Belt Real
  • Glad to have this purchase:Was a little disappointed in the passport section of the wallet put the quality of the wallet is extremely goodReplica Hermes Replica Belts
  • Just okay – They are very ‘spongie’ to walk in …:Very happy with the first pair of Oofos…more support than Crocs and comfortable!
  • Great Purse!:Beautiful fall purse. My first Vera Bradley and love it. Not big or too small. Perfect fit.
  • Highly recommend. Excellent quality.:Nothing to write — it’s a shoe horn. But service and follow-up were good.
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • Five Stars:Smaller than I expected. I will order a larger size, the quality is good, just to small for my requirements.
  • Loved it, was everything it was supposed to be:This bag is exactly what I was looking for.
  • LOVE IT! Great for stuffing in an overhead compartment!:It’s so convenient to use, and holds so much. I’m getting rid of my other luggage.Wish I’d gotten it sooner!
  • Spring Colors:It’s perfect! Comfortable, perfect size and I love the design:) I highly recommended it!