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  • Five Stars:Very nice bag. Love the color. Nice size to have.Replica Gucci Man Belt
  • lovely:I bought this as a cross body bag to take on vacation with me. Within the first week of the trip the stitching was ripping off the zipper. My mom can probably sew it back together, but I expect a better quality item from Vera Bradley. Going forward I’ll be buying any bags from them in their retail store so that I can exchange and faulty items.Replica Gucci Belts Online
  • Great, lightweight purse:I like my purse but it says large hipster and it’s not very big. It’s hard to get my matching check book cover in and out of it , not enough room in the opening.Replica Gucci Belts On Sale
  • … argument about separating cloths in the luggage during the hated air travel:These cubes are amazing the amount of storage you can get into them is great! I recommend them for everything from storing clothes to packing to move!Mens Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Great product & value!:Great tool for those of us in chairs or everyone who might have trouble reaching down to use a standard length shoe horn. While a simple task for most this makes it so for everyone. GREAT product, fast service, better than portrayed in their ad.
  • Perfect transaction -Excellent service and fast shipping:This is awesome! Very stiff, so it’s easy to get heavy outdoor shoes and work boots on and off. Nice and long, which is good because my feet seem to get farther away as I get older! :)
  • Five Stars:Love the bag!!! Perfect in size and I love the color
  • I loved traveling with this although I agree with other commenters …:This is my go-to bag for weekend vacations or short trips when I need to fly. In the past, I had always taken a small rolling suitcase and carried it on, but then I started realizing that lifting the darn thing over your head in order to stuff it into the overhead compartment on the plane is a certifiable nightmare! This bag, however, is perfect for these purposes. On it’s own, it’s very, very lightweight. It also smushes up really easily so it’s easy to stuff. Obviously, rolling luggage is easier for walking around an airport, but this is not bad either. The straps are long and fit over the shoulder easily. It also holds a TON of stuff! On my last trip, I had several pairs of jeans, 6 or 7 shirts, undergarments, my flat-iron and travel hairdryer, my HUGE folding toiletry bag, my makeupbag, a jacket, and my computer accessories and I still had tons of room to spare.As for the pattern, I absolutely love it. It’s simple yet stylish, and I have found that it does not get dirty too easily, which I love. All in all, this is definitely my favorite travel bag!
  • Pretty and Comfortable:These are really lime green, that’s why i ordered them.. They are great. However, in Clark’s I always have to size down one size.
  • love it:love it and plan to buy more colors
  • Another very satisfied customer!:This was an anniversary gift for my husband who is very tall. He likes the sturdiness of the shoehorn and the length is perfect for him to not have to bend over too much to put on his shoes.
  • Love the pattern!:I love the quality, design and the intensity of the colors.

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  • Purchased for my wife:I love the purses made by Vera Bradley because of the shoulder strap that can be extended or shortened. I also love all the pockets. It is just the right size.Real Cheap Replica Gucci Belts
  • Very satisfied with this product:Received it within the 2-day window. This product is really handy for those of us older folks who have some difficulty bending or stooping. I love mine and use it everyday.Buy Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great Shoehorn,Boothorn!:This shoehorn is one piece, heavy duty plastic. My husband has difficulty bending over to put on his shoes, and this is just perfect. It shipped promptly, in an amazingly long, huge box. That said, it did get here safely. I’ve received glass items packed with less care. Over all, a good product at a good price, shipped promptly.Belts Replica Gucci
  • Perfect. Extra long so I don’t have to bend …:This is a great shoehorn. It is nice and long especially for people with back problems. You don’t have to bend over to put on a shoe. I bought it for my husband and he loves it. So I ordered three more and will give them as Christmas gifts to my sisters and brothers-in-law.Replica Gucci Belts Online
  • Love the bag!:Right size and love the outside pockets. Holds my Kindle Fire perfectly. Will be buying a few more fashionable colors.
  • Worth Every Penny:I have had Dr. Marten’s for over 20 years, many different styles. But I always use this Wonder balsam and it works great. I especially like it on my motorcycle boots, repels water very well. Two thumbs up….
  • Quality, easy-to-use shoehorn:I have one particular pair of athletic shoes which fit me a little more tightly than normal. It was always a struggle to get these shoes on, but I really liked their appearance and comfort, so I would do anything necessary to get them on. This shoe horn was the perfect solution! With the long handle and excellent design I can easily and simply slip into my favorite shoes! The product is well made and reasonably priced! The seller was in constant contact to make sure I was pleased with my purchase and if it arrived on time. Their excellent communication depicts a company that wants long term satisfied customers. They can add my name to that list!
  • Very Good:good product, but expect to be little bit more bigger to fit and be more handy and comfortable to use
  • I purchased two!:I needed a long shoehorn to put on my new “slip-on” boots. I’m getting old and decrepit and can’t bend like I use to. This fine shoehorn meets my needs.
  • VERY handy, very convenient:This shoehorn makes life so much easier when one needs to put on sneakers or shoes, specially after back surgery. Love the extra long handle and the substantial horn itself. Will purchase another one to keep downstairs for putting on boots. Highly recommend it.
  • Long Shoehorn:Well worth the money for this high quality extra long shoe horn if you have trouble bending over very far.
  • Now a Very Organized traveler:These packing cubes are GREAT. The bright color (yellow which is what I got) is really great. They were actually bigger than I thought they were going to be and I love that part! You can fit quite a bit in them. Just love these!I received this product in return for a honest and unbiased review!