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  • My purse!:This purse is so beautiful, nice and spacey. I’m in love with the color (Mocha). I would recommend it to the ladies that love big purses.Replica Gucci Belts On Sale Replica
  • ok no bad:This was a gift from my son. This tote is very well made, I love it and it holds a lot.Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • Great arch support:I wish they made more colors! Now I need to buy flip flop socks (is there such a thing?!) to wear them in winter!Replica Gucci Belt Bag
  • Damn Good Shoehorn.:No delivery problems. Larger than the standard-issue shoe store horn. Plenty generous for six-inch pull-on work boots. Smooth, sturdy steel with etched logo on back looks good. Only issue with the machining is that the edges should be lobed or a tad smoother. There are no burrs or sharp edges, but the hand-feel is not like the old-school shoehorns that I’m used to. Better than the high-end famous shoe brand plastic ones that I’ve broken, this does the job and will certainly outlast me.White Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • best shoehorn:Exactly what my 84-year old husband needs to assist him with his shoes. Raves about it every day. Thank you.
  • Five Stars:IT’s a fine product for a great price.
  • Evaluation of Long Shoehorn:I bought this shoehorn in May 2014 for $15. My initial thought was $15 is a lot to pay for a plastic shoehorn — but I went ahead w/ the purchase anyway. Upon receipt I was pleased to see that the item was made of sturdy plastic, unlike some of the flimsy, cheap ones that I had purchased historically and threw away before too long. This one is not so thick that it would make slipping your feet into shoes an arduous process. The 24" length is a REAL back-saver too — when you are over 40 like I am (and I’m not saying how far over 40!) that’s a real good thing. I use the item pretty much everyday and after 2 months it seems to be holding up pretty well. In short, this was a good investment and I would purchase the item again should the need arise — which may be a while.
  • Quality Product:Does what it’s supposed to do, is very sturdy, and arrived very quickly.
  • In Love:My sister, daughter and myself are addicted to these sandals. Your legs don’t get tired and you can walk forever on the beach!
  • Perfect Fit and Comfortable:This is my first pair of Clarks and I love the fit and comfort of these sandals! I’ll definitely buy at least one more pair in another color.
  • Five Stars:Love this bag! Colors are bright and cheerful. I have washed it, it comes out perfect!
  • Good length for grip and pretty to look at:Beautiful shoe horn plenty long enough for ease of use. Very strong and smooth.

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  • LOVE IT:My daughter just kept bugging me for one. I got it for her and she very happy. Made good and just the right size for a young teen.Replica Guccissima Belt
  • Its the real deal:Love this bag, lots of room!Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • Five Stars:lov itReplica Gucci Belt Black
  • Five Stars:Very nice product:1. easy to clean and use2. does not bend and is very durable3. lightweight and easy to hang upCheap Replica Gucci Belts For Men
  • Loved it, was everything it was supposed to be:This bag is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Great Size Bag:I do enjoy this purse with the classic Vera Bradley pattern. The strap is adjustable and plenty big to fit over any clothing I might have on, however the inside is a little smaller than I was expecting. It forced me to be selective on what I keep in it, but I do love it and use it on a regular basis.
  • Love it:I love my Vera Bradley Hipster. The colors are so bright and cheerful, also, but now I have to get some spring and summer clothes to go with my handbag!
  • Five Stars:Ordered this for our daughter for her Birthday. These folks put it in snail mail with a demand for my signature to deliver it. Sent me a nice reminder to stay home on a Saturday to sign for it. It didn’t come, I had to leave on a business trip and did not get to pick it up for another week. I ordered a different bag from another supplier, and they shipped UPS ground. Beautiful purse, poor Shipping.
  • Great purchase.:Favorite purse ever
  • Best of the lot:I bought this for my mother after her knee replacement. She struggled putting shoes on after the surgery. This made the process of getting up and moving after surgery much easier for her.
  • LOVE IT!:Love it so much family and friends like it too
  • Five Stars:I love this purse so much!! There’s a lot of room and the perfect size.

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  • LOVE MK:Exactly what I wanted in a MK bag, this is my 5th one and I use it as my everyday bag , works as an overnight bag also.White Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:uses dailyReplica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • My wife has l1 thru l4 fused and I have …:Very nice product that I was happy to find. Easy to use and I really do not have to bend. My foot slips Into my shoe so easily that I was amazed the first time I used it.I can easily recommend to anyone.Replica Gucci Belt Cheap Replica
  • Excellent Product:The perfect organizer – I just got back from an international trip and it worked great.How Much Does A Replica Gucci Belt Cost
  • Very well made bag!:Very nice cross body purse. It has several pockets inside and two zippered pockets on the outside. Love that it keeps my hands free while out shopping. No more falling purse straps! Was shipped very quickly.
  • This thing is great. Works wonderful:Very timely delivery and perfect size. long enough to get in but short of enough to hold in hand. Plus unlike plastic shoehorns this will last. Also fits perfectly in shoeshine box I have next to my shoe stand. Glad I bought 2.
  • Could be better:These flops live up to the hype. If they come out with some better colors, I will keep right on buying. My entire tennis team has bought these: black, navy, pink, orange. They come plain but are very easy to bedazzle into something flashy and unique. Now, the nurses are hopping on this bandwagon. If you have never worn Oofos recovery sandals, what ARE you waiting on?! How a sandal can possibly massage your CALVES when you walk is beyond me but they do.
  • The Dot & Dot travel organizing bags are a perfect solution to this:i love these packing cubes i used them to organize my diaper bag i love how munch you can fit in them i fit 64 disposable diapers in one alot of my daughters needed cloths in one and her cloth diapers i love not halfing to search for anything all i do is pull the cube out and can see everything inside it.
  • My purse!:I love the beautiful Mocha and Brown Handbag its large and spacious a Womans dream purse and a eye catcher gets attention a must have MK handbag…
  • Fit my size 6us/3uk foot! LOVE THEM!!! x:These are great socks. They’re so cute and colorful. They fit well. I wear a Woman’s size 7 1/2. They are a perfect fit. They stay in place, too. I have had no issue with them sliding down into my shoe or turning around on my foot. They stayed in place while I was working out.The colors of these are bright and cheerful. They will match almost any outfit! They are also the perfect weight. They are made of a premium 76% cotton, 22% polyester & 2% cotton fabric. They didn’t sweat my feet yet are still comfortable to wear around without shoes. Depending on the shoe, they either do not show or barely show in the shoe.I washed these a couple of times before reviewing. They did not shrink at all. The colors stayed bright and they didn’t develop snags or pills. These are of a good quality. There aren’t any raw or crooked seams. The elastic in the top isn’t too tight. It’s just the right amount of stretchy.I really do like these socks. These would make a great gift even if the recipient is yourself! Note: I was offered these for free in exchange for my fair, honest, and unbiased opinion. It had no bearing on my review. I tested these thoroughly and formed my own opinions. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5.0 out of 5 starsFIT A SIZE 11 FOOT !ByKrison August 22, 2015Size: 9-11Color: triangleVerified PurchaseAs a woman with a shoe size of 11, I am always hesitant to purchase shoes or socks online. Especially because these ones did not list a size or a sizing option! However, I was thrilled to slip these sock on and find they actually fit without being too tight! My mother also tried them on and they fit her without being too large (size 9).This package provides you with 5 pairs off soft, ankle length socks. There are two beautiful color options. I purchased the Triangle pattern. They don’t really look like triangles to me, more like a fuzzy pattern. There is also a pretty snowflake option.These socks do not leave fuzzies between my toes after wearing them all day. They are made with a thin material that does not leave marks from the ankle cuffs. The stitching is accurate, as the toe line follows my own toes.The color patterns in the pack are all different, so you can be sure to match your otfit. (Or not.. )These socks do not rub roughly against the soles of my feet. They provide just enough comfort and support, while simultaneously providing a cute design.You should love these just as much as I do! I was so happy to have received this product free in exchage for my honest review. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments4.0 out of 5 starsA great way to add some color to your feet!ByGirly girlTOP 500 REVIEWERon August 20, 2015Size: 9-11Color: triangleVerified PurchaseI really like low cut socks, especially with my running shoes. But not so low that they start to fall south of your ankle and into your shoe. That’s never fun, it’s actually super annoying. & I have found that unfortunately with a lot of vehicles fox but I buy at the store they do exactly just that. Hi do you have sets of socks that don’t do that so I’m not saying I don’t own any. But, this is the first pack of lowcut socks that are as colorful as these are.These are really cute huh and there is not one pair that I dislike. I really like bright and happy things, so these fit my personality 100%, and most of my workout clothes. Lol.Very comfortable, not too sick and not too thin. You can wash them and dry them and not have to worry about them getting ruined, for that’s what I am hoping for! They seem to be really well made, so I’m hoping this day will stand the test of time. Since I like to work out, jog, this will definitely get used a lot.I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is just so sick of the plain, boring, and just overall bland socks. Add some color to your feet!I received this product at a discounted rate for an honest review.
  • Tote for the wife:Beautiful! Great price for a designer bag. Checked it out throughly for authenticity and it matches everything it should be. I only purchase designer bags, so I have learned over the years the things to look for to make sure it is the "real thing."

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  • Works like it’s supposed to:It’s large. So are my feet. And my shoes…It’s sturdy and works like it should. Slides nice.Delivered on time as promised.Replica Gucci Belts Uk
  • Saves my fingers:works well–sturdy , perfect length, love the handle. Saves me time and aggravation, always helps me put my shoes on the first time.Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • A++:Kind of expensive for a travel organizer but this is one of those purchases where you want to be "one and done." I considered the Hartmann at 5x this price and just could not justify the leather premium. This dude has lots of little pockets, card sleeves, inside zippers, etc and the build just screams quality.Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Will use it for many years!:This is perfect for high top shoes or boots. It is made of hard plastic so it should not break. The handle is made in such a way that it can easily be hung on a hook in a closet, so no storage problem. Customer service from this vendor is spot on. They contacted me to make sure the product arrived in good condition and that I was satisfied with it.Replica Gucci Belt Bag Replica
  • my balance improved with these socks:The black open toe yoga socks are so cute. The socks are very soft and comfortable. I love using them while I do my daily exercises. I have a slippery floor so I always have to watch my footing as I stretch. But with these it helps me stay balanced and I don’t have to worry about hurting myself. The socks grip the floor and prevent any hazardous falls from happening. They’re really comfortable and I can run easily in them. I was sent these for review, however it does not effect my thoughts and opinions.
  • Great product:Great item. My husband loves it.Just the right amount if flex. I had bought a metal one prior to this but was too flexible and made it had to use. This is perfect.
  • Thanks for a good product!:WHY DID I IGNORE THIS GLORIOUS ITEM FOR SO MANY YEARS?! Really simplifies my shoe wearing struggles… Just a perfect little thing to keep by your shoes.
  • works well:Just recently had hip replacement surgery. This device made putting on shoes a breeze. It is long and sturdy. Recommended purchase!
  • Avid-Traveller:I have the Victorinox shoulder bag as my go-to for travel and needed a wallet organizer for arranging my business receipts. While this wallet is WAY bigger than I anticipated (yes, I should have read the dimensions), it actually is fantastic. It has a pocket on the outside to hold boarding passes, a credit card holding section that’s easy to get cards out of, an easy access ID holder, a zippered pocket (where I stash receipts… never lost one since) and a wallet and change area for cash. I’ve started using it as my everyday wallet, since it’s so convenient. Made of really sturdy, nice looking material (mine is red) and is well worth the cost.
  • Better than I expected:Wow, this shoe horn works great! Now our fingers can heal after using them to try to get certain shoes on. My husband and I are loving it.
  • Awesome Fit and Comfort!:These are perfect for anyone practicing indoors, providing both comfort and good hygiene. Highly recommended for people practicing Yoga or solo martial arts training. I add solo only because most formalized martial arts have well defined gear that can or cannot be worn, and these would not pass muster in most dojos. That said, if you have an indoor place where you practice on your own, you will appreciate these very quickly. They afford complete freedom of movement while keeping your feet clean and protected. Anti-skid features on the bottom of these will also be highly welcome on hardwood or other slick floors. Unbeatable price, too!
  • Does its job:My wife bought this for my father in law. It is just what he needed. He loves it and thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread.

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  • Sturdy and big enough to fit all everything you carry …:I never received the purse. Very disappointed.Replica Gucci Men Belt Replica
  • What a long shoe horn should be:Trying to hold my 160 Newfoundland (dog) with one hand, and trying to bend over the dog to get my shoes on with the other hand… almost impossible. Add the 24 inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn… fast and easy. Thanks for this great product.Mens Replica Gucci Belt
  • This travel organizer is absolutely wonderful. A wide assortment of pockets and slots for …:I have purchased quite a few of these over the years, and REALLY like this one. It can hold A LOT, yet is not too bulky. It has many pockets and can thus do a good job organizing things. I also bought the red one, for my wife, which I ended up liking more, because the black seemed a bit bland looking.Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • Quite Pleased:Super useful for old and young people, actually I bought this for my mom who lives in other country, however, before send it, I’ve checked myself and was so easy to put my shoes on that I bought another one for her and keep this for me. Botton line, no matter if you have 90, 80 or 40 years old, this guy will make your life easier, check it out.Discount Replica Gucci Belts
  • Another Vera Bradley Hipster:I LOVE the Vera Bradley purses, and have purchased several to coordinate with different outfits. The Canyon, naturally complements a couple of my brown dresses.
  • great quality:Adore 10 stars worth !! Great size, great strap length, lots of pockets and fun pattern. I bought the Euro Wallet to match and I am such a happy camper now. So cute !!!
  • Traveling made easy!:These cubes are exactly what I was looking for to organize my packing. They not only help me use my bags effectively they are also excellent for keeping my clothes organized during the trip. They seem to be well made and appear to be sturdy enough to last. Wish I would have purchased a set of these a long time ago.
  • I love It!!:Previously bought a "telescoping" item. It did not stand up to use more that a week before breaking. This one will last longer than me. It is perfect, solid, right length, and easy to handle. Delivery and packaging were without any problem.
  • … others who have visited them have used this and liked it because of the durability and length:Good length, especially for use with boots. I would have preferred a crook shaped end rather than the handle so that it could easily be hung over a rail in the cloaks area above where shoes etc. are kept.
  • Shoehorn necessary for my husband:This shoehorn is sturdy and well designed with an ergonomic handle and accomodating heel guide. It makes donning high boots very easy and would be a useful tool for anyone whose flexibility is compromised. I highly recommend it.Bastet
  • I love it!:The colors are so vibrant and beautiful!! The prettiest Vera Bradley I have seen! It’s amazing how much room it has since it is not a big purse!! Wonderful purchase!
  • Love it!:Adore 10 stars worth !! Great size, great strap length, lots of pockets and fun pattern. I bought the Euro Wallet to match and I am such a happy camper now. So cute !!!

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  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!:It’s like walking on pillows. My plantar faciitis is relieved when wearing around the house. They do make my feet sweat even though they are flip flops. Small trade off for comfort walking on my hard wood floors. Will definitely take to wear for next pedicure!Tan Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great bag:Love this bag !! It’s the right size and light weight.Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • Awesome:from the grip handle to the wide bottom this product is superior to any 24" shoe horn i’ve used previously.material seems plenty rugged; likely to last, forever.Replica Gucci Womens Belt
  • … my traditional laces on my gym shoes because I hate tying and untying my shoes:Excellent! I love these things. I have a bad back and it is painful sometimes for me to bend to tie my shoes…so I always slips my shoes off and on…I rarely ever actually untie and then tie them back. Now I can do that and not feel guilty about it. ha! Plus I don’t have to worry about the strings hanging from my shoes. These are very easy to use and simple to tighten…and the lock stays locked…I don’t have to worry about my shoes loosening up as the day goes on. Not only that but I like the way the laces look…the design is cute. I wish I had a pair of these a long time ago…they make my day a little easier and help me to have a little less pain by avoiding bending to tie my shoes. Product purchased at a discount in exchange for testing, evaluation and review.Replica Gucci Belts For Men
  • Five Stars:Excellent support, after standing at work all day.
  • This is for a shoe horn not shoes. The …:It is a shoe horn, and what would expect other than it performs its’ duty. I should have purchased a longer one.
  • Great lenght for tall people & sturdy design:I absolutely love this. It is very strong, sturdy, and well made. I use it to put in a pair of side zip Danner work boots. This is helping to save the heals of the boots from breaking down. Now my foot slides right in! A short shoe horn did not work.I can see how this would help others if bending is difficult, or for putting on any other boots.So glad I bought this one!
  • A WINNER:This certainly is a big help after an operation when you can’t bend over to put your shoes on. Thanks.
  • SO Cute and Functional:These are hands down the most amazing baby shoes ever! They are the only thing that my little one keeps on her feet – and they fit perfectly. I love that there is a double snap – so there’s some wiggle room if I want to tuck her pants into them. I started with one pair and then bought 3 more – AMAZING!
  • Looking Good:Larger than I thought it would be but absolutely love it. Great quality and beautifully made. Love it.
  • MK Gold straps bag:Loved it. Did not expect it to be as large as it was though but size is very suitable.
  • Five Stars:I received it in time for Christmas. My wife loved it perfect size for all her stuff. She has got a lot of complements from her friends.