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  • Great For All Ages!:I lead a crazy, busy life with running everywhere and never really settling down, so these were perfect for me to purchase! I never once one for tying my shoes (get that from my dad, I think), so these link laces made my life that much easier. I currently have them on my running shoes so when I am going for a run, I just lock the laces and go. Then when I return, I loosen them and slide my feet out. Tying your shoes seems like such a simple, quick task, but after using these I will never go back to regular laces again. Time to look into buying more…Replica Gucci Belt For Women
  • Exactly what I needed:I was skeptical that a plastic shoehorn could do the job but I didn’t like the reviews or prices of the metal one, so, holding my breath I ordered this one ande was happily surprised. The plastic itself and the construction of the horn ensures the product’s strength. It makes putting on my snow boots a cinch. I am 78 and don’t bend as I did when a youth; this shoehorn does the ‘bending’ for me. I recommend it.Replica Gucci Belt
  • Bought a second but only as a gift:I am giving this product a four star review because it seems to be sturdy and well made. It probably performs the desired function for most people very well and it comes with a no questions asked lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, my difficulty in putting on shoes stems from surgeries that I had to my ankle which essentially resulted in a partial fusion of the joint. As a result I have a very high instep and limited flexion in that ankle. This device, as helpful as I imagine it is for most people, didn’t really solve that problem.I probably won’t bother to return it. I’ll just "gift" it to a friend who will find it more useful than I did.Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • PERFECT !!!:This shoe horn is very rugged and long enough so you don’t have to bend you knees or back. I hope it will last longer than my metal one.Mens Replica Gucci Belts
  • excellent quality product:Sturdy material, enough space for passport, credit cards, cash, coins, business card, boarding passes. Keep all documents neatly in one place while traveling.
  • Awesome:Great quality product. Very strong and durable. I have arthritis in my lower back so I have problems bending. This really helps me put on my shoes and sneakers.
  • I love these NO TIE SHOELACES! EASIER ON MY HANDS:I got these for my 10 year old son who never keeps his shoes tied and I am always replacing laces because he breaks them from walking with untied laces. It only took about 5 minutes to put these laces on his shoes and then had put them on and cinch them up and cut them to fit and apply the end piece. He loves them and I now know that his shoes stay tied at school. My older son saw them and thought they were neat and is getting some for his 4 year old
  • Love love love them!:They are great and love the free gift, thank you.
  • Simple thing done right:Well built shoe horn. Doesn’t feel cheap at all. Was deliver on time as stated. Nothing bad to say at all.
  • Be careful of sizing:We purchased two pairs last year and they fit and feel great.They keep their shape and can be worn all day which in the past has been a problem for us.We highly recommend them which we cannot always say when it comes to sandals.
  • Great size, lots of usage ideas!:The extra small bag measures 7.5" x 3.5" x 1" and is ideal for carrying a few makeup favorites or toiletries. It’s made of a waterproof mesh that uses a zipper to open and close. It even includes a clip so you can easily attach it to your luggage, purse, tote bag, – wherever you see fit. It works great even as a mini purse organizer if you’re not a traveling type. Think baby necessities if you’re a mom! The bag is durable, well made and quite functional. Nothing special, just a simple quality bag that’s great for organizing. Plus it comes in a reusable ziploc type bag so you’re kind of getting double the storage!
  • Great Bag:My daughter is happy with her bag. It has alot of pockets very spacious.

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  • I love my purse Michael Kors:I bought this for my wife for Christmas and she love it.. Great item ..Authentic Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • These Sandals are great. I’m not sure why some have had sizing …:Fantastic comfort. If you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis, these will help. I use them as house shoes.Mens Replica Gucci Belt
  • Five Stars:Thong is not long enough for comfortable fit.Replica Gucci Belt
  • Five Stars:Works very well and is very sturdy. If you’re looking for a compact shoe horn, this one works great.Belt Replica Gucci
  • Five Stars:All came as expected, works well
  • Good buy:Made out of really good materials and looks like its going to last a long time. Has enough room and space for everything u need when traveling. The Icing on the cake is that it has an outer pocket for fast passport reach.
  • Five Stars:This extra long shoehorn is perfect for people with mobility problems. My husband had been having problems getting his shoes on, but with the shoehorn it is no longer an issue.
  • Shoes are great! I needed comfort for my heel pain:Like waking on air with arch support! I have to wear Orthotics with other shoes but with these I can wear them all day!
  • Five Stars:What the lack in looks they make up for in comfort
  • The best shoe horn you’ll ever buy!!!:The best shoehorn I’ve ever owned. Should last a lifetime. I bought two for my grandsons. They love them.
  • Love it!:This was the best item we purchase for our trip. There was five of us in the family with five passports and papers. We had no problem keeping all the documents in this handy organizer. I would highly recommend it since it is much better than the folder we used in the past.
  • Great Product:This shoehorn replaced the little 5" metal one that I had previously been using. I recently broke my foot and wore a boot for 5 months as my foot was healing. After ceasing to wear the boot, I had a difficult time adjusting to regular shoes. It was also difficult for me to bend over and get my shoes on without breaking the backs.Using this shoehorn helps me to easily get my shoes on without stressing my healed broken foot. The shoehorn itself is long enough that I do not need to bend over. It is made of a sturdy heavy plastic and it has a convenient loop on one end to hang on a hook near my shoes, so it is always available to use. With its wide slightly curved end it easily inserts into my shoe.Since my initial order of two of these shoehorns, I’ve ordered 4 more that I’ve given out to family and friends.

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  • Great Product!:Best shoe horn ever! I don’t have to bend! I got a pair of ankle snow boots and didn’t think I would ever get the left one on, it was just to tight, I couldn’t get my heel in. I ordered this and now I can wear them!Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • Evaluation of Long Shoehorn:The thing is sturdy, which is always the concern with a plastic object this works as a lever. It can take the pressure, and the handle is a clever element of the design. I use it to put on my work boots, and when they are wet, muddy and heavy, it really helps. I keep the boots on the porch, and keep the shoehorn out there as well. Since it won’t rust, it is a great application, and it makes my life easier. So I like it a lot.Replica Gucci Belt Bag Replica
  • Five Stars:Shoe horn is much better than the old plastic one I was using.Women Replica Gucci Belt
  • So comfortable! I love them:Bought on the advice of a friend for platar facitits. Wonderful- really helps! And oh, sooo comfy.Replica Gucci Belt
  • Love:Really like it.
  • Vera Bradley:This was a gift for my grandchild and I am sure she will love it. It came in a timely manor. I wish they would have placed it in a nice box at least, especially for what I paid.
  • Its a shoe horn. Does its job. Its …:What I expected–large size helps keeping it visible (!). Noticeable quality. Good retailing. Recommend.
  • Don’t hesitate to get this.:I’m 6-2 and this allows be to get into my shoes without significant bending. I’m 270 lbs and this shoehorn seems sturdy enough to use without any flexing. My wife is Asian and I have to take off my shoes every time I come in so this has gotten a LOT of use in the last month. It showing no signs of wear and I expect my new shoes to last a lot longer do to the heel not getting crushed by the back of my foot all the time. My feet slide in great. Very happy with it.
  • Love it..Very happy:It was a graduation & b/day gift for my youngest daughter and she loves it.
  • In Love:Love them! I saw them at a flea market and they didn’t have my size. Ordered them online. So happy with them!
  • Beautiful bag:Love this bag! Perfect size
  • Five Stars:love

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  • Wonderful Product – Great Value:Great length for overcoming stooping when slipping on your shoes.The upper handle section is quite generous allowing for a controlled grip.Seems to be strongly constructed. I like it very much.Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great for brisk mornings:These are baby proof because your little one won’t be able to pull them off ( like every other sock we own). They are worth the money especially since they keep baby nice and warm in the winter!Replica Gucci Belt
  • Five Stars:Deeper than I thought it would be.Mens Replica Gucci Belts
  • How does it know?:As I get older, it’s hard to bend over and put my shoes on. This shoe horn makes life easy, as my shoes slip on with little effort on my part. I like the product so much that I bought one for me and one for a friend. This is a great, sturdy purchase.Replica Gucci Belt Sale
  • Love it !!! And happy with my purchase !!!:Such a pretty bag and it fits everything perfectly, with more room to go. I love all of the little pockets and pouches! :)
  • Love it:After carrying this purse for only 2 days the gold rings where the straps go are losing their color . I dont know how well its going to hold up but nit very well so far !!
  • I first saw these shoes in the Foot Smart catalogue. The description sounded great:They are no doubt comfortable. However, not as much as these rave reviews report. I’ve put them to the test wearing them all day in different amusement parks, beaches, what long day trip I take. I can walk a decent distance in them. Maybe I have the weirdest feet, but they feel weird after awhile. Comfy but not – hard to explain. I don’t feel like they’re pillows on my feet. For me they’re comparable to sneakers. Good for half the day and then, a bit tiring and not so cushy. I own alot of Fit Flops and they are very comfortable (for me). I feel that these OOFOS are kinda wobbly since they are more rounded and sorta cup my feet more than the Fit FLops, thus, making it alittle unstable. What do I know, I have the world’s most difficult feet! Overall, alittle pricey for squishy flip flops but doing me justice for at least half a day!
  • Def recommend!:victorinox nunca tiene produntos malos o de mal diseño, y este me gusto mucho, lo recomiendo aun que un poco pequeño
  • Best shoehorn I have ever owned:Solves the problem both my husband and I have with bending over to put on our shoes. This is just the solution. We love it and the quality seems good as well.
  • Five Stars:Excelentes condiciones 100% recomendado. todo llego a tiempo y me mantuvieron al tanto del paquete . satisfecho ciertamente 100 0
  • Great for Removing Snow Boots:Just had back surgery and there was no way I was going to put on my old favorite slippers. This did the trick and the handle makes life easy. Warning: The shoehorn was thrown in the bottom of a large Amazon box, covered in 3" of packing paper then my other larger items I had also ordered from Amazon were placed in the box on top of the packing paper. I did not find my shoehorn for a week until I went and got the box I had thrown out back and removed all the packing paper and there is was.
  • Keeps You Organized!:This was a great product that I got to try for review. These are going to have so many uses around my house. They’ve already found a few great uses. I like to crochet. And I tend to take projects with me to work to work on when I have lulls in the day. I had been using a cloth tote bag to cart my yarn around. It works , but I can’t really see what’s in the bag without digging around in it, which then tangles the yarn up. No more with these cubes.I can easily see the projects and the yarn that I have stored in this bag. It’s got a handle on it, which makes carrying it really easy. The double zipper allows you to put a lock on it, if you really needed to for what ever reason. The zipper works easily and doesn’t stick. And I love the bright purple colors.

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  • gives more secure footing than some sandals:I wear a size 12C and it is very hard to find a flip flop in this size unless it is men’s.These came and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.They not only fit, they are adjustable. The cushioning is excellent and the styling is beautiful.Mens Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Love these cubes:This packing cube is really a great way to stay organized while packing. It’s well made and makes it easy to separate items in my suitcase. Since it’s soft sided and has a mesh, it’ll compact down easily and thus not use up a lot of room. And it makes it easier to find things when I arrive at my destination. Very nice product.Replica Gucci Belt
  • it just works:Product is made of solid, durable plastic. Handle and 24" length allow me to put on my shoes without having to bend over. I’ve had this product now for several weeks and use it almost every day, so far it seems like a solid, practical, and quality product.Replica Gucci Interlocking G Belt
  • This hipster is STUNNING!:Love love love this bag. Just the right size. Pattern is lovely and VB quality is great. I would buy it againRed Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:Sturdy and very Functional. Love this. Agree with the other five star reviews.
  • Yoga Made Easier:High quality, well made yoga socks. These socks are the best ones I have found so far. They fit perfectly and the non slip surface really work well, keeping my feet in place during my workouts. I highly recommend these socks for anyone interested in enhancing their yoga sessions.
  • The wife loves it. Very durable and has stood …:Love it! Amazing!!! Recommended for you! Shipping is so fast too.
  • Five Stars:Beautiful perfect size, my 18 yr old dtr uses for college, walking on campus, says just right size
  • Great shoehorn:Shoe horns are the product everyone needs but nobody actually uses. If you value the back integrity of your shoes and hate it when people jam their feet into their shoes and destroy the back lip, you need a shoe horn.I’ve used several plastic and wooden horns, but never a metal one. Plastic is nice because it’s cheap and lightweight, however they’re brittle, and can shatter or just bend if you’re trying to force your foot into shoes with tightly tied laces (hiking boots, jogging shoes, etc). I know you’re supposed to untie your laces, but come on. I’m lazy. The shoe horn is supposed to speed things up.Wood shoe horns are my favorite by far, they feel good, are durable and light. The offset is that they can be quite expensive and are rather thick in order to handle the stress.I was offered this unit at a discount in exchange for my review, and I was delighted to find out that I really did like the product. At just under 8 inches it can hang off the key hook next to my shoe closet, it’s very thin so I can put on my running shoes in a flash, and heavy duty to the point where I’m sure it’ll outlast me and be passed down as a family heirloom, provided people disinfect it periodically.I would say that the lip is a little wider than I would have liked, but I have smaller feet at size 9.5, so people with larger feet will find this a very comfortable and appropriate size. I would be more than willing to dish out extra money to have 15 inches of handle added so I don’t have to crouch down, but this is a great option for someone without too much space, or that has a chair they can sit down on when putting on their shoes.
  • Good buy; good bye:When this came in the mail it was in a long card board tube. The tube was in fine shape but I could tell before I opened it that it wasin pieces and it sure was. I find it hard to believe that it was broken when it was packaged since the tube was just fine. Anyway, they did return my money fairly quickly. I did have to return the product (no problem!).
  • Hands free shopping:I bought the Vera Bradley for my daughter and she loves it! The straps are durable and the pockets holds everything she needs for her school year. It is a perfect size: not too big and not too small.
  • This s a great product. you don’t have to handicapped to find …:One of the best purchases I have ever made. Had back surgery and needed something to help me get shoes on without bending and straining my back. Thanks for being there Amazon

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  • Great Purse:I really like Vera Bradley bags because they are so versatile. I like they can be washed, the vibrant colors and the practicality of these bags. Indigo Pop is one of my all time favorite patterns. I have a messenger bag that I currently use as a school bag and wanted to find a matching purse. I’ve never actually owned a hipster style purse so wasn’t sure how I would like it. I would use my strappy wallet as a clutch if I didn’t want to carry my books around with me and wore it as a crossbody so thought the Hipster would be a wonderful choice.I am not totally sold on this bag as I am with others, but it is fun. The interior could be a little bigger but I have found by making use of the pockets it helps (I was using the Stephanie prior to this which is far roomier). I like the pockets on the outside which hold my car keys and phone comfortably without fear of anything falling out. Inside I able to keep a coin purse and wallet as well as my kindle so it is rather deep. Fitting a cosmetic bag of average size does not work and I do not feel comfortable with my sunglasses inside either (but I keep a pair of readers in the back pocket and so far that has worked).Overall, I like this bag and will use it (the inconveniences are rather minor) but I do not love it. It’s cute and colorful and functional.Black Replica Gucci Belts
  • Success!:AWsome product works well no need to bend over and fight with getting shoes on nice handle to hold on toReplica Gucci Belt
  • Exactly what I expected:These are really soft comfy durable booties. they have two buttons on the ankle so it will fit all babies. my daughter is 4 months old and these fit her just fine with room to spare so im happy I can use these all winter long. definitely a good buyReal Replica Gucci Belts
  • Very sturdy, useful:It is alote better than i was expecting. Very sturdy and i would tell everyone that is looking for a shoe horn to buy this one .You will be glad you did.How Much Is A Replica Gucci Belt
  • every home should have this shoehorn!:Exactly what we wanted. Strong, long, and smooth. thanks.
  • Love Love Love!!:Did order up a size as recommended by other reviewers. They were so comfortable when I put them on. As soon as I get home from work I change into them. I wear then all weekend too. Really like them. Would recommend them to others. Just buy up a size.
  • Nifty Little Bag – Many Uses:First surprise: this item arrived in a small plastic portfolio bag which was pretty nice, but unfortunately was ripped at the top but it still can be used (just not closed) to store these items when not in use, or for other items. Second surprise: I read that there was mesh (and picture clearly shows mesh) and I bought these even though I was thinking that items might stick out of the holes (think pencil points, small brushes, etc.). But there is a clear plastic bag that the mesh is adhered to, which makes these bags FABULOUS for my purposes, which is traveling. I like to keep things together, like snacks or wipes, floss, chapstick, make up, etc., that I can easily access in my carry on, and the different sizes allow me to do this without having to pull out each bag to see what’s inside. The largest bag is big enough for a sweater or whatever so that it’s not all mushed up in the carry on. I can’t wait to travel with these bags; whoever designed these is genius! The only way this could be better is if they came in different colors. The items arrived quickly; no complaints about the transaction. The zippers all worked easily and I didn’t notice any defects with the organizer bags. These bag were better than expected and I highly recommend them.
  • Love:Really like it.
  • in love!:I ordered this wallet for my niece for Christmas . She loves the wallet .Received on time. Very happy niece.
  • Best shoe horn ever.:It is a great (in both senses – the good and the big) thing. Helps put your shoes on without bending, which is good (assuming that you have the shoes without laces, otherwise you need a lace-tying machine as well).Even it is a plastic, it is still a good plastic item. Usually I don’t like plastics, but this is the case when plastic is being used very appropriately. It is sturdy and light enough, while being large.
  • love it:The Vera Bradley Hipster is a perfect bag which can be worn either on the shoulder OR as a cross body. It features an easily adjustable strap secured on the sides with silver metal rings. Inside the bag there is one pocket and a large open area. You can put a lot of things in this bag! On the front of the purse there is an open, good size pocket which is good for a cell phone, gum or anything really. There is also a zippered pocket on the front which is where I like to keep my keys. It is, however, large enough for several items such as lipstick, chapstick, mints etc. The back of the purse has yet another zippered pocket. The top of the purse closes with a zipper as well. I am so in love with this Vera Bradley bag. You will find it very useful for everyday use! Check it out.

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  • Five Stars:ComfortableReplica Gucci Belt
  • Great quality, pleasantly surprised:My sister and I have often talked about how we are always searching for the "perfect" purse and how discouraging it is not to be able to find something that works for us. This purse however seems to have everything I need. I was afraid it was going to be too large after reading some of the reviews and had prepared myself for the fact I might be sending it back …. but as soon as I opened the package and I knew it was a perfect fit for me. I don’t like to change purses all the time and so I look for something that will go from shopping, to sports, to a date night with my husband. This is it! I have only had it a few days, but definitely know it is a "Keeper"! Love the pockets on the outside for passport or phone or things I need to get to quickly!Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Got high arches? Get Oofos!:goodRed Replica Gucci Belt
  • Good product!:niceWomen Replica Gucci Belts
  • Plastic is Flimsy:Exactly what we wanted. Strong, long, and smooth. thanks.
  • A MUST HAVE FOR ALL YOGA lovers:As someone who practices yoga very regularly, I know how hard it can be to correctly practice and form your body without injury, while using regular socks. They slip, they slide, and I constantly have to adjust them, so much that I had switched to just bare feet. However, I like the comfort of wearing socks, as they keep my feet warm, and make my feet feel more secure. I had never tried toeless yoga socks before, and received these for free, in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. I wear a size ‘8’ shoe, in women’s sizing, and when trying these toeless socks the first thing I noticed was how comfortable they were, and how they didn’t hug extremely tight on my feet, keeping a balanced flow of circulation throughout my feet. They’re incredibly well made, very durable, and also allow your feet to ‘breath’. I was especially impressed with how well the non-slip bottom performed, and how my feet didn’t slip once, throughout my entire 60-minute yoga session. I also love the black, neutral color, as I usually opt for black colored products. I find it incredibly easy to walk, maneuver and move while wearing these socks, all while experiencing true comfort. I also wear these when I’m stretching before workouts, and even while doing my fitness regimens. I would definitely recommend these toeless yoga socks to anyone who practices yoga, or Pilates, regularly. They’re also great to wear in public yoga sessions at the gym, as they’ll help keep your feet clean, free from the normal dirt and grime that can be present in public workout locations. Overall, I rate these 5-stars, and will be purchasing these as Christmas presents for my friends and family, whom also enjoy yoga!
  • OOFOS are the best sandal that I have found so far…:i work on my feet all day… these are the most comfortable sandals i have ever had on my feet!!!!
  • Loved it.:Excelent the best service.👍👍👍👍
  • An old man’s dream!:Very happy w/ this product. Wasn’t sure when I ordered it, but was hopeful – based on other reviews. Now I’m one of those happy customers! It’s exactly what I was hoping to find, and wasn’t sure existed. Delighted that it does!
  • If you must use a shoe horn…:I love this shoe horn !! I dont know why I didn’t know that these long handled shoehorns even existed !!! I am constantly going out the back door with the dogs and I have to put my shoes on 5 or more times a day !!! And yes I am very lazy and dont always open my laces !!! I keep this shoe horn by the back door and just slip my shoes on !!! No bending .. no sitting .. and best of all I dont crush the backs of my shoes (did I say lazy ??) !! It seems to be sturdy .. the looped handle is easy to grip … This far exceeded my expectations !!!
  • does its job:The shoe horn works fine. The questions asked are ridiculous.
  • Great For All Ages!:I lead a crazy, busy life with running everywhere and never really settling down, so these were perfect for me to purchase! I never once one for tying my shoes (get that from my dad, I think), so these link laces made my life that much easier. I currently have them on my running shoes so when I am going for a run, I just lock the laces and go. Then when I return, I loosen them and slide my feet out. Tying your shoes seems like such a simple, quick task, but after using these I will never go back to regular laces again. Time to look into buying more…

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  • Perfect For My Needs:My 6’3" husband recently had injuries to both his ankles and 1 wrist that has resulted in prolonged and painful swelling of those joints. Manuviering both his wrists to put on shoes was diffuicult in itself; however putting shoes onto swollen feet & ankles makes the situation even worse. My help was not always wanted since I sometimes would accidently bend or twist his foot trying to shove his shoes on.This shoehorn has been a lifesaver! I orgionally wanted steel and was looking for length. Finding such a combo was hard and/or expensive.This is plastic, but VERY sturdy. He travels a lot, so if he needs it on his next trip, I am glad to know that this can easily be packed into his suitcase and not add additional weight.The length is perfect for him to sit comfortably and put on his shoes without having to bend over and cause pressure to his sensitive injuries.The ‘T-handle’ has come in handy to easily hold steady without having to use a tight grasp with his hands.All Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Could Be Used For Many Things:I love these packing cubes. When traveling you can put your makeup, curling irons, panties and socks in etc. Very easy to put in your suitcase and organize and have more room for other things. They are really nice. They are made really good and have a mesh front so you can see what you have in the cubes. I would recommend these to people who love to travel and like to take alot of things with them.I received these products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I was neither paid nor sponsored for my opinions and all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own.Replica Gucci Belt
  • Love, Love, LOVE!!!:My girl loves it. Shipped very fast. If looking for a gift for your girl I strongly recommend this productReplica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Happy feet:Awesome slippers. I bought them because of my plantar in my right heel. I use them as my house slipper. It’s the first thing I slip on when I get up and it has helped with the pain. My feet are very happy.Replica Gucci Belts Cheap
  • Nice size tote:Perfect Michael Kors tote. Comes wrapped just like the store. Good quality. Personally this bag is a little too big for me and I am going to return it. But that’s just perference. The company was awesome to deal with.
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • Will worth the cost.:Works great! I typically leave the house in a hurry with a bag over my shoulder and stuff in my hands. This helps me get my shoes on without having to set everything down or crushing the backs of my shoes.
  • Good buy:So far I really love these. I bought the dark blue ones and the color is very pretty. I haven’t had a chance to use them on a trip yet, so I did a trial run to see what kind of things I could fit in them. Most of the other reviews that I read used them for small items such as underwear or kids clothing. I had seen a YouTube video of a lady who was able to fit 19 clothing items into 3 cubes of the same size from eBags. I decided to order these over the eBag slim cubes because with Dot & Dot I got 4 slim cubes for the same price as 3 eBag slim clubs. I thought I would try clothing items as the YouTube lady had done. In one slim cube I was able to fit 3 boyfriend cardigans, I fit 4 pair of leggings in another, 5 long sleeve shirts in another, and 2 pair of skinny jeans and a pair of yoga pants in another. When I placed the 4 slim cubes in my 20″ spinner suitcase, I still had plenty of room for more items. I think using these cubes will help me become a better packer and stay organized. I would definitely recommend them.
  • Pleasantly Surprised!:My dad was visiting recently and asked to borrow my shoe horn. I didn’t have a shoe horn. He was apalled, and had to use a serving spoon instead. Gross.I got this as a joke for him, but the joke is on me – he freaking loves this thing! It is a nice lightweigh plastic, and he doesn’t have to bend down to use it (he has a bad back). He still talks about how awesome this shoe horn is!
  • Such immense help for plantar fascitis.:We purchased two pairs last year and they fit and feel great.They keep their shape and can be worn all day which in the past has been a problem for us.We highly recommend them which we cannot always say when it comes to sandals.
  • worth it:I was disappointed that I did not receive a dust bag. All my other designer bags come with a dust bag. Please send me one.
  • SUPER!:it really helps because I can’t bend down to put some shoes on. makes it easy to put my foot in and make sure the back fits on my heel.

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  • Just what I needed!:I have reviewed this item previously, however, I will repeat. Well made and nice and long for those of us who are uncomfortable bending over. Thanks for making this item available to us.Replica Gucci Belt Black
  • A good, solid bag:My SIL, who travels all the time, said this was a great bag because it holds what she needs (plus a little) and is easy to pack along. I am keeping this on my list of easy-to-give gifts because I love all the patterns.Replica Gucci Belt
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  • Great product, great service:It does its job well, but I didn’t know how large the shoehorn really was. From the pictures you can’t tell how wide the bottom is. Luckily it’s just big enough where my shoes won’t cringe while I have the shoehorn in when putting my shoes on. It seems perfect for boots, but can be ‘intrusive’ with dress shoes. Overall, great product.
  • The thing is sturdy, which is always the concern with a plastic …:We purchased one of these several months ago and just receive another in today’s mail !!! We love it, a wonderful help for both of us. I purchased the latest one for my sister as she has serious health problems and it is going to be a tremendous help to her!!We have get another one for ourselves so we can have them in the bedroom an coat closet in the hall!!
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