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  • These are great! They come in different sizes and colors:If you are a traveler, even if just a pleasure traveler, you will not want to leave without these in your suitcase. You can put just about anything in these. You can put shampoo and conditioner in them, all the necessities you need with you, or you can put your under garments in them, anything you want to keep together in your suitcase to keep you organized! You can also use them as storage inside your bathroom for hair ties, or makeup or just about anything you need to organize! These are very strong and have a very nice zipper to keep everything inside! I received these from Dot&Dot for testing purposes and to try and review on my blog and these are awesome! I don’t know how I lived without them! They have different sizes too! Check them out! I would totally recommend these and I want to get a bigger set soon! Thank you for reading my review!Replica Gucci Belts For Kids
  • I appreciate that since bending over isn’t the fun it used to be:I love this shoehorn! I am a 5’8" woman and finally don’t have to bend over, hair falling in my eyes, struggling to get the shoe on with a regular, small shoe-horn. With this extra long one I can easily put on and take off my stiff, waterproof snow boots, tennis shoes, and my husband uses it for his dress shoes. It is sturdy, the handle is easy to hold, and it is strong.Great idea and very practical.Replica Gucci Belt Cheap
  • GET LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS….:Love love love this bag. Washes clean and has the perfect amount of room for me. I wish I had it in more colors. But it is my go to bag! Now if we could just get vera to step up the wristlet and wallets!Reversible Replica Gucci Belt
  • Cute and functional!:The smaller ones fit up to six months for us, but the larger ones only fit after 9 months – they never fall off, love them! Bought them for each baby shower gift since we had them. A must buy!Replica Gucci Belt Sizes
  • Fantastic product & great service!:One does not need to bend and it is also helpful for kids. The "eye" on the top is large and convenient, but the grip below is not quite as wide and ergonomic as (I thought) advertised – nevertheless it is easy to use and a lot of help when putting on shoes. Shacke did a great job on very fast shipping!
  • Sim Packing Cubes (set of 4):I received a set of four slim packing cubes and can already see that they will be a huge help in keeping things organized.The bags are perfect for undergarments, socks, scarves, leg warmers and/or leggings, etc. and they have a mesh front which makes it quick and easy to identify the contents!The material is thin but very sturdy, so this makes it easy to pack them away without their taking up too much space, when not in use.Overall I am happy with it and would recommend it as an easy way to keep things organized, especially the smaller items that seem to scatter everywhere in luggage. :)*FYI – I received this item for free, in exchange for a review.*
  • Five Stars:I love love love my purse!! The only thing, and its minor, I didnt get the dust bag. I was real suprised that I got my package so quickly also.
  • BEST EVER!!!:I love these shoes…they are so comforatble. I wear them all day, even when working in the yard. Just wash them off if they get muddy.I’ve had some problems with my feet hurting and since wearing these shoes my feet never hurt anymore. Worth the price!
  • So Elegant!!!:I have been watching this purse for about a year and a half. It finally came within my price range. It is wonderful. I love the many compartments in the bag.I own it and will be buying another one soon.
  • Five Stars:Love this bag♡
  • Five Stars:Great wallet to organize cards cash and checkbook!
  • Love my V. B. Hipsters:I love Vera Bradley bags & this one does not disappoint,I love the color,very rich looking.

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  • Happy with gift:With an aging back and short arms I have bought many long shoehorns. This is the best by far. This is my second purchase – a gift for my podiatrist.Replica Gucci Belts Cheap
  • Shoehorn ordered thru Amazon:My husband has trouble bending over and ordered this after research and reading reviews. So far, so good. It makes putting on his shoes very easy. We highly recommend this product.Replica Gucci Belt Men
  • Product excellent.:This is very nice and extremely helpful. The shape of the handle makes it easy to hold onto. It is extra long too. Right after buying this I saw a used one at the Thrift Store. The handle on that one was just an upside down V-shape opening… not nearly as wide or convenient to hang onto… it also was of a skinnier width which I would think would leave the back side of your foot rubbing against the shoe or sneaker causing friction which would make it harder for you to get your shoe on. I also noticed it was probably only about two thirds the length of this one. I’m very happy I put money into a good one!Replica Gucci Belt Sizes
  • Better than ebags!:This product is excellent. It’s sturdy. I can see the types of items I’ve packed and the colors. I use them for travel. When I reach my destination, I unzip the bags, wrap the lids around and under the bag and place the bag in the drawer. I don’t have to live out of suitcases or unpack a lot of things when I have an extended stay. Despite the sturdiness, the bags are very light and add almost no weight my suitcase…just a lot of organization. The handles make them easy to carry if you need to carry one. Again, these are well attached but add virtually no bulk or weight. One of the best packing aids I’ve ever owned. This size held my bulky sweaters, without extra folding.I packed one with an entire "travel home set of clothing and hung it in the closet." I packed the night before knowing I had everything I needed to take my trip home from west coast to east coast in the winter. No going back at the last minute. I put my pjs in the bag when I dressed and neatly packed suitcase. What a pleasure when I got home. Just open the bag and throw in the used items.Replica Gucci Belts For Men On Sale
  • versital colors goes with everything:About two years ago I was searching for a durable purse that would last for a while. As a student, the previous purses I owned rarely lasted a few months before I wore them out. Or I just flat-out disliked them. Anyways, I received a Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody from a family member for Christmas right around that time. Words cannot describe the perfection of that purse.I carried it nonstop for two plus years. It was a wonderful green pattern (it’s discontinued now, so I can’t tell you the name of it), and only recently did it begin to fray. I can’t say enough good things about it: the fact that it lasted more than two years, or that when it became dirty I could just pop it in the washing machine and it would come out good as new, or how it was the perfect size to fit all of my crap, etc.This purse is a wonderful, wonderful deal – $38 is practically a steal. I promise, you won’t regret getting this. The picture accurately reflects the vibrancy of the actual purse. There are three pockets on the inside, and three pockets on the outside. The strap can be adjusted for comfort. The material is fabric, obviously, but as I said earlier, it can be washed if it gets dirty. I’m also very pleased with the quick shipping.
  • Very Useful, Sophisticated, and Well-Made Organizer:I’m not sure why I did not purchase this piece years ago. We travel regularly every year, and only now I decided to buy myself this organizer. Very excited to take it with me on our next trip. Love the red. Recommend it highly. And its not one of those organizers that will rip at seams, its great quality.
  • Double great:This is wonderful. Keeps the backs of my slide on hikers from getting ruined by being crushed by my heel.
  • great product:Works Great – I may buy another to hang by the door so I always have one handy when going out.My sneakers are now easy to put on without bending over.Nice product. Maybe a little pricey, but works great.
  • Just what I wanted.:GREAT PRODUCT! Neither my back nor the shoehorn bends. Its sturdy and should last as long as I do. Hopefully longer.
  • I hate to pack to travel:I received 4 pink large packing cubes from Dot & Dot to review. They are so cute. They are a beautiful shade of pink. I used them to put extra sheets in. They fit perfectly under the bed. Even if the are seen it isn’t a big deal, because the are adorable! We don’t do much traveling, but if you do then you should definitely look into these. They will make packing easier. #GotItFree
  • Awesome:This stuff is awesome. Worked perfectly on my Amelie’s which don’t need to be polished, but definitely needed some moisturizing and love. They’re a little darker having just treated them, but as the basal soaks in more I imagine they’ll lighten back up. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments4 of 4 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 starsMiracle shoe polish!ByThomas Aquinas “Augustus”on April 2, 2015Size Name: One SizeColor Name: GrayVerified PurchaseWorks wonders! This stuff is amazing. I have a pair of Dr. Martens flats that have gone through a lot of wear. I was considering tossing or donating them but decided to try his stuff first! So glad I did, they look beautiful and like new again! Just look at the picture of before and after! 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments3 of 3 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 starsReplenishes scuffs!!ByRyan M. Craigon June 1, 2013Size Name: One SizeColor Name: GrayVerified PurchaseI scuffed up my Dr Martens after dropping my motorcycle onto my ankle. Without my Dr. Marten’s, I would have shattered my ankle, no doubt. However, I was left with very noticeable scuff marks on my right boot. Nearly a full riding season goes by and it’s now time to address this matter.To fix the scuffs, I bought this and the Kiwi Scuff Magic (Black) products and used them both together on my scuffed up Dr Marten’s.Results:- Kiwi Scuff Magic helped turn my boot back to its original black color instead of a worn black looking brownish with creases. Kiwi removed the crease appearance and turned the boot color black. Scuffs still remained pretty apparent to me, but I suppose they were less noticeable.- Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam REPLENISHED the scuffs as if these never existed in the first place. As one of the top reviewers stated, it’s almost like a vaseline and the sponge that comes with this product (design included) is just awesome.Overall, I actually do recommend the purchase of both products together, but I will truthfully tell you that I haven’t tried this product without the Kiwi Scuff Magic product.
  • Five Stars:exlenete

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  • Upon receipt I was pleased to see that the item was made of sturdy …:This is just not any shoehorn. It’s 2 feet long, so you can measure snow with this thing (at least in the part of NY where I live)! And speaking of snow, I bought this shoehorn primarily to assist my family and I with putting on our snow boots. Even though it’s in the middle of summer right now, we broke out the snow boots to test it out, and sure enough — We were able to slip on the snow boots more easily, and quickly, too!This shoehorn is also very well made. It is plastic, but very sturdy and thick (I see no risk of this thing breaking easily). I’m certain it will last us for many years to come. The handle at the top is a very nice feature, and it doubles as a loop to hang in my closet on a hook for easy access when needed. Highly recommend!Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Five Stars:Weird questions for a review on this, but I get it. Works as expected.Replica Gucci Belt Men Replica
  • Received them today, happy so far…:These come in a set of 4 bags. These are very useful for short trips and light travelling. I ask each family member to pick what they want to take for the trip and pack enough stuff for each person. This makes it easy to unpack and find things. These bags are strong and secure and do not break open easily. These are a lifesaver for frequent travelers. I plan to buy more in different sizes.Replica Gucci Belt Sizes
  • Five Stars:Fast Delivery and BeautifulWhite Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great wallet:I like that the wallet has plenty of storage for cards and information to keep my purse uncluttered. The turn lock area holds cards as well as slots for cash for easy access. There is also the zipper compartment for loose change and more slots to hold cards or other paperwork. I think it is a good size that easily fits in a standard sized purse.
  • Great gift:I love the bag. It would have been perfect if it had been 1 1/2 to 2 inches wider. I bought it for travel and touring.
  • Absolutely LOVE it!!:I’ve actually ordered two of the same bag. My first one broke after 3 weeks – sent it back and ordered another one just like it. Shipping time was great.
  • These sandals make my plantar fascisitis feel good but the shoes look like they are made for …:Feel great!
  • Stay organized at home or while traveling:I got these Slim Packing Cubes to go with my larger size cubes and I’m just as impressed with these as I am with the larger size. The construction is solid. My son thinks it’s a super fun game to put his toys in and zip it up to carry it around, and then unzip and dump (and repeat). They have held up to his not so gentle tugs on the zipper. They are also the perfect size to fit into those odd spaces within a suitcase that you never know what to do with. I’ve used mine so far for jewelry, socks, undies and cosmetics. I absolutely recommend them for the frequent traveler!
  • The picture looked like the background was black but it’s really dark brown:Nice Spring/Summer colors. Love it.
  • Perfect for phablet users!:Finally a cute wallet that can hold ALL my cards!! I love the separate compartments too, for the stuff I don’t use everyday. This is my favorite wallet I’ve ever bought!
  • these are the most comfortable sandals i have ever had on my feet:I usually wear a 7. This 7 runs a bit small. I would suggest ordering up.

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  • My sister loved it as a gift:Awesome, beautiful and a great size!Replica Gucci Reversible Belt
  • Love it!!!!:Good buy..real..came in all original packaging and earlier than expected.Replica Gucci Belt Sizes
  • like the arch support:Only issue was the material rubbed off onto toes, making them appear dirty, hopefully this will wear off soon😊Discount Replica Gucci Belts
  • Broke:You’ll probably want a longer one. This one is a bit too short to use. Probably good for travel.Black Replica Gucci Belt For Men
  • Make fitting Rossi boots a Dream:This is a great product that lives up to its description and the reviews. Very sturdy and well made item.
  • Very handy piece of equipment:This product is of good quality. I think it’s a little big for travel. The manufacturer must reduce the design. Anyway, I bought it
  • Terrific shoehorn:I bought this as a gift for someone who had surgery and was not able to bend over to put on shoes. This was perfect and solved a real problem.
  • Work great for the entire family!:Link Laces No Tie Shoelaces were exactly what I was looking for. My son is 6 and was diagnosed with autism in October 2012. He hasn’t learned to tie his shoes yet because he’s been so focused on the other things he’s learning in therapy. With these laces he’s able to feel independent because he can put his shoes on completely by himself. These are easy to install and easy for him to use. They’re perfect! *I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. All opinions included are my own and true.
  • love this product!:This extra long handled shoehorn is made of a sturdy plastic. Very easy to use by either men or women.
  • I have really nothing to say about this product and …:Highly recommended. extremely fast shipping. Really love the content, colors, designs and creativity of the product. Thanks for being an awesome seller!
  • Never be late to work again!:The shoe horn is solid. It does just what I want. I’m 6′ 4" and tired of getting my thumb stuck.Pulls the shoe over to me. Positions it. Lets me slip into the heal without bending.Again, it’s stout.
  • Excellent:Easy to carry passport, travel tickets, frequent flyers cards. I use it a lot. Well made with good finish. It is a little bit expensive, but it worth the price.

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  • Unpacking will be easy because everything of the same type of clothing is …:Seem to be just fine. Haven’t used them yet. Think I will really like them, the concept is great.Replica Gucci Belt Sizes
  • Love this purse:This is a good quality purse, as always from Vera Bradley. I have the older version of this style, and it is smaller by an inch or so all around. I wish they had left this version the same size. The zipper pocket in front is a nice addition, but it’s a little too small to hold a phone, and if I put my keys in it, my phone will not go all the way to the bottom of the slip pocket. This is a design flaw that I assume Vera Bradley will correct eventually. I have the small hipster as well, though not in this pattern, and what I would really like is one that is in between the small hipster and this hipster.But if you are looking for a larger hipster, then this will be perfect for you. And this pattern is really lovely in person, and good for all four seasons.Red Replica Gucci Belt
  • I can’t see my feet but I can get my shoes on now:This shoehorn has eliminated considerable pain from my daily rituals. I no longer experience it while putting a shoe on my left foot. I’m grateful for its ease of use and durability.White Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • This extra long shoehorn is perfect for people with mobility problems:My husband who has had two hip replacements loved this very durable shoehorn. Excellent quality and extremely functional for him.Women Replica Gucci Belts
  • The sandal is very good..:The best cushion I have ever felt in a sandal, great for after a run, casual, or errands… my everyday go to sandal.
  • Five Stars:Excellent support, after standing at work all day.
  • Love it.:Amazing!
  • Good product good service:Hate untying my shoes and I no longer have to. This thing works perfectly.
  • Sturdy Waterproof mesh bag!:I love the size of this bag for travel and for everyday use. I usually do not find bags this size with water proof lining and a zipper- so I am very pleased with this!The materials are sturdy and even the bag it came in is sturdy enough for some use. I am very pleased with the quality, and feel confident it will hold up to any travelling I will be doing.I am also thinking I can use it for toddler "wet" clothes while we are out and about.. there is nothing more annoying than a blown out diaper, and then no safe place to put a messy outfit.Thanks for providing me a sample of this product for review on my blog.
  • love it:Love my bag
  • GREAT SOFT FEEL:I am very pleased with the OOFOS! They are very comfortable and easy on my feet. If I could I would get another pair.Thank You!
  • I love my bag the design beautiful and I can put …:I NEVER write reviews for anything. I just simply love things and keep them, or dislike them and return them !!! Now With that being said– I must tell you that if I am taking the time to write — I MUST be very happy and YES…… I AM ECSTATIC about this bag !!! IT IS AMAZING!!!!!! I’ve been wanting a MK tote but didn’t want to spend a lot since I usually carry coach bags and am always satisfied —- but I want to tell you…..if you are thinking twice about it **** don’t hesitate !! It is WELL WORTH IT (AND THEN SOME) SIZE IS GREAT—- VERY ROOMY— CLASSY AND JUST GORGEOUS !!!! Order it NOW.