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  • Best product ever I am going to ordre anothe one I will recomend to a lot of people:I got this for an elderly relative who had a hard time reaching down to put his shoes on. The shoehorn made it easier for him to put his dress shoes on. Plastic material makes me nervous on whether it will be sturdy in the long run. At first touch it seemed to be something sturdy.Replica Gucci Belt Black
  • Sturdy construction, Easy to travel with! great all around winner!:LOVE these organizers! I almost have a complete set in my closet! they come in all different sizes and colors too!! Fantastic construction, full opening zipper and PERFECT for traveling. I received this product in exchange for inspection and my honest review.Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Four Stars:Love this it’s perfect for spring!Replica Gucci Belt Blue
  • Great hands/arms free bag!:I bought this bag for outings with the kids. It’s big enough for a small wallet, a bottle of water, a small brush, hand sanitizer, tissues and gum. Love that the strap is adjustable and the bag allows me to have both hands free.Replica Gucci Belt Brown
  • excellent!:Arrived fast, box was a little banged up but the bag was not harmed. Wrapped up in every detail. Size is not too large, very comfortable size
  • Not a compression baf:I Love these bags. They come in such a variety of colors you can personalize them to your style. If you have multiple people in your family you can get different colors for everyone so no unknown packed items that you have to open and go through to see who it belongs to. They come with a thick plastic zipper case that you can store them in when not in use. So no more bags randomly thrown in closets. The quality is great and the zippers are secure. There is a double zipper so you can secure them with a lock if need be and they have a handle for carrying. Love Love Love cannot say it enough
  • … due to my back ache & this tool is wonderful & very helpful when I’m putting on my shoes:Well my husband I guess has got to the stage where he can no longer reach his shoe with a small shoehorn. So as a gag I got him this. Well he loves it!!!! Uses it every single time! Very good quality. Highly recommend.
  • Four Stars:I have a very happy little girl!! She loves this bag! Very well made and the price was outstanding!!
  • Just what I wanted:I read a lot of your reviews before I purchase anything and I was leery about plastic. But, my husband who broke his hip had no problem putting on his shoes with this. He is loving this !
  • Easy to use for kids shoes:These link laces make life so much easier. I absolutely hate battling with tieing shoes. Love the design on them. They are easy to put in. Great for kids or adults. Perfect to use for a variety of reasons. No tripping, no dirty shoe laces, hands hurt or don’t work well no problem. This product was purchased at a promotional price for testing and reviewing purposes.
  • 24′ long shoehorn:It is a shoe horn. It helps me get my shoes on. It’s long so I don’t have to bend over too much. I like it.
  • I have really nothing to say about this product and …:Very convenient and easy to use. Won’t travel without them.

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  • Five Stars:This shoehorn is sturdy & I expect it will last forever. I’m sure it will extend the life of my shoes, too, as I was terrible about just mashing my feet in & breaking down the heels!Belt Replica Gucci
  • Five Stars:EXCELENTEReplica Gucci Belt Price
  • Long Shoehorn:I purchased this as a gift for a friend who has difficulty putting shoes on due to a neurological illness. He was extremely pleased with this product & was very happy to receive it as a gift. It arrived as promised & quality is good.Replica Gucci Belt On Sale
  • Love it!:This is exactly what I wanted. I used to have one similar, but my old one was thinner plastic and broke after I used it for a couple of years. This one seems sturdier, the handle is plenty long and it makes putting on my shoes so much easier. I tend to not untie my tennis shoes or other lace up shoes, but prefer to slip them on…only without a shoehorn they don’t slip on easily. This makes it easy. Well worth the money, imho.Replica Gucci Belt Prices
  • Great purse:I liked the fabric of this purse but wish it was a bit wider. I like inside pockets very much
  • Cozy, Cute and they stay ON:I bought it for my 18 month baby girl, but when it arrived, i found it’s not non-skid, so i am going to return it. It’s good for newborns and baby’s who can’t walk yet. But not for toddlers. 11 commentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 1 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments31 of 33 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful!ByCCRon July 30, 2012These booties are so worth the money. Yes, the are expensive, but one pair is all you need! I bought these for my son after socks left marks on his fat little ankles and he could pull them off. He was 4 months when I bought the 6 month size and they fit him for 2 months. Then we bought a 12 month size and he is 9 months and still wearing them. Great for cold days or keeping his feet warm at night when using pajamas without feet. Also worked over footed pajamas so well on really chilly winter nights. They have two snaps but I have always needed to put them on the tightest. These booties are great because they can not pull them off if they are wearing the appropriate size. Trust me, my son is like an escape artist but he can not get these booties off!The only CON is that they don’t come with skid-proof bottoms. Now that my son is pulling up to standing, I am struggling with whether or not to by them in the 18 month size. Zutano, WHY do you make such great booties without skid protection?!Other than that, these are one of e few splurges I’d say is totally worth it!
  • great product and customer service:I bought this for my elderly father and he loves it he does not have to bend over. It"s great
  • I have needed a shoe horn for a long time …:Firm and perfect for me (6’3" 245 lb male) to get into dress shoes. If you want a reliable and tough shoe horn, this is it.
  • No No No No No:it might as well be this one. I am a disabled 40 year old. My girls are very affectionate and always helped me with my shoes, but I want my independence without always having to bother them. I can now put my shoes on without help. It has a handled tip, which makes it easy to hold while wedging my feet into shoes. Also the base is wide enough to be comfortable against my big feet. The shoehorn does slightly flex with use, but not to the extent that I’m worried about it breaking; flexing just enough to be comfortable, but it is still very solid. It is long enough for me to stand and bend slightly to put shoes on, but not so long as to be unwieldy putting on shoes while sitting.I would definitely recommend it.
  • Exactly as described:Worked better than expected. Very please with my purchase. Well worth the money.
  • Great Product!:This is an excellent product and I am 100% satisfied. I purchased this 24" extra long shoehorn because I am recovering from knee surgery and was having problems getting even loafers on without help. Now that I have one I can see that I’ll be using this long after my recovery. I can stand and slip my shoes easily without hardly leaning down. We generally take our shoes off in the entry way, particularly during winter so slipping them on while standing is the norm. I think I may get a second to put in my bedroom closet as well. And this is a quality product – I was quite pleased with how sturdy it is. The company’s service is also great. Wonderful product – great value!
  • Buy This Bag!:I know this is supposed to be a shoe bag but you could really use it for anything. I really like the color and the material seems sturdy. Recommend!

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  • … what I expected and more as the color is great, size and I know I will enjoy these …:Great quality shoe bag. I particularly like the inner liner so that the shoes do not scuff against each other.Replica Gucci Belt Women
  • Five Stars:Beautiful perfect size, my 18 yr old dtr uses for college, walking on campus, says just right sizeReal Replica Gucci Belt
  • This shoe horn is a very easy product to use and makes getting my big feet …:I had shoe horn in the past and of course they broke after a while. This one is made out of super strong metal so I’m sure it will last forever. The fit and finish is awesome and what’s the best is that it’s US made. I love it. Too bad not many people use this and it’s a great accessory for your day to day routine.Replica Gucci Belts For Sale
  • This is perfect. It’s made of very sturdy material and high …:This shoe horn is THE GREATEST. I use it everyday. My only regret is that I did not know of this shoehorn years ago. I am 89 and have a few problems with getting y shoes on, but with this Large Easy Grip Assisted Mobility extra long Shoehorn my problems vanished and I tell all my friend of this fantastic shoehorn.Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Quality product-good service!:Perfect size…not too large, but plenty of room and pockets. Great for travel or everyday. Would highly recommend this bag.
  • Good shoe horn:Great product! Well made, heavy duty construction. It arrived early and was just what my husband wanted. Great customer service from a new family owned business. Thank you!
  • Vera Bradley, best soft purses.:lol its a PURSE not shoes!! Geesh
  • disappointing:Lovee
  • Good and sturdy feels real good in the hand:This is one high quality shoehorn! I have read multiple other reviews on here stating that they had issues with it bending…well let me tell you this: you have to be one fat mother****** to bend this thing!!! (I weight 220lbs!) This thing is a beauty, the picture doesn’t do it justice, very high quality brass with a nice fancy "orthostep" engraving on the front and "profitters Made in the USA" on the back. Highly recommend this product!
  • Great Design and Easy to Use!:This is perfect. The design is just right. I have a steel shoehorn and a red similar plastic shoehorn. The plastic one shattered and I tried to get a replacement. The outfit never answered. The steel shoehorn is on a spring which gives no twisting leverage when you are going behind your heel. This is slim strong and perfect. A really clever design. A ++.
  • Great Bag:I got this in the Floral Nightingale print, and it is absolutely stunning. Combines navy, orchid, green and grey and looks rather like a beautiful, historic William Morris print to me, especially with the bird. Really stands out. If you’ve never used one of the Vera Bradley crossbody bags, it holds more than you would probably think. I have one in Pirouette from several years back and I love it.
  • Quality Sandal:Love these flip flops so much– so comfortable — wish they made them in regular shoes ! First pair of flip flops I have been able to walk in for hours & your feet don’t hurt !!

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  • Makes life much easier -highly recommend if you have any trouble at all bending to put shoes on:Long and sturdy; definitely one of the better shoehorns I’ve used, and great for anyone who needs that extra help in the morning.Would hit the 5 star if it was listed as Great product instead of "Love"…. overused word. Amazon needs to revamp the rating vernacularReplica Gucci Belt Price
  • Five Stars:PerfectReplica Gucci Belt Black
  • Bought a second but only as a gift:I am giving this product a four star review because it seems to be sturdy and well made. It probably performs the desired function for most people very well and it comes with a no questions asked lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, my difficulty in putting on shoes stems from surgeries that I had to my ankle which essentially resulted in a partial fusion of the joint. As a result I have a very high instep and limited flexion in that ankle. This device, as helpful as I imagine it is for most people, didn’t really solve that problem.I probably won’t bother to return it. I’ll just "gift" it to a friend who will find it more useful than I did.Replica Gucci Belt Cost
  • Vera Bradley Hipster bag in Baroque:I have lots of Vera Bradley purses but this is my favorite. Love the colors and it’s a perfect size.Replica Gucci Men Belt
  • great support, and comfort:These are slightly long, causing me to stump/drag the front of the shoe occasionally. However I will say these are the most comfortable sandals that I have ever worn. I can wear them all day and they are great.
  • Good:Wonderful material and will definitely keep my daughter’s feet warm! They do run small – my daughter is only 5 months old and I had to order the 12 month size. I can’t wait for her to wear these soon!
  • Not just for kids!:I got these for my son. He is learning to tie his shoes but I was looking for temp solution for him while he’s at school. I got him these . They were easy to figure out and he loves them. The process is easy. All he just has to do is press the little tab on the plastic piece to release and tighten. They never come undone or loosen while he is wearing them! Now he can go to school and focus on school . I received these at a discounted rate in exchange for a review but this still doesn’t change my views.
  • Five Stars:My favorite shoe. I’m going to order another pair
  • Five Stars:Works as advertised. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and no issues so far. Solid, travel-sized shoehorn.
  • Great Product:Good quality, the plastic is strong and seems to be very durable. It works great as a shoe horn. If you order it you will wonder why you did not get it sooner.
  • A small bag with potential:I love this little bag, it fits perfectly in my purse and keeps all my small items safe and secure. My purse doesn’t have a zipper or flap closure on it so a lot of times small items fall out of it or get lost at the bottom of my purse. This little bag keeps everything safe and secure. And the little mini climbers clip that comes attached to it clips neatly to the hook inside my purse so it all stays put. This little bag has a very strong zipper that’s also very easy to slide open and closed. I love how its mesh so you can see through it so you don’t have to hunt through it or dump everything out of it to find something you need. Its definitely my purse’s new best feature!
  • Good:I love these booties! They stay on my baby’s feet perfectly (unlike most socks). She is two-months-old and wearing the six-month size. There is plenty of room to grow, but they still stay on because the snaps are adjustable. Adorable colors. She has fuscia and pool.

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  • Nice Bag:The name Michael Kors is enough to describe how lovely is this tote!Authentic Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Perfect Purse:I love this bag, it is gorgeous. Colors are sharp. It is just the right size, I don’t carry a lot. Would buy it again and again.Replica Gucci Belt Buckle
  • Satisfied customer.:Love it ! Love it! This bag is everything I expected it to be and then some. The fabric is exquisite and the bag is really roomy with compartments which afford me the discreteness of housing my personal items.Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Vera Bradley:This was a gift for my grandchild and I am sure she will love it. It came in a timely manor. I wish they would have placed it in a nice box at least, especially for what I paid.Replica Gucci Belt Outlet
  • OOFOS Thong Sandals:These are very comfortable. The fit is right on as well. The first day, I thought I might have got a blister on the top strap, but it never worked into anything, I wear these all the time around my house too to help with my plantar fasciitis.
  • Perfect, Just what I was looking for!:Great product especially for an organizational freak like me. Perfect for traveling to keep all your belongings in order!!!
  • Love it..Very happy:It was a graduation & b/day gift for my youngest daughter and she loves it.
  • Great, lightweight purse:More roomy than it appears and I really like the pattern. I also like all the pockets. All the VB bags I have had held up well. What’s not to like?
  • and she was VERY HAPPY, thank you:I. bought this as a going away present for my best friend& she LOVED IT!!!All she practically buy is Michael Kors purses & this one was a great addition to her collection.The color of the tote is amazing, very bold& rich appearance & also very roomy!
  • Five Stars:love
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!:It’s like walking on pillows. My plantar faciitis is relieved when wearing around the house. They do make my feet sweat even though they are flip flops. Small trade off for comfort walking on my hard wood floors. Will definitely take to wear for next pedicure!
  • Three Stars:I Love the fact that this bag is mesh but has a plastic lining to make it waterproof. It is perfect for cosmetics, shampoos, mouthwash, or anything you are taking traveling that you do not want all over your bad. It has a mesh outside so you can see what is in it so if you pack multiples you do not have to open them up to see what’s inside. I love these and am buying more soon!!!