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  • Nice!!!!:The product was received without problems, excellent product and recommend it to any international customer problems. Best regards.Replica Gucci Belt Prices
  • Very Good Item:Bought a pair of golf shoes that I couldn’t get into. This did the trick – easy to handle, vey sturdy and was shipped promptly and carefully.Kids Replica Gucci Belts
  • Vera Bradley:I bought this as a cross body bag to take on vacation with me. Within the first week of the trip the stitching was ripping off the zipper. My mom can probably sew it back together, but I expect a better quality item from Vera Bradley. Going forward I’ll be buying any bags from them in their retail store so that I can exchange and faulty items.Replica Gucci Belt Singapore
  • Highly recommend. Its a structured bag so you dont have …:I recommend this product. It looks just like the picture but just a little bit larger than I expected from what I’ve seen in the description. Other than that it’s a great looking Michael Kors tote bag. Thanks A to Z Luggage!Black Replica Gucci Belts
  • A favorite!:Love it ! Love it! This bag is everything I expected it to be and then some. The fabric is exquisite and the bag is really roomy with compartments which afford me the discreteness of housing my personal items.
  • Tough, easy to use and never have to buy another shoehorn.:Bought this shoehorn as gifts. I already have one of my own and love it, so I bought 2 more as gifts. These are so easy to use and love the fact the I can slip my shoes on without having to sit down. Highly recommend this product.
  • This is perfect. It’s made of very sturdy material and high …:I’m 6-2 and this allows be to get into my shoes without significant bending. I’m 270 lbs and this shoehorn seems sturdy enough to use without any flexing. My wife is Asian and I have to take off my shoes every time I come in so this has gotten a LOT of use in the last month. It showing no signs of wear and I expect my new shoes to last a lot longer do to the heel not getting crushed by the back of my foot all the time. My feet slide in great. Very happy with it.
  • Nice Product:Excellent product. Works just like I thought it would. Thank you!
  • Link Laces!:my son loves these.. he likes not having to retie his shoes ten time a day. I am going to have to buy more of these. some for everyone in the house. I received this pair from a review site at a discount for my honest review. Thank you
  • shoe horn:Well, both Amazon and Shacke have harrassed me to write a review of this product, now that I’ve had it for about a week. So here goes.The Shacke Metal Shoe Horn 7.5" inches – Double Sided Stainless Steel Shoe Horn is the longest-named shoe horn I’ve ever purchased. The marketing department even decided to double up on the 7.5" inches part, just in case you weren’t sure what that the single quotation mark also meant "inches." Thanks, Shacke.Oh right, onto the functionality of this device. It helps guide my foot into a shoe. That’s its purpose. That’s what it does. It does it well. Did you really need to bother me 5 or so times to remind me to write a review, guys? Geez….
  • Excellent:This is a great product. Really helps with shies when bending is a problem, but I will probably continue to use it all the time. The service was quick & dependable.
  • Five Stars:Nice shoe horn. Does the job and love the matte black finish.