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  • Four Stars:I own multiple pairs of these flipflops, they are so comfortable and mold right to your feet but spring back when you take them off, perfect for all day. I work at a marina so with slippery docks and running around all day these are perfect, great traction, I highly recommend these for anyone looking for a great shoe.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • Great Shoe Horn:Everything I expected. Husband was using a broken plastic shoehorn so he was delighted.Ferragamo Mens Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:Daughter loved it!!Ferragamo Belt Replica Replica
  • awesome:It’s good and seems to protect leather well from water and other stuff. It does, however, darken your shoes if you use it on anything that’s not black. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily. One pair of brown boots I got turned a darker color that I don’t really like as much, but another pair turned into a way better color once I applied the balm. (It’s not much darker, but enough to notice.)Replica Louis Vuitton Women Belt
  • It is the best designed bag I have ever owned:I spent hours searching for a messenger type diaper bag and decided to give this a try. I love it!It holds everything I need, and sits comfortably across my back. It is so much easier than a big bulky purse diaper bag when I’m chasing my 3 year old! Because of the buckle, I can easily hook it to my stroller, too.The front pockets are small- I keep a pacifier and a mini hand sanitizer in those. My iPhone 5c can fit in the top pocket but it doesn’t close. I usually just tuck it into one of the big pockets or my pants pocket instead.There are two interior pockets. One is large and the other is smallish. I keep my wallet in the small one, and cram the other one full of all my mom stuff. I only like to take the bare essentials, so if you are a "kitchen sink" type, you might want to stick to a giant purse.What I can fit:Pack of wipes2-4 diapers2 burp clothsNursing coverSnacksSippy cupA couple baby toysKeys, phone, wallet 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments46 of 49 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 starsYou know it’s a great product when…ByBarbdillonDon February 25, 2014Size: One SizeColor: Holly LeafVerified PurchaseYou know it’s a great product when…1. You want to buy another as soon as you get it.2. The workmanship is so sharp.3. The purse is so useful and stylish.4. It is delivered early.I could go on and on but I have to run and buy another.
  • easy to use:24″ Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn – Large Easy Grip Assisted Mobility Black Shoe Horn for Boots & Shoes – Tall Wide Extended Plastic Handle Perfect for Men, Women, Seniors, and the Elderly. 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeThis was purchased for my husband. On his pre-op surgery instructions he was asked to have a long handled shoehorn. It arrived in no time at all with the free shipping allowed with $25 worth of items purchased from Amazon and we are both very happy and satisfied with the easy way to get our shoes on. It is of sturdy plastic and works easily without straining to assist us. We thank you so much for the opportunity of making life easier! We like companies that give aid to the elderly.
  • Awesome Shoe Bag:My boyfriend travels for a living. This shoe bag fits perfectly in his garment bag, keeping his suits clean and free from shoe polish and dirt.The bag zips easily and is vented to allow the shoes to air out. He wears a size 14 and they barely fit — but that’s a freakish size so this should work for all other normal humans.Sample supplied
  • Five Stars:Very satisfied with this shoehorn. It’s very sturdy. Looking for affordable and quality…here it is!!
  • Nice bag:I got it and loved it
  • GREAT WOOL SOCKS !!!!!!!!!:Comfortable , for life. What more can I say.
  • … grip handle to the wide bottom this product is superior to any 24″ shoe horn i’ve used previously:I bought this for someone who is going to have a hip replacement. It is the perfect length and provides the ability to put on shoes while in a seated position without bending over.
  • Vera Bradley Hand Bags (Purses):This was a gift for my grandchild and I am sure she will love it. It came in a timely manor. I wish they would have placed it in a nice box at least, especially for what I paid.

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  • Excellent:This is a great product. Really helps with shies when bending is a problem, but I will probably continue to use it all the time. The service was quick & dependable.Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • The Perfect Diaper Bag:Exactly, what I was looking for to hold my stuff while on shore excursions from a cruise. The color is nice and the bag is very well made. Although,I can not figure out why one of the zippers is so small for one of the front small pockets. Not a deal breaker because I can always see putting my camera lens cap and/or my pancake lens in it for safe keeping. I thought the yellow of the zipper would show more but it does not. I like it that way but some might want the yellow to show more and might be disappointed that it does not. I love the padded back to keep things from eating into your spine. The strap is large enough for almost every person out there and seems very strong. 5 total pockets. 1- opens for compartment the full size of the bag. 2-opens other side for a compartment half of bag 3- Inside of largest compartment small zipper pouch 4- cell phone size velcro pocket on front. 5- large pouch type pocket on front with too small a zipper. Overall I really like the bag and it is perfect for my trip.Ferragamo Belt Replica Replica
  • Love my oofos!:I have flat feet, and these shoes help support my ankles.They are so comfortable!Ferragamo Belt Men Replica
  • So glad I finally found this:I bought this for my mother after her knee replacement. She struggled putting shoes on after the surgery. This made the process of getting up and moving after surgery much easier for her.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Damier
  • great product!:i considered the shoe-dini, but she’s been using for months and is very happy with it. no more bending over
  • Cute, warm, soft, comfy – they do shrink though, FYI.:If you or someone you knows likes socks this is a package of 5 pairs I would absolutely recommend! They are quality made and feature 76% cotton so they not only wick away a decent amount of moisture, they have the perfect amount of "give" when you put them on. I am a 8.5 shoe and had no trouble with the fit – NO fighting to stretch them toe to heel! The fun combination of colors in the snowflake pattern is not just for winter but is great year-round. There were no loose stitches/threads, no running and no fading or pilling when I washed them. These are great if you are looking for something different in a back-to-school care package, present addition, stocking stuffer or "just because". I think they are very comfortable and would recommend them to others. I received these in exchange for personally testing and providing my honest opinion of the product. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5.0 out of 5 starsMost comfortable socks I haveByBAsic Q5on September 6, 2015Size: 9-11Color: GridVerified PurchaseThe Button & Pleats socks are to die for! I ordered the grid design but you can order a different design if you like. I believe they have 5 different one all together. Each packet came with 5 different pair. I love how the socks feel on my feet. Probably the most comfortable socks I ever had. I’m not a fan of solid black and white socks as much as these. Since these are cotton, it kept my feet dry all day long. That is good because I tend to have sweaty feet.The socks are low and come to the ankle so you can rock these out with sneakers or low ankle boot. The spandex around the socks secures around the ankle and it didn’t slide down like some ankle socks do. I am a size 7 shoe size so I order the 9-11 socks size. I hope that my review helps.*Received this product at a discounted price for an exchange for an honest review.
  • Trips are now a breeze – no more looking for my smaller items.:I was so happy to receive these Dot & Dot organizers. They come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can match them to your personality and pick a color for everyone in your family. I absolutely love testing Dot & Dot products. They are quality products that are great for traveling and organization. I highly recommend these!
  • I love this bag:I got this for my sister for Christmas, and let me just say the only the I got out of her reaction was a high-pitched squeal and screaming "OOOOOH MY GAAAWD IT’S PERFECT!" I think that speaks for itself.
  • Quick delivery. Nice product:I am 70 years old 6’2" and 330 lbs. I can barely see my shoes much less reach them with a regular shoehorn. This 24" shoehorn is made of very sturdy plastic with no springs or other moving parts (unlike some I have tried). I works great and got a lot of attention from people in the store when I took it with me to buy some new shoes.
  • Love this shoehorn:I bought this for my husband who has a difficult time bending. He loves it. It’s just the thing so he doesn’t complain anymore about not being able to get his shoes on. Thank you so much
  • Three Stars:I bought this for my 13-yr. old son, and he loves it. It’s better than the one it replaced.
  • Absolutely love it. Right size:I was hesitant on this purchase but really wanted a new purse so I went for it. Arrived very quickly and is absolutely beautiful. I also get many compliments on it :)

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  • perfect formy use:with a long handle so you don’t have to bend down too much. Does the job, seems like sturdy plastic, not brittle.Real Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • This is a really solid shoehorn that would be perfect for the elderly or disabled who can’t manage that footwear …:I bought this for my husband and when he first saw it he was slightly insulted, thinking that this was something for the elderly. (I don’t mean this comment to be disparaging against older adults; we’re all going to get old.) I got it for him because he is 6′ 6" and a traditional, short shoe horn is not practical for his size. He loves it and uses it all the time. Yes, it’s terrific for the elderly, for people with physical limitation, and it’s wonderful for tall people!Ferragamo Belt Replica Replica
  • Money well spent:The shoehorn is long enough to help me put on my shoes without bending. It is sturdy feeling and I expect it to last.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Men
  • Works with Thunderbirds! (airshow):I purchased Baby Banz for my 5 month old son because we were going to a Bruno Mars Concert. I had him wear them a couple days before so that he could get used to them but I wasn’t sure how much he could hear or not hear. The concert started right around 9:00 (his bedtime) and like clockwork he went to sleep in my arms! Baby Banz worked so well he slept for the first half of the concert and this is through explosions, loud cheers, and in general a loud concert. Everyone around me kept looking to see if he was okay and I finally had to show them he is asleep I will be using these all of the time. They worked like a charm!Replica Louis Vuitton Mens Belt
  • great product:It was better than I had expected. After receiving the first one, I immediately ordered 3 more for my parents and husband. They love it also. They’re service was great. I received them the very next day after ordering them.
  • Great for diaper bag!:It is pretty durable so far, I love it. You can pack little beads and stuff in here and it won’t fall out because it also has a plastic layer on the inside along with the mesh. This little bag has good quality too for a little packing bag.
  • Wonderful Shoehorn:This product does exactly what it’s suppose to do. Very sturdy and very easy to use. I Highly recommend!! A+++
  • The color is exactly on point and it arrived on …:Ive owned many designer bags and this one takes the cake its spacious but not too big, it has a modern elegance to it so you can pretty much wear it with anything ! the leather is just fantastic.
  • beautiful classy bag:I have always wanted a Michael Kors purse. My hubby bought this one for me and it was perfect! It arrived in good condition and met my expectations. It can in the original packaging and the protective bag was included.
  • Must have for all Babys and Kids:Bought these for my friend who had a baby and she raves about them. The kiddo (6 months) is comfy in them, and now they can go to shows or other loud events or even turn the music up at home and protect baby’s ears.
  • Great shoehorn.:Putting on my shoes is no longer a problem. This shoe horn is the perfect length and the quality is the best. My husband laughed at me when I bought this but he doesn’t have the arthritis like I do. I put one of those 3M removable hangers on the wall to hang the shoe horn. It’s just what anyone with bending and joint issues needs.
  • Make a great Camera Bag!:This is the greatest handbag. The size is perfect across your lap, not too large. The assorment of pockets is the best. Keep keys in one, phone in another, receipts in another etc. You don’t have to go digging into the main compartment all the time. Inside pockets for pens as well.I would have liked a sturdier botton inside the main compartment. I made my own by cutting up a cardboard box and measuring the bottom and inserting it in therer. It worked fine. It’s a suggestion to the Manufacturer/Kipling.Love the bag.

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  • Good enough for Thor, good enough for me:Seriously? How can I hike twelve miles in August and have the socks smell like they’re brand new? I wish I’d known about these years ago. Guess what my family is getting for Christmas this year!Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • the size I ordered fit perfect. Its a very comfortable wearing sandal:there is a small cut-out on the outside of the strap which split. The strap is still attached but now has a flap that does not allow the sandal to fit properly.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Damier
  • Five Stars:I absolutely love this bag! It looks great, perfect size for everyday’s use. Very happy with the purchase!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men
  • Five Stars:Perfect crossbody bag for all of my needs!Ferragamo Belt Replica Replica
  • Three Stars:It is warm , looks nice, and is good for rough use.
  • He is able to get them on very easily with this shoehorn:Well made and easy to use. I like the T-grip on the end vs. a ring because you can grip it, wrap your fingers around it and get more leverage for those tighter fitting shoes. I would recommend for anyone who has difficulty bending to slip on their shoes.
  • Loose-fitting:We have used these at mudbogs, demolition car scrambles, and many more. They work great, baby was able to sleep through the noise with these on.
  • You need this:I just had a hip replacement. not allowed to bend for six weeks, this came in real handy. love the large handle.
  • 24″ shoehorn:Trying to hold my 160 Newfoundland (dog) with one hand, and trying to bend over the dog to get my shoes on with the other hand… almost impossible. Add the 24 inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn… fast and easy. Thanks for this great product.
  • Good Shoehorn but Metal could be heavier duty:Sturdy, well made and easy to use. Like that it is double sided; allows foe ease of use in various shoe styles. Shipping was very fast.
  • Love! Cannot wait for her to open the gift:I’m in love with my new mk bag
  • These will be going all over the World with me!!:This is a great product for organizing your packing. I previously tried to pack in sections in a suitcase only to find everything disheveled after a day. With these cubes I am able to pack a complete outfit for each day that is easily accessible, eliminating the chore of rifling through my suitcase to find what I need. My only regret is that I didn’t have these years ago.

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  • I love it and it holds a lot:I love it, ever stylist and it’s not as common as the brown mk bags.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • The quality is so good! And also it’s much bigger than I thought:Travel organiser has been a valuable addition to my holiday list.Organiser carries all passports tickets and credit cards securely and in good order.Highly recommended.Ferragamo Belt Replica Replica
  • Great Solution to Packing:I am a big fan of order and everything having a place. So, when I learned of the Packing Organizers by Dot & Dot, I snatched up the chance to try and review them. I love these!!!I got to try the 4 piece set of Large Packing Cubes. They came zipped into a nice, compact, sturdy storage bag that held all four. Because they are mesh and fabric, they fold down nice and flat But have tons of room inside once the packing begins. I was able to pack a weekend’s worth of clothes for two of my children into one bag and still have room to spare, and this without rolling or squishing, or cramming and hoping the zipper would close. I love the handle that makes transporting each cube easier, and also makes them great for more than just luggage packing. I was able to just use the organizer as a travel bag in itself. From a flat piece to a filled organizer in moments, these things have tons of room to expand.Dimensions – 17.5" x 12.75" x 3.25"Available in multiple colors: gray, green, purple, pink, red, dark blue, light blue, yellow and orangeThings I love about these organizers:* Mesh fronts, so you can see what is in each organizer without having to dig around inside a suitcase to find the item you are looking for.* Potential in my family for each member to have their own, which equates to super organization. Also the ability to have a clean and dirty cube as the trip comes to a close, which makes the unpacking even easier – no sorting!* They fit in my luggage or can be used on their own. They are even great for organizing closets, car trunks and other spaces in the home.Bottom line, these things are great and I plan to stock up on more! One color for each family member, maybe. With so many different sizes and options to chose from, there is no reason not to own these organizers!I received this product to review for free through the Tomoson program. All thoughts expressed are my own.Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:Great little product. It is beautifully made and very light weight.Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:love this bag
  • Comfy!:If your more of an 8.5 I suggest you get a 9. I bought some of these years ago & they were cut larger. I still have them. But overall there still "Wonderful". I have back problems & flip flopsFor the most part are uncomfortable, but I can wear these allDay. The soles conform to your arch. I bought several pairsFor an upcoming trip. I bought a pair with a wedge heel also.The wedges will help with the back problems more I believeBut they are more expensive. The best prices are on Amazon$22-26, you can’t beat it with free shipping!
  • Love:It was perfect! I love the the size, the colors, the inside pockets and the outside pockets are perfect for cell phone and keys. It is everything I wanted!!!
  • Thick, perfect boot socks.:These socks are beyond "Darn Dough’. Outstanding product and perfect fit based on shoe size. Extra padding is a big help!
  • Great option for staying organized and tidy:I I received the large 4 pack travel cubes by Dot&Dot for a Tomoson promotion and I was quite impressed at the large size and how much can be packed into 1 cube. These are perfect for travel and just one or two is perfect for overnight. The size is great but I was still impressed in how much can be packed in one cube! These really are a Must-Have for travel but they are perfect for organizing too! I liked that there were so many colors to choose from and I selected the purple and love the color.
  • Perfect Fit:A little large, but definitely a worthwhile addition to my shoe care kit :)
  • Five Stars:A+ great product
  • Four Stars:Just read the name. Enough said.