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  • Get this now for anyone as a gift…..they will love it – great price too….very sturdy:Sturdy and light. Not all extended shoehorns have this much of a curve to ease the heel into the shoe. This is great and heels just glide in.Real Replica Gucci Belt
  • Nice looking Bag:I ordered the large vera Bradley duffle bag and really like it for the size. It holds so much it’s really nice but to carry it through an airport is a JOB. I just got back from a trip and had to carry it through two Airports both there and back. It was not good. It was hard to carry and very awkward. It really should have had maybe some kind of small rollers on it or a shoulder strap on it. Really don’t think I would order another one.Black Replica Gucci Belts
  • Quick shipping and lovely item:Love this purse! Lots of pockets for organizing and good quality. I would recommend getting a smaller size wallet though, if u plan on carrying one inside…Replica Gucci Belts
  • What an amazing idea. First of all:awesome – I bought a set from another vendor and realized I needed just 1 more of the larger cube. Dot&Dot allowed me to buy the one quality piece I needed instead of an entirely new set, with additional pieces I did not need. Great product which also came in a clear plastic re-usable bag, which I will use for dirty laundry. THANKS!Mens Replica Gucci Belts
  • it just works:Product is made of solid, durable plastic. Handle and 24" length allow me to put on my shoes without having to bend over. I’ve had this product now for several weeks and use it almost every day, so far it seems like a solid, practical, and quality product.
  • This shoehorn is nice, smooth and real helpfully for putting on long …:Very light and strong. Great shoehorn. This is the second one that I have purchased. The first is still in great shape after a year’s use. Use on boots as well as shoes. What a back saver!
  • perfect:Ordered this for my daughter, she loves it and uses it everyday.
  • GREAT PURCHASE:I would recommend this to anyone that waits to the last minute to run an errand, its handy for all you need just for a quick run to the store
  • Look Here!:I bought several of these long-handled shoehorn for my husbands use at home and at the gym. It’s length is perfect for him, and it appears to be well-made and sturdy. It does not fit in our carry-on bag for traveling, however, which is why I did not give it a 5-star rating.
  • Excellent product at a reasonable price:For my husband and he really likes it. We could not find in local shoe stores so we knew we could depend on Amazon. Thanks!
  • best shoe horn ever:There are times I don’t like bending over to use a shoe horn. With a 24 inch shoe horn, I do not need to bend at all. It is an amazing experience:putting on shoes with a shoe horn and not needing to bend at all! The plastic is light. I don’t worry about it damaging the tile if it falls.
  • Great for cruises and overseas travel.:Little heavy for me, so I cut it open and removed the plastic stiffeners and the foam padding. Still plenty ridged, because it has a baffle the goes around both compartments. I glued the right side back down, because that is a slide in area. I left the other side open to form a 2nd pocket in the zippered compartment.This item is about one inch thick, but not as wide as a piece of paper folded in half.Take a look at the travel organizer at Scottevest. See if that would suit better. I would have purchased that one, but had already purchased this one.

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  • Great Purse:I really like Vera Bradley bags because they are so versatile. I like they can be washed, the vibrant colors and the practicality of these bags. Indigo Pop is one of my all time favorite patterns. I have a messenger bag that I currently use as a school bag and wanted to find a matching purse. I’ve never actually owned a hipster style purse so wasn’t sure how I would like it. I would use my strappy wallet as a clutch if I didn’t want to carry my books around with me and wore it as a crossbody so thought the Hipster would be a wonderful choice.I am not totally sold on this bag as I am with others, but it is fun. The interior could be a little bigger but I have found by making use of the pockets it helps (I was using the Stephanie prior to this which is far roomier). I like the pockets on the outside which hold my car keys and phone comfortably without fear of anything falling out. Inside I able to keep a coin purse and wallet as well as my kindle so it is rather deep. Fitting a cosmetic bag of average size does not work and I do not feel comfortable with my sunglasses inside either (but I keep a pair of readers in the back pocket and so far that has worked).Overall, I like this bag and will use it (the inconveniences are rather minor) but I do not love it. It’s cute and colorful and functional.Black Replica Gucci Belts
  • Success!:AWsome product works well no need to bend over and fight with getting shoes on nice handle to hold on toReplica Gucci Belt
  • Exactly what I expected:These are really soft comfy durable booties. they have two buttons on the ankle so it will fit all babies. my daughter is 4 months old and these fit her just fine with room to spare so im happy I can use these all winter long. definitely a good buyReal Replica Gucci Belts
  • Very sturdy, useful:It is alote better than i was expecting. Very sturdy and i would tell everyone that is looking for a shoe horn to buy this one .You will be glad you did.How Much Is A Replica Gucci Belt
  • every home should have this shoehorn!:Exactly what we wanted. Strong, long, and smooth. thanks.
  • Love Love Love!!:Did order up a size as recommended by other reviewers. They were so comfortable when I put them on. As soon as I get home from work I change into them. I wear then all weekend too. Really like them. Would recommend them to others. Just buy up a size.
  • Nifty Little Bag – Many Uses:First surprise: this item arrived in a small plastic portfolio bag which was pretty nice, but unfortunately was ripped at the top but it still can be used (just not closed) to store these items when not in use, or for other items. Second surprise: I read that there was mesh (and picture clearly shows mesh) and I bought these even though I was thinking that items might stick out of the holes (think pencil points, small brushes, etc.). But there is a clear plastic bag that the mesh is adhered to, which makes these bags FABULOUS for my purposes, which is traveling. I like to keep things together, like snacks or wipes, floss, chapstick, make up, etc., that I can easily access in my carry on, and the different sizes allow me to do this without having to pull out each bag to see what’s inside. The largest bag is big enough for a sweater or whatever so that it’s not all mushed up in the carry on. I can’t wait to travel with these bags; whoever designed these is genius! The only way this could be better is if they came in different colors. The items arrived quickly; no complaints about the transaction. The zippers all worked easily and I didn’t notice any defects with the organizer bags. These bag were better than expected and I highly recommend them.
  • Love:Really like it.
  • in love!:I ordered this wallet for my niece for Christmas . She loves the wallet .Received on time. Very happy niece.
  • Best shoe horn ever.:It is a great (in both senses – the good and the big) thing. Helps put your shoes on without bending, which is good (assuming that you have the shoes without laces, otherwise you need a lace-tying machine as well).Even it is a plastic, it is still a good plastic item. Usually I don’t like plastics, but this is the case when plastic is being used very appropriately. It is sturdy and light enough, while being large.
  • love it:The Vera Bradley Hipster is a perfect bag which can be worn either on the shoulder OR as a cross body. It features an easily adjustable strap secured on the sides with silver metal rings. Inside the bag there is one pocket and a large open area. You can put a lot of things in this bag! On the front of the purse there is an open, good size pocket which is good for a cell phone, gum or anything really. There is also a zippered pocket on the front which is where I like to keep my keys. It is, however, large enough for several items such as lipstick, chapstick, mints etc. The back of the purse has yet another zippered pocket. The top of the purse closes with a zipper as well. I am so in love with this Vera Bradley bag. You will find it very useful for everyday use! Check it out.

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  • Nice!!!!:The product was received without problems, excellent product and recommend it to any international customer problems. Best regards.Replica Gucci Belt Prices
  • Very Good Item:Bought a pair of golf shoes that I couldn’t get into. This did the trick – easy to handle, vey sturdy and was shipped promptly and carefully.Kids Replica Gucci Belts
  • Vera Bradley:I bought this as a cross body bag to take on vacation with me. Within the first week of the trip the stitching was ripping off the zipper. My mom can probably sew it back together, but I expect a better quality item from Vera Bradley. Going forward I’ll be buying any bags from them in their retail store so that I can exchange and faulty items.Replica Gucci Belt Singapore
  • Highly recommend. Its a structured bag so you dont have …:I recommend this product. It looks just like the picture but just a little bit larger than I expected from what I’ve seen in the description. Other than that it’s a great looking Michael Kors tote bag. Thanks A to Z Luggage!Black Replica Gucci Belts
  • A favorite!:Love it ! Love it! This bag is everything I expected it to be and then some. The fabric is exquisite and the bag is really roomy with compartments which afford me the discreteness of housing my personal items.
  • Tough, easy to use and never have to buy another shoehorn.:Bought this shoehorn as gifts. I already have one of my own and love it, so I bought 2 more as gifts. These are so easy to use and love the fact the I can slip my shoes on without having to sit down. Highly recommend this product.
  • This is perfect. It’s made of very sturdy material and high …:I’m 6-2 and this allows be to get into my shoes without significant bending. I’m 270 lbs and this shoehorn seems sturdy enough to use without any flexing. My wife is Asian and I have to take off my shoes every time I come in so this has gotten a LOT of use in the last month. It showing no signs of wear and I expect my new shoes to last a lot longer do to the heel not getting crushed by the back of my foot all the time. My feet slide in great. Very happy with it.
  • Nice Product:Excellent product. Works just like I thought it would. Thank you!
  • Link Laces!:my son loves these.. he likes not having to retie his shoes ten time a day. I am going to have to buy more of these. some for everyone in the house. I received this pair from a review site at a discount for my honest review. Thank you
  • shoe horn:Well, both Amazon and Shacke have harrassed me to write a review of this product, now that I’ve had it for about a week. So here goes.The Shacke Metal Shoe Horn 7.5" inches – Double Sided Stainless Steel Shoe Horn is the longest-named shoe horn I’ve ever purchased. The marketing department even decided to double up on the 7.5" inches part, just in case you weren’t sure what that the single quotation mark also meant "inches." Thanks, Shacke.Oh right, onto the functionality of this device. It helps guide my foot into a shoe. That’s its purpose. That’s what it does. It does it well. Did you really need to bother me 5 or so times to remind me to write a review, guys? Geez….
  • Excellent:This is a great product. Really helps with shies when bending is a problem, but I will probably continue to use it all the time. The service was quick & dependable.
  • Five Stars:Nice shoe horn. Does the job and love the matte black finish.