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  • Great Business!!!!:My family loves it! Especially my 4 year old! We wished we had ordered 2, one for the front door and one for the back door!Buy Replica Hermes Belt
  • Great idea — and great gift idea:Dot & Dot make their bags out of a waterproof mesh, and it allows you to view what is in the bag. Going on a plane trip? You can see through the bag, and they are good for airplane security checks. They are great for taking in your purse, your luggage, and even your diaper bag (I’ll admit that that idea just came to my mind!). I know that there are some companies that their employees have to bring what they would carry into work in a see-thru bag—this would be a perfect idea for those employees.I used mine in my purse, since I usually carry lotion, hand sanitizer (1 is a liquid spray and the other is a gel), and lip gloss that could make a big mess if they broke or came open.) I’m quite happy with their product!Replica Hermes H Belt
  • Perfect weight:Love, love, love this purse, it fits everything I need and it is very sturdy! I love the length of it, it sits comfortably over my hip. I pulled the strap to the longest length as I am fairly tall. The colors are bright and the zippers appear to be very well made, not cheap like some other purses I have (unfortunately) had in the past. I don’t think I would ever buy a different purse again!Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • It’s a Shoe Horn.:Received the shoe horn today. Wow really quick shipping and great product. Very strong shoe horn.Replica Hermes Belt Sizing
  • Great colors:LOVE IT!! Works just perfect for me, not too small, but not too big! Love the design of the fabric! Has a ton of pockets for things you don’t want at the bottom of your purse!!
  • best bag ever! can even fit my compact umbrella in it, yet not like lugging around a big handbag.:Wife was very pleased with this hip purse and it was received in decent time with the shipping
  • Five Stars:muy buena venta, me parece que es importante destacar que son muy serios y venden productos de calidad estoy totalmente agradecido gracias
  • Amazeballs.:These shoes are incredibly comfortable and make my plantar fascitis feel almost non existent! I wish I had found them sooner.
  • Five Stars:Excellent shoe….great arch support is what I was looking for and found it in this shoe!
  • Five Stars:These Packing Organizers Cubes are exactly as described. The material was top-notch, and the zippers were heavy duty. A lot fits in just one bag! They look stylish and high-end. I have the yellow ones! More colors are also available. They will keep all your belongings together neatly. Helps a lot to keep clothes organized in sets, in closet or while travelling. They are virtually totally weightless. Netting allows you to see what’s inside. Large size can hold 3-4 pairs adult slacks/jeans…don’t be afraid to over pack these wonderful babies. Other sizes are also available for everything else. I got 4 packing cubes for the money, very useful and helpful. Very sturdy! The Packing Organizer Cubes performed well. I plan to buy more Packing Organizer Cubes. Great Value and very high quality product. Highly Recommended!
  • Five Stars:Just what I was expecting… what I wanted, and delivered on time. I have received the package its all good. This was an order for shoe horns, not shoes……
  • Five Stars:Lovee

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  • Solid!:This shoehorn is like having a Cadillac or Lincoln Towne Car! Never thought needing to buy another shoehorn could create such Buyer Satisfaction. Thanks Shacke’s!Replica Hermes Belts For Women
  • Works good!:What can you say about a shoehorn? It is very sturdy and looks like it will last for quite a while.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • Five Stars:Useful.Replica Hermes Belt Sale
  • Love the hipster:My daughter loves this purse. Roomy and so much more. She’s very happy with it and the colors!Replica Hermes Belt
  • Look good AND feel good for a fair price:I love the comfort of this shoe. I wish they were a bit more better looking, or came in different was the thong or the slip on and that was it. Bought them in the middle of winter and have been wearing them around the house. Will buy a second pair to wear outside now that Spring is on its way.
  • Toeless Yoga Socks Bella Style Non Slip are the best I have ever had!:These are great! I also have a problem with not being able to hold poses for that long or correctly because my feet slip. I’ve tried anti slip yoga mats and baby powder in my feet but nothing really works. Normal socks just make the problem worse and nothing feels more weird than doing yoga in socks, right?It’s odd how such a small difference as these socks makes such a bigger difference in my strength and form. I’ve noticed that for poses that require a strength of the inner thigh, hamstring, and buns, that I can really focus on these muscles and my breathing since I’m not preoccupied with slipping all over my map. Overall, I am so glad to own these socks. They’re comfortable enough that they don’t hurt, even with my hour long sessions. And when I do on the off chance do Bikram, these still help with my grip despite the sweat pouring down my legs. I received this in exchange for a completely honest, unbiased review.
  • Five Stars:Favorite purse ever
  • Shape of the horn is honestly not that efficient. …:Wider shoe horn. Great quality!! Perfect for my shoe size 13 husband. Very pleased with this product choice.
  • Five Stars:grand daughter loves this purse
  • I love this item:I got these laces for my 6 year old son, we are still working on tying our shoes. They are great! They remind me of our Keens just slip on you shoe, pull them snug and off you go. I will be buying more sets in the future!!
  • Good flip flogs:I love these shoes…they are so comforatble. I wear them all day, even when working in the yard. Just wash them off if they get muddy.I’ve had some problems with my feet hurting and since wearing these shoes my feet never hurt anymore. Worth the price!
  • Love them:I love these booties, and in fact purchased them in brown and pink, so my newborn can wear them with lots of colors. I read all the reviews before ordering them, so I got the 6 month size for my newborn baby, and they fit her just fine. They are great because the smallest snap keeps them on her feet (they haven’t fallen off yet!), she has plenty of room in front to grow into them, and there’s a larger snap for when her ankles get wider. A great warm bootie for my midwest winter newborn.

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  • You can’t go wrong!:You can’t go wrong with a bag from Vera Bradley. This bag is great! It is a perfect size and has plenty of pockets. The shoulder strap is adjustable. I have easy access to my phone and my keys in outside zipped pockets. I really like this bag.Replica Hermes Red Belt
  • Four Stars:Well made solid shoe horn with detailed finish, does its job.Womens Replica Hermes Belt
  • My daughter loves it!:I wanted to switch it up from the backpack. Good choice. Roomy. Zippers where zippers are needed. And pretty. Seems like I will get long-time use out of it.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • Happy customer!!!:Perfect size & I love the color. I can fit all my stuff needed in it.The zipper compartments are great.Replica Hermes Belt Fake
  • Works as a shoe horn would:For the price for a stamped piece of steel the lease they can do is to polish the edges smooth!
  • Five Stars:Just like I expected.
  • I love my new bag:love this bag. I first saw this on Vera bradley web sit but I could decide if I wanted it. I found it on Amazon about 20.00 cheaper so I got it and I’m glad I did. It’s not to big and not to small.
  • Five Stars:Perfect!
  • Lots of pockets :):Love this purse! It’s the perfect size and has lots of great pockets, including a great one on the outside that’s the perfect size for my note 3
  • Great Gift:Love, love, love the wallet. It is functional. The only comment is that the change area could open a little wider. But the price and the space is great!
  • Colors more vibrant in person, nice size for adults and younger girls:This Vera Bradley Hipster which I found on my favorite Amazon is a wonderful fit. It is not too large, but large enough for me to put all my essentials into it and still have room for other things. I have left large purses behind because they get too heavy as I kept adding junk and not just the really needed items to my purses. I downsized – but too often my purse was almost too small and I could not get anything in but my essentials. This Vera Bradley hipster is a good compromise. It is not too big – it is a quilted material so not too heavy, and it is very colorful so I can wear it with many outfits and it looks great. If I would change anything about this purse it might be to make it a wee bit smaller. It has almost too much room for me as I tend to overload my large purses. I really like the design, there is a small zippered pocket outside – perfect for keys and mirror. There is deep pocket above the zippered one for your cell phone, and then a very roomy interior with a side pocket. A very nice design. I would buy Vera Bradley again.
  • Five Stars:beautiful, GAVE AS A GIFT

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  • Five Stars:It was for a gift. Granddaughter loves it.Replica Hermes H Belt
  • Five Stars:Great experienceBuy Replica Hermes Belt Online
  • but really love the Bittersweet pattern:Loved this bag for summer! The colors are very bright and overall I am very pleased!Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • This works well:It’s a shoe horn. It’s made of metal. It does the thing you expect it to.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt
  • Love It!:Soooooo pretty. And I got the cosmetic bag to go with it. I’m very happy with this particular style of bag. Colors are great, too.
  • Love it!:This was exactly what I ordered and I love how organized I am now since purchasing it. I love it
  • Great buy!:Pretty, but larger than I thought- check dimensions before ordering. I bought as a gift as I;m not a Vera Bradley fan myself but my daughter who does have Vera products was not in love with it.In terms of the seller it is eactly as advertised and well made so if you like Vera go for it!
  • Love this shoe bag!:The Dot & Dot Shoe bag is great for traveling or for storing shoes in your closet. Normally when we travel to different places I’ll stick our shoes into a plastic grocery bag to keep the clothes from getting dirty. This eliminates the need for that. It’s made out of the same material as all Dot & Dot products so it is very durable. It has a mesh netting on the front so it’s breathable and lets air into your shoes. Once home I could leave shoes in this bag for storing them in the closet. This keeps dust and dirt from settling inside the shoes when I’m not wearing them. I can put more than one pair of my children’s shoes in this when we travel which is very convenient. I have even used this bag for storing some of my infant son’s clothes in his diaper bag. It’s space saving and a very easy way to organize.I have several products from this company and have found them all to be of superior quality. They come in numerous colors so there should be something for everyone!
  • Gift:Fast shipping. Product is exactly what it said. Great price. Will definently order again
  • Five Stars:Its a really good and reliable shoe horn. Doesn’t bend or break. I LOVE IT!!!
  • Perfect Toeless Socks For Yoga:I love these yoga socks. Before I would be slipping and sliding on my mat. When I am taking classes at a gym or yoga bar I do not like to be barefoot because well ew. germs. When I have socks on I slip everywhere and it is hard to keep my form and stay balanced. These socks have great grip and are breathable. They fit perfectly and I have chubby little feet. Plus they keep my feet warm on those outdoor yoga days in the cool mornings. No more shivering throwing me off balance. I would recommend for anyone who does yoga in public. Also great gift idea.I was offered at a free or reduced rate in exchange for my unbiased review.
  • Five Stars:It was very nice

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  • Hipster:Nice sizeReplica Hermes Belts For Men
  • Five Stars:excellentAuthentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • Three Stars:My girlfriend loved it, perfect size for her.Replica Hermes Replica Belts
  • Love this purse:I love the pattern of the fabric. It is well made and is perfect for spring and summer. I would recommend it to friends and family members.Replica Hermes Belt For Women
  • Just what I needed:It’s a shoe horn. It’s solid steel. It contains no nonsense as best as I can tell. It’s exactly what I want in a shoe horn.
  • Perfect:This a shoe horn not a shoe and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Nice product.
  • Nice bright colors:Beautiful. Perfect
  • Five Stars:excelent product
  • They are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned:I normally wear women’s 11W, so I ordered these in 11W/9M, but my heel came right to the end. I mean, they fit PERFECTLY…there was no extra room, so they looked kind of funny. I returned them for a 12W/10M, and I LOVE them!I recently had toe surgery, and the top of my foot is tenderly scarred. I got these in place of my usual Old Navy flops, and those rub on the top of my feet. These flops are VERY comfy…it’s like walking on clouds. They’re not very fashionable, but you know what? When you have foot issues, you compromise fashion for comfort and for the ability to walk pain-free.Caution if you have pets…I use these in the house, and the rubber statically attracts pet hair from the carpet. Kind of funny, but not. Also, the treads are not very deeply grooved, so if you plan on traipsing all over the place in them, they may wear very quickly.I ordered these in the thong and the slide. Both equally comfortable. As soon as I put them on, my feet say, "Aaahhhh."
  • Great for yoga or pilates:These toeless yoga socks are perfect for when I do my yoga. With regular socks, my feet sweat, these socks give my feet some "air conditioner", so they aren’t sweaty anymore. They also give me an opportunity to show off my pedicures. PurSabino yoga socks have comfort grip soles that completely grip the floors and my yoga mat. No more slipping for me. These socks are also super comfortable and black goes with everything. I received these socks at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Walking on pillows!:Awesome!! Super cushiony!! These are my house shoes now going forward!! They definite provide a little arch support and they help tremendously with foo tissues like plantar fasciitis, Achilles challenges. Most importantly they protect my feet overall from the wear and tear from walking around on hardwood/tile/surface flooring. Since the sizing was unisex (sort of) they’re a little longer up in front of my toes, so they look a little goofy but not that bad. I’ll get a couple other pretty colors to wear out & about! 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments3 of 3 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 starsLOVE. LOVE, LOVE them!!!ByKathyon June 20, 2014Size: Men 6 Women 8Verified PurchaseI love these flip flops. I have a few diseases that cause a lot of pain. These flip flops help ease the pain so I can do a lot more on my feet. Would buy these over and over again. I will even buy them as gifts.
  • Great document holder for family:This is an excellent product with high quality workmanship. It is also very well designed for travel purposes. The product arrived within promised times. I have purchased one of these for my entire family as well as several more for gifts.

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  • Great product for what it is:Sturdy product, smooth surface so shoes slip on easily. Bought metal because plastic has a tendency to snap.Gold Replica Hermes Belt
  • Four Stars:Great buy, my daughter loved itReplica Hermes Replica Belt
  • Excellent shoe string replacements:Wonderful sellers, would happily do business with them again! The laces were great! It took a minute to figure them out but the instructions were good enough to get the job done!This product is great for anyone who has issues tying their laces for whatever reason.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • These shoes are incredibly comfortable!:This is my second pair. I don’t know if I should give a good review because…I can’t wear any other shoes anymore. 6 people in my family have bought them. I am a 48 yr old hairdresser and I am spoiled by these shoes. I buy the unisex because they are wide enough.Replica Hermes Crocodile Belt
  • … feet got used to the support they became my favorite pair of flip flops:These are the bomb. If you have plantar fasciitis these are amazing. I wear them around the house and sometimes out of doors. Very nice.
  • Surprisingly useful:These are perfect for storing all of my purses! They are very large and pack a lot of space! They are so space saving too! Very good quality materials. I was given these to try for no cost in exchange for my review, but you can bet I will be ordering more to finish my closet organizing! 11 commentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 1 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5.0 out of 5 starsGreat System!ByLori Garciaon June 16, 2015Size: 4-piece setColor: GreenVerified PurchaseOk I purchased these as a family christmas present but just finally used for a trip to hawaii last week. I had heard good things about this cube type system so I thought I would try it out. We are a family of OVERPACKERS. Period. As much as I try not too we still do so I thought maybe we could fit more comfortably and more organized in our suitcases.Pros: If you pack according to trip "day" OR if you pack all underwear in one, or shorts/tops, etc. it keeps it all organized. Unpacking in the hotel was a breeze and also unpacking once were were hope was so easy as everything that belongs together was together. You can fit a TON of clothes inside each of these little cubes. I think for my "dress" one I had 3 or 4 short dresses along with like 7 or 8 maxi dresses at least! The bags seem to be a little "stretchy" and they give some so it makes it easy to fill them pretty full.Cons: If you cram a ton of stuff inside these cubes your clothes may end up being wrinkled when you unpack. I thought I was folding them pretty neatly but I still had some wrinkles. Most did fall out after a couple days hanging in the closet so that was good. Also if you pack a ton inside the packets get fairly heavy so you still need to watch the weight of your suitcase!Overall I really liked the process. It is somewhat time consuming as you need to "touch" each and every item individually….but I typically do that as well. I also did read that there are better zippers on some other brands but these zippers seemed to work just fine. There are zipper pulls on each zipper which make it easy to open and close. Also the assorted color options make it great to color coordinate your family.We packed for 7 nights and 8 days. My entire wardrobe I brought, along with two smaller cubes fit all of my clothes, toiletries, bathing suits, medicine, etc. So even for overpackers this system works!
  • Vera Bradley Wallet:I love the turn lock wallets. I now have 2 of them to match my handbags. They are perfect. They have a lot of pockets for my credit cards and any other think I need to carry like my drivers license and insurance cards. They are well made and absolutely just perfect. It’s the first wallet that fit all my needs. You can’t go wrong with this.
  • excelente:Excelente Producto y vendedor Muy atento lo recomiendo al 100% era Justo Lo Que estába Buscando saludos desde venezuela Erick Lopez
  • Great for running shoes!:Finally, a pair of elastic laces long enough and stretchy enough for my needs. I have been looking for this product for months. My only complaint would be that they do not come in solid colors. I would love to find either a solid black or a denim blue. Those would be perfect.
  • Five Stars:Love it! One of my favorite Hipsters! The pattern is so colorful!
  • Shoe horn just fine.:I mean it’s a shoe horn…it’s as good as it gets. Thanks!
  • Five Stars:Beautiful purse! Very happy with purchase.

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  • I love this cross body bag:I enjoy Vera Bradley bags they are just so cheerful and very lightweight. I prefer the cross body bags because I have neck problems,but I do have totes, because these bags are so lightweight. My bag arrived in less than a week , great service., and very good selection of styles.Replica Hermes Leather Belts
  • Organize everything:I do a lot of traveling, for both business and pleasure. The Small Packing Organizers have really made the art of packing more efficient. They help me organize my clothing and incidentals so that unpacking at the hotel is a breeze! The Dot & Dot Small Packing Cubes are available in an unbelievable ten cute colors and come in a four-piece set. I like to use one to pack my pants and shorts; one to pack my shirts; and one to pack my underwear, bathing suit and such. The last organizer is saved for anything I need to bring to the race track. Now I will never forget that much needed track item again! The Dot & Dot Small Packing Cubes are sturdy and well made. Good thing because I can be rough on my luggage. Disclosure: I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest, unbiased feedback.Replica Hermes Belts Mens
  • This purse is a perfect size! I love it because I use a …:These Vera bags have all the right pockets (without having too many pockets).Replica Hermes Belt Uk
  • Super Stylish and Organized:As airline baggage policies become more and more strict, it’s imperative for frequent travellers (all travellers, really) to maximize space in their checked, and carry-on baggage.These slim packing cubes are great. I especially love them for my carry-on pieces; the size is just right. I also have large and medium packing cubes but I find the slim size to be a lot more versatile. They fit into a tote, or backpack without taking up any more space than necessary.As stated in other reviews, the double zippers are a great feature. I also love the multiple packs of 4 in one size, instead of a package of 3 – all in different sizes which makes it a jigsaw puzzle to get them to fit just right in your suitcase. The choice of 10 colours is also a great feature; everyone in the family can have their own colour (I plan on getting more in other colours, for that reason), so when you use one suitcase, it’s clear which cube is for which person.An added bonus is the plastic carry-case the cubes come in; it makes it easy to stay organized and everything together when they are not in use.I recommend packing cubes and I highly recommend dot-dot packing cubes above other brands because of the above reasons.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • Walking on pillows!:I usually wear 8.5 and I ordered 8 but it is still large enough to fit a nine. the product itself is ok but sizing was the problem
  • Good quality, good product:My travel takes me to several different continents so I need to keep my passport and other documents on me at all times. There is space for everything, including foreign currency change that will not fall out when opened. When I am at my destinations, I just pop it in my handbag and it becomes my "local" wallet. I love it!
  • Very comfortable. Soles are slip resistant when wet:Very comfortable! I ordered these for me and my husband and we love them!
  • Five Stars:Excelent….
  • Cushy Thong Sandals:This is my third pair of OOFOS sandles. They are extremely soft and comfortable. The only down side is that they only last about 8 months then they are worn out but for the price I don’t mind that.
  • Great warm booties:Don’t waste your time with booties and socks that pop off as soon as baby changes positions. The Zutanos are the only pair you need (besides when they outgrow them). We’re on our second pair (1st was 6 months, now 12 months). Also they are a little fluffier and harder to lose between couch cushions, etc…
  • Five Stars:All the colors was super vibrant when I actually saw it in person. I ended up passing it on to a 75 yr old woman for her birthday! Colors were pretty, just too bright.
  • Perfect:I got this as a present for my boyfriend (who travels quite a lot) and has different passports and international cards and he loved it! It is besides the point to remind you everything victorinox is very well made, great finish and quality..i like it so much im getting a red one for me!!!

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  • Good purchase, a bit overpriced.:If you want a safe, organized wallet for your documents and stuff whe you travel, you must have it. It is sturdy, quite roomy, and with lots of compartments.Besides, being red allows you to find it quickly in the biggest messiest purse.A must have.Replica Hermes H Buckle Belt
  • Love these!:Love the shoes but the sizing chart was not correct. Shoes are too small.Replica Hermes H Belt Mens
  • Five Stars:Excellent product!Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • love this bag:I do like the hipster bags. I use them every day, and I think I have 4-5 of them – for summer and winter. I definitely do not like a heavy purse, and these are super lightweight.Replica Hermes Belt Women
  • Happy snail:This is the perfect size for everything you carry in a regular size purse. I have a couple in different patterns. Just love it
  • I am 100% satisfied. It works very well:Great product!! Works for what it is intended! Should have purchased long ago. Has big heel portion which is great being a size 13.
  • Five Stars:It was some bigger than 25cm*30cm.
  • great shoe storage cube for traveling!:I selected PINK because it’s my favorite color. This shoe cube is the perfect color, the perfect size, and my shoes fit in it really well. I packed my stuff to travel out of town for a race and I loved being able to put my running shoes in the bag and there was enough room for my electronic devices (ipod and Garmin) as well. Dot&Dot makes good quality cubes, and this one doesn’t let you down. I would highly recommend this for anyone traveling. I received this shoe cube in exchange for my very honest review.
  • Super Cute:This purse is so adorale. It will be a gift, but am tempted to keep it for myself.
  • Five Stars:Great product, works exactly as it should. Feels extremely durable.
  • disappointing:GREAT
  • Five Stars:excelente recomendado