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  • buy it:Item was perfect, a gorgeous Vera Bradley cross body bag. It was a Christmas present and more gorgeous in reality than the picture.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • Great socks:If you want a great soft boot sock this is it, and the fact that they back them up with a lifetime warranty. Why look anywhere else. I live in Alaska and have gone through every type of warm sock there is. In the last two years I’ve switched to only buying Darn Toughs for the winter months.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Mens
  • Travel:This is an excellent product with high quality workmanship. It is also very well designed for travel purposes. The product arrived within promised times. I have purchased one of these for my entire family as well as several more for gifts.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart
  • great product:I love it! I’m 69 and a little overweight which can make it difficult to bend over to get you ‘re shoes on. Now: "Problem Solved" with this great shoehorn. Thanks ShackeReplica Louis Vuitton Belts For Women
  • Top notch:Sturdy, high quality. Shipped faster than any product I have bought from Amazon.
  • Five Stars:A very nice gift
  • I love the Dot&Dot organizers …. They have so many uses it’s amazing!!!!:I was looking for packing cubes for a 6 week trip that were colorful, came in a variety of shapes & sizes and were reasonably priced. I found them in Dot&Dot products. I bought the slim packing cube and 4 large packing cubes. We are just back from our trip and the cubes worked great! I loved them from the start because the items arrived in a re-usable clear storage envelope. As for the Dot&Dot cubes themselves, the colors are vibrant (I purchased red & pink) and the zippers worked smoothly. The mesh portions of each cube let you see what you’ve put inside. The variety of shapes lets you fill your suitcase snuggly and each cube held the expected amount of items. I will be ordering more!
  • Color not the same as pictured.:My granddaughter requested this bag for her birthday. She loves it and started using it immediately. It is very well made of durable, high-quality material and has several pockets, zippers and compartments which offer some backpack type features. The colors in "Holly Leaf" pattern are very lively without being too bold and the contrasting rope strap makes it unique!
  • If the shoe doesn’t fit, you must acquit:This is not a usable item. It is a novelty gift. It’s far too large to use while seated, and too thick to use on anything besides slippers. Waste of money. Also it was shipped to me by itself wrapped in several pounds of brown paper in a box large enough to fit several sets of skis and poles. What a waste.
  • Great Shoehorn!:Very happy with this shoe horn. The handle makes it easy to slip on shoes while standing and the shape is easy to use when sitting. The plastic seem strong, it should last a long time.
  • The Shoe Horn of Gondolin:Excellent Shoe Horn. I purchased this to replace one much like it that I left in a hotel.
  • Four Stars:well made and a great price

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  • Everyone has to own one!:My sister called me to thank me for the shoehorn. She has diabetes, so her hands have lost feeling. This long shoe horn and the handle at the end save her 10-15 minutes a day in struggles to get her shoes on. Best shoehorn ever!Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • Pretty looking purse:I love this bag! I was very excited when I ordered it! It fits everything in their nicely.Womens Replica Gucci Belt
  • It was too narrow.:Love it! Blue is my favorite color – couldn’t resist ordering this purse. I always try to to get a matching wallet and was happy to find one. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments1 of 1 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 starsJust the right sizeByDorothy Zeweon August 13, 2013Size: MediumColor: Mocha RougeVerified PurchaseNot too big, not too small. Love being hands free. Colors very vibrant. Able to fit all necessities plus my kindle when on a recent vacation.Buy Replica Gucci Belt
  • love it:I am a big fan of Vera Bradley and have several purses but love this bag! It can hold lots of stuff, and still look very slim and not bulky. Love the color and design of Plum Crazy too! I also love the pocket which I always put my iPhone in.Cheap Replica Gucci Belts Uk
  • They stay on!:I really liked these and was excited to have a shoe that would fit my 10 month old. I often wear him in the ergo or woven wrap and socks just kept falling off. SO I got these! But the 18 Month size was TOO SMALL for my 10 month old. I ended up giving them to a friend. Other bummer is that is the biggest size they carry.
  • very nice:It’s a really really long shoehorn that helps you put your shoes in. Sturdy, well made… what more could you ask for in a shoe horn? Doesn’t look like it’ll break anytime soon, maybe after 10 years or so but that’s assuming we don’t lose it. Which.. it’s enormous so we hang it by the door and wouldn’t lose it unless it were stolen.
  • i love it:Nice!
  • Beautiful:I’m absolutely obsessed! It’s perfect, came on time & it’s exactly like the picture! And it’s authentic! The price wasn’t too bad, also. I love it!
  • Amazon comes through again:Nice and sturdy! This works like a charm and will outlive me.
  • a great little waterproof bag:I received a Small Multi Purpose Bag product complimentary for testing purposes through USPS. It was the right size I want it to be to keep all the accessories such as lip gloss, charger, perfume and more in one bag. Another thing that I love about this bag is that it is transparent that I can see what’s inside right away. I knew where to get the things I need them. I love the hook that comes on the zipper to help me clip it up into something in order to find it even easier.I would prefer to get this multipurpose bag not just for travelling, but for your daily activity. It would give you the easiest way to find your stuff in your purse at the same time, the quality of the product which I’m always concern is sturdy and fine.It’s fancy and convenient, you’ll be amazed when you get one and start loving the product yourself. And oh! Did I mention the bag is also a waterproof? That’s the best part, you’ll know when you put something in the bag it is secure whenever you drop it or accidentally your purse gets wet. I put mostly on my makeup inside and other small things, the size of small is just right than I thought.Another idea for the upcoming Christmas Gift, girls would love to receive the product as it would be useful and valuable for them. Handy, and easy to use no more complicated bag to carry.
  • A nice, sturdy shoe horn:I am very happy with product and service. It is just the shoe horn I was looking for. Would recommend it.
  • LOVE this wallet:I just love the colors. The clutch is a great size. Has many pockets to hold a lot of stuff. I would recommend this item.

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  • Fantastic:This product is magic in a jar. I own a pair ofMen’s UGG Australia Capulin Cinnamon Leatherwhich I received as a gift last Christmas. I wore them hard over the winter last year and then to a tailgate party in a gravel lot this fall. Needless to say, they were wrecked. The leather was faded and they were scuffed and scratched all over. The toes were so scuffed that they looked terrible and I didn’t think anything could save them. Then, I discovered Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam and they were saved. Just a little bit of this product on the included applicator was rubbed into the boots and they look brand new. You can tell where the scuffs were on the toes because they were very damaged but just barely. I think if I would have applied it after the initial scuffing they would have healed. Check out my product images for proof! 11 commentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 1 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments10 of 11 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 starsGreat stuffBySpecial Kon January 29, 2011Size Name: One SizeColor Name: GrayVerified PurchaseI used this on my new, knee-high, Dr. Martens (1B60 20) to soften the leather and keep it protected. So far, I absolutely love it. I used a very small amount, and it soaked into the leather nicely. My only complaint is that half of the container is empty space for the sponge it comes with. I was definitely expecting more product, but you use such a tiny amount, that I foresee one container lasting for a long time.Mens Replica Gucci Belt Sale
  • Perfect!:I bought this for my 92 year old mother I haven’t given it to her yet but I think it will work great for helping her with her shoes.I have one after I broke my hip this past winter and it is a great product.Replica Gucci Reversible Belt
  • Five Stars:Very pretty! Love all the pockets.Plenty of room for everything I like to carry.Red Replica Gucci Belt
  • Good product.:Love the length of this shoehorn. Makes difficult/new shoes much easier to slip into. I am in the “Women” category, quickly closing in on “Seniors” and “the Elderly”. Sigh.Free Replica Gucci Belt
  • Works well:The Shacke 24" Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn – The extra long length makes it easy to use without bending over. It is made of hardened plastic & is sturdy. But, it provides enough give for comfortable use. This shoehorn makes it quick & easy to slip on shoes & boots. I’m very pleased with this shoehorn & highly recommend it.
  • He’s very happy and pleased with it:This shoe horn is very heavy duty and is of good quality. It will last forever. The knock of one star is because the edges are somewhat sharp and can be a little uncomfortable in the hand.
  • Nice and sturdy:I bought this for my husband who smoked for 60 years and is now reaping the unfortunate consequences of that. He gets winded just putting on shoes. This has been a big help to him. I like the oversized grip that makes it easy to hold and hang over a hook.
  • Quality and functionality:I bought the large packing cubes, the medium packing cubes and the slim packing cubes. I investigated many different packing accessories online and read countless reviews before ordering these cubes. I am looking forward to using them on my next trip in March. On my last trip I used plastic packing cubes similar to zip lock bags. The little zip sliders kept coming off and it wasn’t easy to roll the bags to get the air out. They were a little improvement over no bags but I would describe the process as "fiddly". The dot&dot cubes are well constructed and sturdy. The mesh tops should allow for compressing the bags to provide more space in the luggage. The zippers have a functional grip to make zipping easy. They glide along the teeth effortlessly. Each cube opens with two zippers which should help with packing and unpacking.The cubes met my expectations and once I use them I think they will exceed my expectations. The cubes look as if they will allow me to keep my things well organized during my travels. I even like the sturdy zip lock bags each size cube came in. I think they will hold-up well to store the cubes. They will also be useful to store dirty clothes during the trip. I will add to this review once I use them. I anticipate loving them.
  • Basic but all you need for proper performance.:Plastic is too flimsy. Feels like product will break easily.
  • super comfortable for my size 9 feet:I’ve become a yoga fanatic but I have a completely irrational phobia of bare feet – specifically my own in public (or private really). I can’t explain why, but I do. These toeless socks are not only phobia safe, but they’re practical too. They ensure I can hold my poses without fear of slipping. The grips at the bottom are comfortable to walk on (I’ve had other yoga socks that actually hurt my feet when I walked with them on!). These are perfect for summer or hot yoga because they aren’t complete socks – more like a ballet slipper minus the toes.These fit as I expected them to – snug but not tight (I wear a ladies size 9 and got these in the S-M). They also don’t cut off circulation to my toes. I’ve gotten so many compliments and inquiries on these socks from others in my yoga classes. They are definitely my favorite summer yoga socks!I did get these at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
  • Never been more comfortable, supportive for my pronation plus easy on knees:Bought on the advice of a friend for platar facitits. Wonderful- really helps! And oh, sooo comfy.
  • it works great, small enough to travel with and big and …:I used to have an old shoe horn that was my grandfather’s- no idea where it went, but lately I have found the need to have one again as I have some snug shoes & don’t want to ruin the heels. This is great- a perfect size & feels nice in the hand.

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  • Very nice, large horn:Very pleased. Was exactly what I was looking for. Good quality, sturdy, useful for all ages. My husband is pleased too.Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Hurra Victorinox!:We went on 2 international trips with this so far and it still looks brand new. We were able to fit all our travel documents, passports, etc in it with no trouble with closing the zipper. Very durable and excellent workmanship.Replica Gucci Belt Buckle
  • Will use it for many years!:This product shipped promptly and works fine. It looks as though it will last a long time. Recommend it. Helpful in both standing and sitting positions.Replica Gucci Belt Men
  • This was exactly what I ordered and I love how organized I am now since purchasing it:I miss the bigger ones she made. This one is nice but the larger ones are the best!Replica Gucci Belt For Cheap
  • Five Stars:They’re perfect! Most comfortable flip-flop out there.
  • awesome:The description on size is correct. The color is clear and brilliant. Very nice everyday bag. I can fit my wallet, checkbook, smartphone, small camera etc and still have room. The strap is adjustable which I really like. Well constructed and sturdy material and stitching. Hey… it’s a Vera Bradley… need I say more?
  • Great Product:Most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned. I have major foot issues and most shoes cause me pain after an hour on my feet. I’ve worn these all day with total comfort. Two of my friends…so far…have ordered their own after trying mine on. Wish they came in lots of colors.
  • Five Stars:cool purse but I do like the style of on the go a bit better
  • LAST ONE YOUR EVER NEED:I was a bit concerned about this being plastic. Like many older people, I still have a prejudice that says plastic=inferior. Once again modern plastic have corrected my thinking. This a nice sturdy tool with none of the sharp edges of metal. It also has a very large loop on top which makes it easy for old fingers to hang up
  • I love love love this cross body:Love the colors, very summery and lightweight. Opening could be a little bigger to accomodate the according wallet I got to go with it, but think I will enjoy it.
  • Best shoe horn ever.:I hang this next to my shoe pile and use it to slip on my boots without needing to ask for help.
  • Versatile Handbag:This is such a nice cross body bag; holds a lot and sits comfortably as a shoulder bag or on you hip. I have received lots of compliments but the best part is the quality and beautiful print. True Vera Bradley quality-tops! I will buy another for myself and for friends also!

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  • love it:For some person it might be fine but it ended up way too small for me. I had to return it and get the Glenna.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Sale
  • LOVE Sanuk Yoga Mat:Living in SoCal, flip flops are a year-round pleasure so it’s only right that I get a good pair and these are them!I usually just go for the $5 cheapie flops that wear paper thin or have the little thong pop out. Silly me, huh? They destroy my feet and make my back hurt..I realize my base of comparison isn’t great, but these really are the most comfortable flop I’ve ever owned. I saw so many amazing reviews that I knew I should just dive in and get them. Boy was everyone right! 😀 I suppose my one complaint is that they are not made in the USA. Mine didn’t come with the little gem on the side either, which is fine for me because I think it looks tacky!Men Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Love this purse!:I can fit everything I need in here and the strap is the perfect length to sling over my whole body. I also love that you can wash it.Authentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • THESE ARE THE BEST SOCKS IN THE WORLD:I tried "smart wool" socks in the past, these work better and don’t pill and tear like the "smart wools".Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • comfortable sandals:Love these! Perfect for post run and around the house.
  • Five Stars:I just love this bag sooooo much! I love the color and I love the shape! It’s adorable. And it has a lovely price!
  • Functional and, unexpectedly, they fit my daughter’s head very well!:These don’t cancel out all the noise. I put them on and I could still hear the person talking to me , but the sound was heavily muffled. These cancel out the sharp sounds. I used these on the Fourth of July for the fireworks shows, she stayed asleep with all the mortars going off. She’s a baby that can sleep through the vacuum, but wake up if you sneeze or cough! My husband and I also used these to go to the movies when we didn’t have a babysitter. They worked like a charm. We’ve only taken our daughter (she’s 7 months old) to the movies twice, the first time we didn’t have these yet. Previews are always blasted too loud, and they woke my daughter up! We got there 30 minutes early, it was her bedtime, she fell right to sleep, but then when the previews started her eyes popped out of her head and she had a WTF, where am I look on her face!! HA-HA, poor thing! We had to take her out and put her back to sleep, she kept waking up…it didn’t work out very well. BUT then I bought these, and we went to a second movie this weekend and she stayed asleep. We had to rock the car seat still every once in a while when scenes got noisy.
  • Save yourself some trouble with boots…:Great. Works perfectly. It’s sturdy, high quality plastic.It’s quite a (miniature) luxury to use this to slip into shoes, without even having to bend down.Bought it for our guests, since we ask folks to take their shoes off when inside the house.
  • Well made, like the orange:Bought these for my upcoming Europe trip. Tried them out to practice packing my backpack, and really like the way they keep everything organized and compact. I haven’t had any problem with the zippers, seem to work just fine.
  • easy to use for my boots:I like the loop handle and the sturdiness of the shoe horn. Also works great for getting those winter boots on. Works well and shipped quickly.
  • I love this Organizer:I traveled to Europe with two teens and this organizer was perfect for managing 3 passports, airline tickets, boarding passes, key cards, receipts, Euros and dollars, etc. And the bright red made it easy to find.
  • It appears sturdy so it should last a very long time:I just love this tool! I was breaking down the backs of my Sketchers, and now I’m not. And, I don’t have to bend over, which is helpful, since I have lung issues. I recommend this.

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  • Stay organized while traveling:This packing cube was great for our purposes. My wife and I travel a lot, so we already had some packing cubes. However, a slightly longer trip that required some more skillful packing prompted this purchase. The item came just as described, and it held up really well to some rough backpacking through central and eastern Europe – the zippers remained strong, there was no fraying of the lining, and the handle stitching remained perfectly intact. It’s capacity was about average depending on what we tried to stuff inside of it. We had hoped to stuff all of her bulkiest dresses into the bag, but only 3/4 fit + a scarf. We eventually just put all of our socks and underwear into it, and it was perfect – that’s 9 days worth of sock & underwear for two people, and it all fit easily. One final note on the zippers – make sure to pull only on the metal part if possible. We didn’t personally experience this problem, but my buddy who had the same bag had the little plastic ends pop off when he tried to pull the zipper shut with it. Otherwise, awesome bag I’d recommend to any traveler.Replica Gucci Belts For Kids
  • Four Stars:My daughter loves her Christmas present :)Replica Gucci Belts For Men On Sale
  • Buttons & Pleats Women’s 5 Pack Socks:These socks are super cute and comfortable!(i received this at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review)Replica Gucci Men Belts
  • … and my son and these by far are the best!:Fit true to size. Very comfortable. Soles are slip resistant when wet. Did I say how comfortable.Replica Gucci Belts
  • Amazing purse.:My sister and I have often talked about how we are always searching for the "perfect" purse and how discouraging it is not to be able to find something that works for us. This purse however seems to have everything I need. I was afraid it was going to be too large after reading some of the reviews and had prepared myself for the fact I might be sending it back …. but as soon as I opened the package and I knew it was a perfect fit for me. I don’t like to change purses all the time and so I look for something that will go from shopping, to sports, to a date night with my husband. This is it! I have only had it a few days, but definitely know it is a "Keeper"! Love the pockets on the outside for passport or phone or things I need to get to quickly!
  • Perfect!:Very happy w/ this product. Wasn’t sure when I ordered it, but was hopeful – based on other reviews. Now I’m one of those happy customers! It’s exactly what I was hoping to find, and wasn’t sure existed. Delighted that it does!
  • He tells me that it works great and it is easy to get his shoes on …:I love it! I’m 69 and a little overweight which can make it difficult to bend over to get you ‘re shoes on. Now: "Problem Solved" with this great shoehorn. Thanks Shacke
  • Five Stars:A great summer bag. The strap iscomfortable
  • GREAT PURSE BY KORS:Im super happy with my new tote! I love it! #imastylinfashionista👜
  • Love it:Love this purse.
  • As nice as I expected:Love my packing cubes – they made my packing much easier and way easier unpacking.
  • Never be late to work again!:Don’t know how I lived this long without this awesome shoehorn. It has so many other duties than just putting my shoes on, like getting the dog’s ball out from under a sofa, scratching my back, etc.I will truly enjoy having this in my life.

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  • Easy Squeezy!:great implement for anyone with a bad back or difficulty bending over….sturdy black plastic, 2 feet long, slightly flexible, flared comfortable end, reasonably priced.Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • Well-made:the plastic horn snapped in two after a few months. For the price, I was hoping for something sturdier. To be fair though, since I can’t bend to tie my shoes they need to be pre-tied before they go home.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart
  • Five Stars:Love these shoes. Where is the "eggplant" color?Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Replica
  • Love my purse:purse is perfect. come in 2 days!!!love love ove the vionic shoesAuthentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Winner of a Shoehorn:Just had back surgery and there was no way I was going to put on my old favorite slippers. This did the trick and the handle makes life easy. Warning: The shoehorn was thrown in the bottom of a large Amazon box, covered in 3" of packing paper then my other larger items I had also ordered from Amazon were placed in the box on top of the packing paper. I did not find my shoehorn for a week until I went and got the box I had thrown out back and removed all the packing paper and there is was.
  • SOFT FEELING WALLET.:Great wallet. A little too big for a medium sized purse. Also heavy once you put everything in it. I’ll use it when I’m using a larger handbag. I was disappointed because I really like it.
  • a must have for travel!:Off all of the packing cubes I’ve gotten, these are my favorite! They fit great in my suitcase and really help me pack all our stuff in one bag without everyone’s clothes being mixed up!
  • MK Handbag:Good buy..real..came in all original packaging and earlier than expected.
  • Looks good, works good, lasts a long time.:I discovered a few years ago that I was no longer flexible enough to easily put on my shoes. I needed a long shoehorn. The metal one I had didn’t work well. This one that you sent me works wonderfully. It is stiff enough, but not uncomfortably so. It is just the right length. Thank you.
  • Very satisfied with this product:This is the best shoe horn ever! It is long enough so you don’t need to bend! I bought boots I could not get on… Once I got the shoe horn I can now enjoy them! Highly recommend!
  • Great product.:Nothing to write — it’s a shoe horn. But service and follow-up were good.
  • Five Stars:my mom loved her bag

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  • Awesome:Love it!White Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • My favorite bag:Not too big, not too small. Just right! Has 2 outside pockets (one that zips) and some inside pockets (for cell phone, etc.). Print is super cute. Love the adjustable strap.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Mens
  • #imastylinfashionista:Was a Birthday present for my daughter and she loves it!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Uk
  • Fleece booties:Purchased these for my son last winter when he was about 6 months old. He wore them EVERYWHERE we went and i loved them because his incredibly wide and chubby feet fit perfectly! I seriously had people stop me to ask about them multiple times and my husband named them our sons "fairy boots". They were durable and washed up well but if i did have one thing that i was slightly disappointed about it would be the sole of the bootie. It is the same material as the rest of the bootie and i feel like if it would have had grippies or some kind of anti slip gip they would have been perfect! If your little one has cubby feet or you just want a comfy bootie to slip on them to go out or just to keep their feet warm inside you will love these!Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • arrived broken:The shoehorn arrived Aug. 27th (I think I ordered it less than a week before) and was put to use the next day. It feels realy sturdy, does the job it was meant to do and I love it. I’m thinking about ordering one for an elderly neighbor who has occasional trouble putting on his shoes.The length is good for use sitting or standing and the finish is smooth, so there’s no catching or snagging.If you’re considering a shoehorn, by all means, get this one!
  • Not really unisex:Love these things. Even in Florida on hot days they wick away moisture.
  • So easy a caveman could use it!:My husband was skeptical as he planned to use this in assisting with putting on work boots. However, the first try was successful and even though he said nothing I could see the pleasant surprise on his face. I just hope the plastic holds up as men tend to be a bit rough with things….so far, so good…
  • Outstanding product:Having back issues, I’m having problems putting shoes on. I never saw a long handled shoehorn before and ordered it. I haven’t been able to try it with boots yet due to the warm weather but I’m sure it will help. That’s what I like most about on line shopping, you don’t have to spend time looking for unique items in stores.
  • My father loves it!!!:Excellent product, very happy with it, dont know how I managed without one for years, would buy it again. I Recommend the product.
  • Works great!!:For a fat guy (there are no fat women, just big boned or curvy or plump) this is perfect. Long enough so you don’t have to do any bending over at all. And it is doubly perfect (assuming you can improve on perfection) when you have a bad back. Now if they would just invent some way to get socks on easily. It’s well made so it won’t break like the plastic ones and the spring hinge makes it even easier to use.
  • A great thing to have, even for the young and robust:Fractured right up the middle on the second shoe installed. Really now folks, Boeing builds airplane out of plastic, this should be stronger.
  • Great hiking socks.:Great fit that made my feet tingle with joy! Oh how quality feels on your skin. NOT made in China. What more can I say? Well, they’re very comfortable, breathable, and after a few washings they still look great. I’ll definitely go back for more, they are well worth the money.

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  • Perfect for putting on shoes after back surgent:Just what I needed! I have a few pair of boots that are so hard to get on. With this tool I easily slip into my boots without working up a sweat! Lol! Love it. Recommend it.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:love itReplica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • Believe the hype!:I love these socks very comfortableReplica Louis Vuitton Belt For Women
  • Great find:Exactly what my 84-year old husband needs to assist him with his shoes. Raves about it every day. Thank you.Prada Mens Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:Great looking product just recieved today , My wife going to like this 1 xmas morning
  • this shoehorn’s a winner:This shoehorn makes life so much easier when one needs to put on sneakers or shoes, specially after back surgery. Love the extra long handle and the substantial horn itself. Will purchase another one to keep downstairs for putting on boots. Highly recommend it.
  • Perfect Shoehorn!!!!:Arrived earlier than promised. Item was exactly as advertised. My husband is tall (6-2) and has some problems with mobility. This has really helped him with one of life’s everyday tasks.
  • RECOMMENDED:Just exactly what we were looking for! Great product at a great price. Thanks!
  • Five Stars:Very nice I love it
  • Great bags! Very handy and makes packing a breeze.:I ordered the slim packing cubes in orange and the product exceeded expectations. The fabric is of a nice quality and absolutely love the color, vibrant. The cube itself was sewn very well and the seams constructed with durability in mind. Fully packed, it zips easily and no worries about blowing out a seam. Travel for me has become organized! Would like more colors/sizes for quick ID of clothes. Excellent packing cube, would definitely recommend this product.
  • Five Stars:excellent
  • Awesome organizer:Excellent product I wanted in very good condition perfect for organizing all cards and chuequeras color is very good I really liked

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  • Very Pleased with this Shoehorn:I read a lot of your reviews before I purchase anything and I was leery about plastic. But, my husband who broke his hip had no problem putting on his shoes with this. He is loving this !Buy Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • LOVE Sanuk Yoga Mat:Having lived in warm climates most of life, including Hawaii, I spend most of the year wearing flip flops am a serious connoisseur. The Sanuk Yoga Mat is one of my all time favorites. I bought these last summer after trying them on in a local store that only had them in black. I couldn’t justify another pair of black flip flops at the time so I left them behind, but literally couldn’t stop thinking about them.I finally purchased them from Amazon in Aqua (so many colors) and I live in them. The aqua is true to color (on my monitor). They are actually made of recycled yoga mats and Sanuk is a very eco-conscious company, which is important to me. They arrived in a reusable bag that looked like plastic but was made of non-GMO tapioca root. Bags made of tapioca root use less petroleum, energy, and water, thus producing a lesser carbon footprint than ones made of plastic. These flip flops are also vegan (meaning they are not made with any animal products or by-products). Awesome.In addition to having had surgery on both ankles, I suffer from a chronic pain condition, so I’m all about comfortable shoes. The recycled yoga mat soles are incredibly plush, cushiony, and flexible, with a slighter firmer bottom layer that wears well. As with most flip flops, they only have the very slightest arch support, so beware if this is something you require. They soles provide plenty of shock absorption which I really notice when compared to other flip flops.The straps are synthetic and well-made. They do not have that crappy fake leather look. The interior of the straps have an aqua and white gingham design that adds a nice detail and make the Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops stand out. The piece that slips in between your toes is made of a soft canvas-like material that forms to your foot. The entire shoe can get wet without damage.The white Sanuk branding on the heel of these flip flops wears off relatively quickly until it totally disappears. Unlike some flip flops with soft soles, these do not permanently mold to your foot but bounce back each time you take them off.If I had the cash floating around, I would absolutely own a pair of these in every color. Considering we had an unseasonably warm winter, I’ve worn these flip flops almost every day and other than the tiny chunk of sole ripped off by a foster kitten (with seriously sharp teeth who chewed on everything), they still look practically new.Buy these now. Just not in my size!Prada Belts Replica
  • GREAT HANDBAG!:The hipster in general is small for my taste. But shipment was fast and it was exactly what I ordered. I have the midnight blue turn lock wallet and I love them both!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Price
  • Five Stars:Very nice. Not wide so can be hard to squeeze everything in.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap
  • Warm and Comfortable:Just the right size, super comfy and warm. Well worth the price.
  • Annoying Review Requirement:I really like this sock. I have been trying to get some more hiking socks and this is one of my go-to socks now. I wear these types of socks everyday as I like the extra padding. Please note I am writing this review after a year of wear (ordered 8/12/14), compared to other socks I have this one is beyond solid.Pros:Solid constructionGood padding (without bunching)Lifetime warrantyFit wellCons:Expensive
  • Wrong minimum age:I was initially worried about the size when I ordered them for my son who was 3 months old and small for his age but they fit prefect! I even tried them on myself to see if they’d fit me and they did, I’m only 5’2 but still they fit. We attend football (American soccer) matches pretty frequently and his father, who is not a quite man) normally wears him and with all the cheering and yelling our son stays completly clam and relaxed. He doesn’t even get startled when goals are scored. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to protect your child’s hearing in loud outings or activities.
  • Just what we needed!:This shoehorn makes it very easy to put on shoes and boots. It would be especially useful for older persons. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • As I get older and bulkier, bending is not as easy as it once was.:I love it and I save 2 minutes every morning by not having to untie my shoes to get them on. I also love the handle for easy hanging and it never ends up on the floor. Little things like this make life easier! Thanks for such a great and thoughtful product!
  • works great:It’s a quality shoe horn, strong and built well. It helps me put my shoes on with minimal effort and without tearing up thumb. I’m too old to wear velcro and I’m not untying my work shoes every time I come home.
  • I never want to take them off…:I love these shoes, I have a pair for myself. So when we needed new shoes for our son, this was my first choice.They are very sturdy and have great, non-slip soles. If you kid is very active, he/she should be able to break these in about a year – which is great and you need new shoes by then anyways. My adult version lasted 2 years already and is as good as new.The colors are fun and kids will love them and the show is easy to put on and off.They are sandals, but have the covered toe to protect the foot. Again, a wise idea for kids (and adults too).These shoes are very easy to care for. If they get too dirty, you can just rinse them out with water.All in all a great shoe for kids. If it had more reflective materials on it for safety, it would be perfect.
  • Buy one pair of these a year or month or whatever and you’ve got four or five pairs of awesome socks for the rest of your life:I was looking to replace some of my old socks that have stood by me through thick and thin. A lot of things are often advertised as both "tough" and "comfortable" but these stood out from all the other liars.These socks work better than great. Their wool mix means they keep my feet warm when they have to and dry when it’s needed, built for long walks and hikes, and perfect for feet that see a lot of outings. I’m a size 9-10 with a bit of a wide and flat foot, and these fit perfectly. After a day of heavy use, they leave no smell, which is a great plus. After 20 washes, my single pair had shown no noticeable signs of wear or tear. Planning on buying tons more, now. A sock for life.