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  • LOVE IT! Great for stuffing in an overhead compartment!:This was a gift for my lady. She loves it.I would not buy this for myself. The fabric/material is too thin/light weight for a duffle bag. I t was shipped in an envelope. The envelope was 12 X 15 X 3/4. inside it was a plastic bag holding what looked like a folded towel. I have reservations about spending $79 for a cheaply made bag by Vera Bradley.So…… My lady likes it – that’s enoughReplica Hermes Belt Sale
  • Not returnable for health reasons says the label. WHAT?:These sandals make my plantar fascisitis feel good but the shoes look like they are made for men and women just buy a man’s size shoe which makes them larger and wider than my feet and normal foot wear so I use them strictly around the house but would not go out in them.Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:Its a really good and reliable shoe horn. Doesn’t bend or break. I LOVE IT!!!Black And Gold Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:perfectReplica Replica Hermes Belt
  • This however is a fine durable metal shoehorn:Great shoe horn. Not sure why the review query page here on Amazon is asking me if its a good shoe that fits, but I blame Amazon for that. Great horn.
  • Five Stars:Love this purse. Perfect size. Very pretty.
  • Vera Bradley Duffel Review:I purchased this bag to use on short trips throughout Europe while studying in London, UK for a semester. Very happy I bought this duffel. I took several weekend trips on budget airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair which allows you one carry on bag at no charge. This duffel easily fit within their size restrictions and I was never given any hassle, as I saw many other people go through regarding their bag size. Easily foldable and large enough to fit all of my things.
  • LOVE. LOVE, LOVE them!!!:I bought these on the recommendation of a friend that thought they were very comfortable. I received them and found they had a notice attached that for health reasons they are NOT returnable. Who would buy shoes that are NOT returnable if they do not fit right?I certainly would not have. Well wouldn’t you know the high arch causes my right foot to be so uncomfortable that I can not wear these shoes, now I am STUCK with shoes I can not wear! Buyer BEWARE!!!
  • Great travel addition!:A very handy organizer when traveling. Easily fits multiple passports, boarding passes and the zipped enclosure keeps everything secure.
  • Every baby needs a pair of these!:Every baby needs a pair of these! After a month of fighting to keep socks on my LO’s feet, I was so happy to get these and have ordered other styles from Zutano. The snaps are awesome and do not fall off. The fleece on this pair are super warm, I usually go without socks underneath but when I have doubled up, they still stay put. I’ve recommended these to all my mom-friends and they love them.I bought the 6 mo size when my LO was 2 mo old and have used them now for over 2.5 months. There is still room to grow, the fabric/material has held up great. Will definitely purchase more.
  • Five Stars:very good
  • Only wish they were a bit more sturdy so they would last longer:Marvelous ! with thongs anyone smaller can use my sandals and they (my wife) did. I bought her a pair. Domestic tranquility has returned. We are all smiles.