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  • … feet got used to the support they became my favorite pair of flip flops:The most comfortable thong/sandle I have ever worn. No more tired legs at night. I throw them in the washer with no problem. I wish they came in RED! Please think about it.Mens Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • I hate to pack to travel:I received these 4 large packing cubes a few days ago. I have to say I am impressed. I have only had one other brand of packing cubes which was from the Ebags company in a similar shade of green. My Ebags cubes are a set of 3: a large that appears to be the same size as 1 of these large ones, and then a medium and a small one.The Dot & Dot cubes are pretty true to the stock photo. They are between an olive green / army green / forest green and are a nice honeycomb pattern/texture. They are slightly stiffer of a material, but are very similar to the Ebags. My Ebags cubes have only been used 3 times, but are floppier due to the different structure. The Ebags are a lighter shade, and closer to a dark lime / avocado green with a smaller, faint almost diamond pattern. I do prefer the Ebags color, however the are so similar to the Dot & Dot color, and both cube brands coordinate / match my Heys Peacock Spinner Luggage PERFECTLY, as there are several slight variations of the peacock feathers on my suitcase. The Dot & Dot have a nicer material and I like the edges / seams, as they seem like they will last longer and will be less likely to split at the seams if over packed / stuffed (I tend to pack more clothes than I need JUST IN CASE–I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 6 month old, and between spit up on my clothing from the baby, and my 3 1/2 year old who often gets her clothes played in or food on them, I need extra clothing. :) The zippers are very similar, I do want to note that my Ebags zipper on the largest bag has always stuck in one area and I have to gently work with it to get it zipped open and closed. I have not had the Dot & Dot brand long enough to test it for smooth zippering.Both brands have a sturdy black nylon handle at the top, which makes them quite convenient.They both have a black mesh and the mesh netting seems very similar. They both have a thin grey piping across the top. The Dot & Dot mesh netting is straight across horizontal, while the Ebags is more curved with the green material in between. The logo placement of the Dot & Dot ones are more preferable to me as they are on the side which looks nicer. I am the one who packs the entire family of 4 so it is nice to have a set of 4 large ones which seems to me that for a family of 2 adults, a baby and a small child, you would only need 1-2 sets of 4. We cloth diaper (Bum Genius pocket diapers) which is bulky to travel with. We do not go on vacation much (funds have been tight for the past couple years) so we would not be needing to pack for a whole week. We do go to the next state over for Thanksgiving holidays for about 3-4 days, and often a few cities over in out same state for more frequent traveling to see family. We generally take 16 pairs of cloth diapers on a 3-4 day "weekend" trip, which gives us a full days worth (about 8) and then 8 for the next day while the previous day’s worth is being washed or air drying. My 6 month old wears mostly onesies and baby leg warmers with socks so his packing cube fits his clothes, 16 padded cloth diapers, disposable wipes, his small toiletry / baby items, etc just fine. My daughter usually wears 1 pair of jeans to where we are going (so if by chance she did not get them dirty, she technically could wear them once again or I could wash them on the trip), and I pack her 1 spare, 1-2 play dresses, 4 shirts, 2 knit pants leggings, socks, underwear, her little toiletry bag, and some dry snacks in her packing cube. My packing cube I usually wear a pair of jeans, but take 2 spare (I live in jeans), I take 4-5 shirts, 2-3 nursing tanks, my undergarments, socks, 1 dress (depending on what we will be doing) and my toiletries. I generally take much more makeup than I really need for a weekend trip, but I do not use or take a blow dryer or curling iron so I have plenty of space. :) I always wear a pair of shoes (usually my athletic shoes as they are bulkier) and then pack a nicer, more dressier pair, such as strappy sandals or nice flats.These packing cubes are very nice and I love them already. They are very similar to Ebags in many ways, but I think they are a little better due to the thick edges and structure. The green color I ordered was actually my second choice as I really wanted the pink (someone mentioned that the Dot & Dot pink is more corally in person—I swoon as I LOVE corally pinks) but the pink had only 2 sets left at the time and I hemmed and hawed about which color to get ( green or pink) the day I ordered, and guess what, later that evening the pinks were out of stock. The green is lovely however and unisex. The honeycomb pattern is classy and this "Honeybee" is fond of the pattern.Please note my descriptions of the green colors are more true to life than my pictures. My pictures make the greens more vibrant and almost neon, which they are not. In real life the 2 brands mentioned are like the skin of a lime (Ebags) vs. a more army green or forest green (Dot & Dot).If you found this review enjoyable, interesting, or if you have a question for me, please let me know with a friendly comment. I am fond of writing reviews and hearing feedback about what I have written. I feel reviews help those interested make an informed decision before purchasing. I also feel that honest and informative reviews improve a product by providing insight to the company. I believe reviews should be honest no matter whether an item was free, at a discount, or purchased. This was sent to me as a sample, as courtesy, in exchange for my honest opinion. 11 commentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 1 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5 of 5 people found the following review helpful3.0 out of 5 starsConsider the Source and Motivation for these Reviews!BySuzanne Namon March 18, 2015Size: 4-piece setColor: BlackVerified PurchaseDo you wonder why there are so many five star reviews for these packing cubes? It’s because the company that makes these bags sends everyone who buys them an offer for free stuff if they will post reviews of products. Tho they don’t require you to write positive reviews, some people might feel obligated to do so (or so excited for the free stuff that their judgment gets a little clouded).The products themselves are fine. They work as advertised, they are inexpensive and appear to be well made. The large bags are very spacious and fit plenty of items in them. Overall I’m happy with this product and would even buy it again, but not happy with the review program this company has.Replica Hermes Belt Men Replica
  • Good quality:Excelente relación precio valor en comparación con el costo en que se consigue en mi país, el envió llego a tiempo a Miami y desde ahí a la puerta de mi casaReplica Hermes Belt Strap
  • very good:i got this product to organize my docs for my trips, is light and very practical, even holds my checkbook and passport, all my creditcards and cashReplica Hermes Belt Buckle Replica
  • my 8 year old is learning to tie his shoes …:These are awesome!!! I use them for my 5 year old and they have been a lifesaver. He wanted shoes like daddies but of course they have ties and after many many tears learning to tie is just not happening yet. These have solved that problem, we love them! I did receive them at a discount in return fit an honest and unbiased review.
  • The Greatest Sandals:Great fit and comfort for chronic foot pain. I now own 4pair. Thanks oofos and amazon!!!!!
  • Works swell!:Great shoe horn. Lets me easily slip into my shoes. Metal. Well made.
  • They stay on baby feet:These are cute and warm and they really do stay on her feet. She is only 3 months and I bought them in the six month size so she grows into them, and they still stay on, so I’m very happy with these. Great purchase!
  • Great for work travel:Great product, as expected from victorinox, with only minor issues: Card holder tabs are so close together that it is difficult to pull out one at a time, If you are carrying your family’s passport together, they are blocked by each other because of the passport pockets are close together and in the same depth, Customs declaration gets alll wrinkle up at the corners in the letter size pocket behind the passport, the zippered pocket behind the cards/currency compartment cannot hold letter size documents. I can’t complain about the manufacturing or materials, it is just that a little attention to this small details will have made this product an excellent one instead of just good.
  • Four Stars:Not big enough loved the color
  • Allows my son to feel independent:I got these for 7 year old. She never wants to tie her shoes and forgets to look down long enough to care that they are untied. Scared she would break a bone from not paying attention I realized that no tie shoe laces are a REAL thing! These are a god send for people who have stubborn children who have gotten to used to velcro shoes for too lomg. These are simple to lace up and add the stoppers to. Love these! Must try for all of you that just grab and go your shoes and leave them tied. I also love that the laces themselves have a stretch to them.
  • Five Stars:I live in Florida and so I look for comfortable flip flops that can be worn all day and give support for my arches. These are squishy and I wore them 10 hours the first day, teaching and walking! I actually did not intend to wear them to work because they are not really professional looking, but it is almost summer break and I could not find my Sperrys and I was running late and these were sitting there saying "wear me!" (truth in reviewing: they do not really talk) so I wore them with a light dress and it was a good foot day. They are kind of like Fit Flops but I think there is a bit more support because at the end of the day of wearing the Fit Flops, my legs will ache. That did not happen with the Oofos. Now, the black that I bought was not really feminine, and since they are labeled "unisex" then I guess that is to be expected. But they were not really clunky either. The material is kind of like Crocs shoes, maybe a bit firmer. The part between the toes is not too large – I cannot wear the Crocs thongs because theirs is too wide. Flip flops that I like with good arch support are Olukai, Chacos, Keenos. These are clunkier than Olukai and Chakos and about the same as Keenos but without the little massage nubs. I will wear them when I have a lot of walking to do in the summer. A good buy. Amazon was the same price as Foot Smart (the only other place I found that sold these) but the shipping at F.S. was 25% of the cost of the shoe, and Amazon’s was not. I considered the Amazon deal a good one and the shoe was worth the cost.