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  • no more foot pain:Most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned. I have major foot issues and most shoes cause me pain after an hour on my feet. I’ve worn these all day with total comfort. Two of my friends…so far…have ordered their own after trying mine on. Wish they came in lots of colors.Replica Hermes Mens Belt Replica
  • Love them:I can never keep socks on my 6 month old. He is constantly moving, kicking, and pulling at them. These zutano’s stay on and keep his feet warm. They seem to be well made and don’t get dirty too fast. I’ve thrown them in the wash twice now and they still look the same. I’ve already bought him 2 more pairs. He has a larger foot than an average 6 month old, so I bought the 12 month size. He has a little room to grow which is great, so if you aren’t sure on sizing, go up!!Replica Hermes H Buckle Belt
  • love it:Very CuteReplica Hermes Belt Replica
  • excelente:my boyfriend love it, is perfect…he used as a wallet, it have lots of space..i recommend it a lot.. amazingCheap Replica Hermes Belts
  • Love my Oofos!:Bought this again due to wear of other pair purchased a year ago and still the best sandal for me!
  • The Best:Run a little small. Other than that, VERY comfortable.
  • My favorite for everyday!:This was exactly what I wanted! Great purse, good amount of room, and easy to carry. It’s a must have!
  • Durable product:Amazon asked whether my shoe horn fit as expected and can be comfortably wear all day… Interesting.
  • Consider the Source and Motivation for these Reviews!:We have a family member who has difficulty planning and keeping organized. These suitcase organizers allow her to rummage through her belongings even in a large duffle bag without making an overwhelming mess. I am reviewing the Dot & Dot against the Shacke as both came recommended and stand out above others. I admit that I haven’t used these for years but it appears to me that they are a good investment. Size large is good for holding a number of like items, sweaters, beach towels; we prefer to use size medium for outfits.The quality of Dot & Dot is excellent — sturdy,well-vented, washable, and lightweight. The black that you see in the product photos is the zipper. The binding is made from the colored material and the binding is external (unlike Shacke). This makes Dot & Dot noticeably lighter in weight than the heavy duty tape used on Shacke organizers. Both brands are sewn with even stitching and have freely moving zippers. Dot & Dot handles are attached by wide zigzag stitch using an extra patch of fabric on the underside as reinforcement against tearing (unlike Shacke). Dot & Dot puts one stitch line of medium length stitch to secure the zipper tape (one per zipper side). Shacke uses two lines of a very long stitch.The Dot & Dot colors are soft yet bright whereas Shacke colors are dark. The Dot & Dot fabric is quieter, less crunchy. I like Dot & Dot’s tiny beehive imprint. My preference between the two is Dot&Dot due to its lighter weight.
  • Great product for what it is:Wouldn’t think such a sturdy looking product could break, but it did.
  • Bradley Hipster:Beautiful & VERY Versatile
  • Great No Tie:What a nice surprise these laces easy to put in the shoes, good length. I was very happy with he stretch, and the toggle/tie held nicely. Very satisfied with this product.