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Customer reviews

  • Five Stars:Love it!!!! Exactly what I wanted and received it in a timely manner.Replica Hermes Men Belt
  • I bought it to help me put my dress shoes …:Nice shoe horn. I like the fact thatyou can reverse it and use the otherend for small childrenRed Replica Hermes Belt
  • A must have for any traveler!:I love this cute little bag it’s perfect for my cosmetics like lip gloss and lipstick. I was considering using it for my eyeliner too since I have a ton and this would keep it together. I have a ton of makeup and may have to stock up on a few more bags to help me stay organized!Replica Hermes Black Belt
  • Awesome:I have been using this on my boots for a long time, I get 2-3 years out of my work boots (Lugz) and this keeps them looking new the whole time, the difference between applications is unbelievable, it really brings out the shine. I have also used this on sword and knife sheets, belts and my wallet, I don’t recommend it on the wallet because it gets a little greasy in your pants it you put to much or don’t rub it in well enough, but it did make it look like new.Replica Hermes Belt Cheap
  • We used these CONSTANTLY!!!:Love them! They were recommended by my oldest sons day care teacher -she has seen a lot of shoes and socks for babies and they all seem to fall off but these. My new little guy is only 2 months old so orig. I got the 3 month size, but they were way too small. I returned them and got the 12 month size (he weighs 13 lbs) and they stay on great with room to grow. They are the only socks/shoes that he can keep on all night without kicking off-real life saver when the house has been chilly. I got the gray color and he wears them with everything- of course when you have a boy everything is grey blue or green so it makes since they would match!
  • Five Stars:love it and plan to buy more colors
  • Very good product:Just received this today. Although I was aware of dimensions my initial thought was, “yikes, this is huge!” I also thought it was a little plain on the exterior compared to another one I saw. However, I decided to try it out. I am able to comfortably fit three passports in but only if I spread them out; one on top, one in middle and one at the bottom. The middle has a few passport slots, but once you put one it, getting another one or two in is a tight squeeze.I like the outside pocket for quick access to boarding passes and the interior pen holder, in which I managed to fit two pens. This also has small strap on one corner for carrying and two small tabs at the top to attach a strap, which I did. I can go hands free and wear this crossbody, or over the shoulder and don’t have to keep it in my bag.An added surprise is that my nexus tablet fits comfortably inside. I can put it in the inside pocket without the zipper or just in the case itself. I will opt for the inside pocket since its held snug and I won’t have to worry about it falling out once case is unzipped.Compared to the other case that I thought was better looking outside and is $8 less, this is more practical for my needs, and It makes paying $8 more not so bad.Overall I am very pleased with this organizer and will recommend it to others who are in the market for something similar.
  • Five Stars:I love this bag very good quality!
  • Wonderful No Tie Laces:I love these shoe laces! I ordered them for my 6 year old son, he just learned how to tie his shoes…but it takes a while and holds up our process out the door. These laces are quick and easy, they were easy to lace into his shoes, and they have an "elasticism" to them which makes them even more comfortable for my son to wear! I did receive these at a discounted price for my unbiased review and option, which is they are awesome and I would def recommend them to anyone…kids or adults!
  • Awesome!:Love it! Perfect size and the color is richer than what was expecting!
  • Five Stars:Nice shoe horn. I like that there is a small side for the kids.
  • Five Stars:It arrived on time an was just what I wanted.No complaints