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  • Five Stars:For some person it might be fine but it ended up way too small for me. I had to return it and get the Glenna.Belt Replica Hermes
  • Felt good on foot but needed more support on the sole:The shoe is a bit pricey but worth ever penny. This flip flop has saved my life in regard to summer fun. I developed plantar fasciitis about one year ago in my right heel. This brand Oofos has an incredible arch support plus super cushion on my heel, while I am standing up straight I feel no direct pressure on my heels. As I walk the shoe provides amazing comfort for my heel. Such good arch support my arch was slightly sore for a couple of days but my foot loves it now. Before this shoe I was able to walk normal for a short amount of time with a regular flip flop then I would find myself kinda tip toeing on my bad foot. I thought my summer vacations would be contained to just relaxing by the pool but with the Oofos flip flop I am able to go on excursion, walking, shopping and dancing. The shoe runs true to size, I love this shoe so much I ordered all colors for the summer and I use a pair as the shoe I step into when I get out of bed in the morning. A must have for plantar fasciitis.Replica Hermes Belt Gold Buckle
  • Awesome case….:esta portachequera es estupenda, ahora puedo tener mis documentos mejor organizados y a parte de practica es muy llamativa algo que le da un extra a lo que estaba esperando, un producto de calidadReplica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • Feels fantastic on exhausted feet. Doesn’t look weird on either.:I would buy these again. Flat sandals are no longer an option for me.Replica Hermes Belts Men
  • Five Stars:excelente
  • Great Shoe Horn:This is a SHOE HORN not shoes. It’s a good product. It works !
  • Great Wallet:Love, love, love my new wallet!
  • I love this purse – it is so pretty – the …:I love this purse – it is so pretty – the only thing is I thought it would be larger – I wish it was a little bigger as it is hard for me to fit my Vera Bradley Wallet, glasses – check book and sunglasses…. but I manage.
  • Love the pattern, a little smaller than I was expecting:I am a big fan of Vera Bradley and have several purses but love this bag! It can hold lots of stuff, and still look very slim and not bulky. Love the color and design of Plum Crazy too! I also love the pocket which I always put my iPhone in.
  • I love these packing cubes! Great for travel and more:The large organizers are my favorite, they hold a lot of clothes, I have fit several pairs of pants, complete outfits, even toys and games, inside the large organizers. I also use one for dirty clothes, so that they can be kept separate. I will be putting all of these organizers to the test soon, as we do an out of state move, so I will see just how much these bad boys really fit!They also come in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find one that matches your luggage. Overall, I think that these are great, and will likely order more.*I received this product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own*
  • These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had (ever):My mom received a pair of these from her sister who had purchased a pair at an arts/craft fair. I tried them on and was amazed at the comfort and support. They are incredible.
  • GREAT!:It’s been really cold here and I am SO glad I purchased these booties for my 9 month old son. They are cozy and fit great, plus they go on easy and stay on well, which is a plus since he loves to take off his shoes and socks. Get these for your baby, you won’t be sorry.