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Customer reviews

  • Five Stars:Good shoe horn…way better than my old plastic one that broke.Replica Hermes Men Belts
  • Smaller than I thought:Holds just enough. A camera, cell and small wallet still leaves room for sunglasses. Also, the adjustable strap is a plus!Replica Hermes H Belt Buckle
  • Great product!:These shoe horns are very well made and comfortale to use. They should last forever. Don’t bother with the plastic ones.Belt Replica Hermes
  • Happy bag:I needed to lighten up my bags and this is just what I needed. Plenty of room for what is necessary and the rest stays home. Check the dimensions of the bag and make sure it’s what you need. The quality of everything in this brand has been great.Womens Replica Hermes Belt
  • I DO NOT NEED TO STOP AND RETIE MY SHOELACES NOW WHILE RUNNING ALL THE TIME:These laces are awesome!! They are super easy to lace up and putting on the lock was a breeze! Simply thread the ends of the laces through the hole while depressing the button. Once you release the spring loaded clasp holds the laces firmly in place! Then snap the end piece on the ends of the laces and you are done! I tried them out this am and they felt comfortable and held securely. The best part is no more tying my shoes! The black swirl pattern looks great with my Nikes too! Definitely getting another pair for my hiking boots!
  • good shoops:very good
  • quality product:Just what I was expecting… what I wanted, and delivered on time. I have received the package its all good. This was an order for shoe horns, not shoes……
  • Five Stars:The Stitching is poor.
  • I have been battling plantar fasciitis for months and I was looking for a comfortable sandal to wear here in hot and humid Flori:Better than my crocs! My podiatrist recommended them and I finally decided to try them (even though I usually wear crocs and have way too many of them due to my foot pain). I very rarely wear my crocs now. However, I don’t wear these outside my house because they aren’t exactly fashionable!
  • Five Stars:Love love love this bag!! Perfect size!
  • These are GREAT!! My only problem is:I love these Link Laces for several reasons: #1 NO TIE , means I don’t have to bend over or stoop over to tie my own shoelaces which is often hard due to back and neck injuries. #2- easy to use…All I had to do was lock down and thread them (the Lock Laces) through the hole, then I cutnhte laces evenly about 2-3 inches below the lock itself, and then the final step was to insert the lace into the clip and lock it into place.Sounds harder then it actually is!What’s great is everyone can use them. I love them for me due to back injuries and neck injuries and the RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). I love them for my Grandson Vincent due to the fact that once in place all he has to do is put on his shoes without his having to tie his shoes (we will still make sure he knows how to tie his own shoes). I also love these for my ex-husband who is battling lung cancer who gets out of breath so much he’s usually only wearing socks outside. This way he can even have a pair of shoes and easily slip them on and off.I wondered if these would be comfortable as well as easy to install and use. They are extremely comfortable and they, at least to me, are much more comfortable then tight shoe laces. And I don’t have to worry about them coming undone and tripping over them.These are good for any one and of any age.I was given this product at a discount in exchange fo my honest and unbiased review. The opinions within this review are 100% my own and I was not compensated in any other way.
  • good!:Great bag for a great price will definitely order again when the time comes.