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  • Solid!:This shoehorn is like having a Cadillac or Lincoln Towne Car! Never thought needing to buy another shoehorn could create such Buyer Satisfaction. Thanks Shacke’s!Replica Hermes Belts For Women
  • Works good!:What can you say about a shoehorn? It is very sturdy and looks like it will last for quite a while.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt For Sale
  • Five Stars:Useful.Replica Hermes Belt Sale
  • Love the hipster:My daughter loves this purse. Roomy and so much more. She’s very happy with it and the colors!Replica Hermes Belt
  • Look good AND feel good for a fair price:I love the comfort of this shoe. I wish they were a bit more better looking, or came in different was the thong or the slip on and that was it. Bought them in the middle of winter and have been wearing them around the house. Will buy a second pair to wear outside now that Spring is on its way.
  • Toeless Yoga Socks Bella Style Non Slip are the best I have ever had!:These are great! I also have a problem with not being able to hold poses for that long or correctly because my feet slip. I’ve tried anti slip yoga mats and baby powder in my feet but nothing really works. Normal socks just make the problem worse and nothing feels more weird than doing yoga in socks, right?It’s odd how such a small difference as these socks makes such a bigger difference in my strength and form. I’ve noticed that for poses that require a strength of the inner thigh, hamstring, and buns, that I can really focus on these muscles and my breathing since I’m not preoccupied with slipping all over my map. Overall, I am so glad to own these socks. They’re comfortable enough that they don’t hurt, even with my hour long sessions. And when I do on the off chance do Bikram, these still help with my grip despite the sweat pouring down my legs. I received this in exchange for a completely honest, unbiased review.
  • Five Stars:Favorite purse ever
  • Shape of the horn is honestly not that efficient. …:Wider shoe horn. Great quality!! Perfect for my shoe size 13 husband. Very pleased with this product choice.
  • Five Stars:grand daughter loves this purse
  • I love this item:I got these laces for my 6 year old son, we are still working on tying our shoes. They are great! They remind me of our Keens just slip on you shoe, pull them snug and off you go. I will be buying more sets in the future!!
  • Good flip flogs:I love these shoes…they are so comforatble. I wear them all day, even when working in the yard. Just wash them off if they get muddy.I’ve had some problems with my feet hurting and since wearing these shoes my feet never hurt anymore. Worth the price!
  • Love them:I love these booties, and in fact purchased them in brown and pink, so my newborn can wear them with lots of colors. I read all the reviews before ordering them, so I got the 6 month size for my newborn baby, and they fit her just fine. They are great because the smallest snap keeps them on her feet (they haven’t fallen off yet!), she has plenty of room in front to grow into them, and there’s a larger snap for when her ankles get wider. A great warm bootie for my midwest winter newborn.