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Customer reviews

  • Very sturdy and does what it is made for:What can I say that the description doesn’t. Its metal it smooth puts heal of foot right into shoe. They make a 24” one which I will probably get next time since I don’t like to bend over.Replica Hermes Belt Fake
  • Great Product:I love this cross body. Their products never disappoint!Replica Hermes Belt Cheap
  • Love Vera Bradley!:Tons of compliments! Lovely printReplica Hermes Leather Belt
  • Happy customer!!!:Perfect size & I love the color. I can fit all my stuff needed in it.The zipper compartments are great.Replica Hermes Black Belt
  • Great for plantar fasciitis!:I love these sandals. I have two pairs now and plan to buy more colors in the future. I keep recommending them to my friends. When they try them on they love them.
  • Five Stars:My 96 year old mother asked for this shoe horn, and does like it.
  • These socks are adorable!! They are also super comfy and fit …:These socks are fantastic. I love the size and fit. Just enough to keep my feet cozy without being too hot. I like that they are thin so they keep the chill away but not too thick so that I overheat. The colors are vibrant and fun and the designs are great. These will be wonderful to wear around in the winter or to give as presents for the holidays. Great stocking stuffer idea!There was no shrinkage when I washed them They have no frayed or missing seams. The toys seem to be reinforced too which is great because that is where I wear my socks out most.I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • I received it very quickly and was very pleased with the appearance:This purse is just the right size. I had a purse that was much bigger, and it seemed that I would just find random stuff to put in it to where it would get heavy. I love the crossbody design, and I can put what I actually need and use in it. The print is beautiful as well. This has been my everyday purse for awhile now and will be for quite some time.
  • Great System!:One of the best things about this product (and Dot & Dot in general) is that there are 10 color options for the products. My husband and I use the large packing cubes not just for vacations/packing, but every day. We have a very small place and we fold/put our clothes away in color coded cubes! Mine are the pink, yellow, purple, and light blue – his are the black, dark blue, gray, and green. It helps so much when we’re looking for something because we always know which pack it’s in! Once again we’re thrilled with our order and will definitely be purchasing more as soon as we figure out what we need next.The features we like the best are that so much can fit into one pack. I have every pair of leggings and yoga pants I own (over 10) in one pack, which saves so much space in drawers. Also, the mesh cover makes it so easy to see what is in each pack, which is so great when you’re looking through them to find something. The only thing that we weren’t 100% happy with is that the zipper seems weak. My concern is that it’s going to break after just a few more uses. Other than that I would completely recommend any of the Dot & Dot products to everyone.
  • These are just so comfortable!!:Comfortable but run on the small side! I ordered the ladies size 10 but are short and tight in the toe area, even though I gave narrow feet! I noticed a sticker, placed on the bag containing the sandals, no returns or exchanges! That isn’t what the listing said on Amazon! It said free returns! So I’m confused why I can’t return them for the next size up! They also have a very strong smell to them! I think it’s worth my calling into customer service to ask about the return policy!
  • Wallet:I had this same wallet in black and the zipper broke, I am glad this one is the same and hope it last as long as the last one.
  • Five Stars:Very comfortable. Wish they had clog in men’s sizes larger than 10