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  • Smarter Than Your Average Shoe Horn!:When I was a kid the shoe salesman always included a shoe horn with your new shoes. Hadn’t realized how hard it is to find a real shoe horn since I’ve used the same one for years. What I didn’t want was what the shoe salesman used to include. The angle was wrong and too narrow for a real foot. The Shacke unit is well thought out and works as advertised. Your heel slides in without pain and your shoe isn’t scarred when the horn is removed as the edges are polished and not sharp. Treat yourself and save your shoes and heels.Replica Hermes Black Belt
  • Awesome!:I love my Vera Bradley cross over style purses use it all the timeReplica Hermes Belt With H Buckle
  • Must have!!!!:These are perfect for traveling.I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own. I love the color of these, purple is my favorite color. I was able to pack much more in my suitcase because these bags kept everything much more organized. I wouldnt travel without these now!Replica Hermes Belt Singapore
  • Love this bag:This purse is very light and easy to carry! There are enough zippered pockets to keep me organized. The colors are vibrant!Replica Hermes Belt Mens
  • Space Save:i just got this today– very excited to use this for my three week trip! (with ability to do laundry at least twice.) The bags are all really well made and seems like it’s made of sturdy material. Definitely alot can fit in the large bag! I sort of wish it came with two large bags since pants take up more space. There is an information card that comes with examples of what you can pack depending on how long your trip is and it says you can fit 3 pants and 6 shorts/skirts in the big bag, but if you’re traveling in the winter time– shorts/skirts aren’t exactly a smart option. I plan to use these with my Cabin Max book bag, so it’ll be a tight squeeze, but I got confirmation from another friend that you can def pack more in the Cabin Max bag when using shacke paks. :)
  • Nice size, carry a lot!:Love love love this bag. Washes clean and has the perfect amount of room for me. I wish I had it in more colors. But it is my go to bag! Now if we could just get vera to step up the wristlet and wallets!
  • It works for me….:I’m 6 feet 2 inches tall. I exercise regularly and wear nice shoes. Those shoes are not flip flops and not always the easiest to slam my feet into. So I bought shoe horns. If you’re reading this, you may have found how difficult it is to find a shoe horn. Shoe departments of any store? Not usually and what they stock if you find something is a plastic piece of junk. I had an LL Bean plastic shoe horn and cracked it. I weigh about 220. And it was thick plastic. I had been thinking of making something with 18 gauge sheet metal, but that seemed extreme. Then I saw this, Shacke metal shoe horn 7.5 inches long. I now have two of these Shacke shoe horns and love them (the second is for the gym bag). This is truly the high end stainless steel tool for the shoe box. Sturdy but light and a little longer to ease the foot into the shoe. Top drawer manufacturing from a family-owned company, Shacke. It made the first part of my day just that much easier.
  • Love these flip flops so much– so comfortable — wish …:my first pair i bought in Kona…..this is my second pair and , of course , they’re comfortable and flip flops i’ve had….
  • Neat item!:I have a ikea bed which has only 4 inch space underbed. Usually, beds come with 6 inch or more under space and all the standard under bed boxes height will be minimum of 5-6 inches. I bought these packs to store bed sheets under bed and they are perfect. Very nice quality with double zipper. I also keep some silk sarees in these packing cubes which is perfect to store them.
  • Love it!:I like that the wallet has plenty of storage for cards and information to keep my purse uncluttered. The turn lock area holds cards as well as slots for cash for easy access. There is also the zipper compartment for loose change and more slots to hold cards or other paperwork. I think it is a good size that easily fits in a standard sized purse.
  • Best purse ever for travel in Africa:Great very good for the summer
  • Plenty of pockets:Love it!