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  • heavy duty and perfect in every way:This is a huge shoe horn. I’m certain I can easily forge a cutlery set out this item and still be left with enough shoe horn. Good quality and came in a long big box, I thought it was something else and on time. I love it.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt
  • Perfect purse:My daughter wanted this particular purse for her birthday. For not knowing much about purses, i was impressed with the quality of the thing. I think she’ll get plenty of use out of it for sometime. One thing i though was pretty cool is the name stamped on the metal rings that attach the should strap to the bag.Replica Hermes Belt Buckle
  • Strong and slick.:Well made solid shoe horn with detailed finish, does its job.Replica Hermes Black Belt
  • Vera Bradley Hipster (Midnight Blues):It came right on time. Bigger than I expected, which was good. Very comfortable to carry. The strap doesn’t dig in or anything. Beautiful colors!Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • It looks better in the photo than in person:Quality product!Last one I’ll need to buy unless I lose it.Should last forever.No rough spots to snag your socks.Great price.Prompt delivery.
  • Five Stars:Vera Bradley items are always good quality
  • So comfortable and worth the money:They are not the most stylish sandals, but may be the most comfortable. Love them! I want to try the clogs too!
  • i didn’t know it comes with laces too! i …:I’m using this for my 6yr old son who hasn’t quite figured out tying his shoe laces yet! Very easy to set up and he seems to enjoy the cool laces!
  • Five Stars:Serves it’s purpose
  • A MUST HAVE FOR ALL YOGA lovers:My doctor says I need to exercise, and the only class at the YMCA this past session was senior yoga. I went to try a class (before I signed up for a whole session) and took these socks along "just in case". (Well, if nobody else was wearing weird socks, I wasn’t going to look like a dork!). I noticed that a couple of the other ladies were wearing something that looked like these socks. As we started the positions and my socks slipped on the floor, I noticed that THEIR feet weren’t slipping. I used the small rest break to put mine on, and immediately saw a difference. I was able to safely attempt some of the positions and was less worried about falling, hurting myself, or looking stupid. I will definitely use these during this next full session of senior yoga. Definitely recommend.Special note: I am often provided a sample for review and testing at a discounted price. I do not promise a good rating in return, nor am I affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just an avid online shopper who relies on online reviews for my shopping decisions. I shop very frequently on Amazon and do not believe in giving dishonest or biased reviews. Have a Blessed Day!
  • Fantastic! Very strong steel and highly polished.:Have used this every single day since I bought it. Excellent full metal build slides your shoe on flawlessly every time. Definitely will tell anyone who talks about needing one!
  • Vera Bradley Hipster — best ever!:colors were true to picture. price was good for a vera bradley. love the hipster for hands free carrying and no slipping off shoulder. pockets in perfect places.