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  • She liked it!!!:I do have to laugh sometimes, it doesn’t matter how many times I look at dimensions – this bag was just a bit bigger than I wanted. I love the print and the style is good, but I am short and can’t use a bag of this dimension.Replica Hermes Collier De Chien Belt
  • Pretty and Comfortable:They fit true to size and were very comfortable. Adjustable strap is great. Would recommend this Clark brand flip flop.Replica Hermes Belt Red
  • It is beautiful it is exactly how is pictured and explained everything …:Another Vera Bradley product that out did my expectations. It fits all my day to day stuff I carry in my bag. Sits well on the hip when walking and the color combo is to die for .Replica Hermes Belt For Men Replica
  • Five Stars:Vera Bradley items are always good qualityReplica Hermes Leather Belts
  • Cute bag:Love love love my Vera Bradley Hipster! The color red is so beautiful! I am so glad I ordered it. It was shipped in a timely manner.
  • but I assume they will work fine. So far so good but time will tell:Works
  • Would recommend.:This is a pretty good shoe horn, but the Orthostep one on Amazon is much stronger.
  • Like walking on a cloud!!:I have been wearing slide type sandals for years because I couldn’t tolerate the bar between the toe. I really wanted to wear something more up to date, and also more secure as many slides give you unstable footing. On QVC the people from Clark’s said these would be more comfortable between the toes. I did not have a problem with these between the toes, but I did have a little rubbing on the top of my foot at that point at first. I should have slowly started to wear them at first instead of wearing them all day every day. But you may not have that problem, I happen to have very sensitive skin. I loved them so much when I found them on Amazon I watched the price and bought 5, YES, 5 colors when the price was right!
  • Gorgeous color:It is the perfect size for my needs. I love the quality of the material.
  • Not for me…:After checking the sizing chart, the size I ordered fit perfect. Its a very comfortable wearing sandal. I wear them a lot more than I was expecting too. I would definitely buy these sandals again.
  • Needed these because my feet slide everywhere:PurSabino are my go to yoga socks for comfort, style and quality.If you are looking for excellent yoga socks, these are the only ones to buy!
  • Would recommend for anyone with foot issues:Finally full foot RELIEF after suffering painful years from (no arches), heal & ball of feet > issues <>FINALLY someone got it right !The sole is thick/wide/good shock absorption, so comfortable ( I weigh about 155 lbs ). The feel (barefooted of course) something between a gel surface & memory foam (heavenly). Surface has moderate waffle type surface that in conjunction with the shoes material provides a non-slippery surface (good for going down stairs). Wasn’t able to find a half size so I purchased the size 10; still comfortable and Not an awkward feel. Would love to wear them everyday / all day ! Wish they came in more colors like navy blue, tan, etc or I would have quickly purchased more.