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Customer reviews

  • Great casual bag:Love it. Arrived in like two days!!! My iPad fits nicely inside even with its leather cover. Highly recommend this size bag for carring a standard size iPad when traveling.Replica Hermes Belt Authentic
  • there is a small cut-out on the outside of the …:My shoes are just a tiny bit too small but thats my fault, I ordered a 9 but usually wear 10 other than that , I love my shoes ! !Buy Replica Hermes Belt
  • Horrible smell!:This bag exceeds my expectations. It is light weight and sturdy. There is plenty of room to put clothes and other important items for an overnight or weekend trip. I will be using it as the carryon bag for riding the train. Also the price was very good.Replica Hermes Belt Sale
  • This is the Cadillac of shoe horns.:Received quickly. As described. Nice sturdy shoehorn and it looks nice too. Bought 4 – completely satisfied.Men Replica Hermes Belt
  • Unbelievable:The quality of the material and stitching was better than I expected. The Hipster is roomier than similar bags I have had in the past. There is plenty of room for my wallet, phone, and other essentials.
  • Four Stars:Love it
  • Five Stars:ok
  • CLOUD FEET:Husband loves these sandals! Couldn’t find size when on vacation at store, so thrilled you carried them. Plus, he got a foot massager too! Thank you
  • Great for packing and storage:1. The packing cubes make packing and unpacking a breeze because they keep your stuff organized…everybody in the family gets their own cube or cubes…or every cube gets its own purpose…2. The cubes allow you to unpack only what you need…this is such a wonderful thing when you need something from the bottom of the suitcase3. If you use them wisely the risk of having atomic clothes bombs explode in your face every time you open the suitcase will be gone…this fact here will save you many embarrassing moments ;)4. I love the see through mesh panel because it is really easy to find what you need…or whose cube that is…in case you don’t choose to get everybody their own cube color :) …5. I also love the fact that they have a carrying handle…it gives them much versatility…I can think of at least a dozen uses I can find for these cool packing cubes6. They come in several colors: gray, green, purple, pink, red, dark blue, light blue, yellow and orange :)…I recommend taking advantage of this fact and color code the family…three sizes also: large, medium, and small7. The fabric is shiny, light, trendy and very true to the colors advertised as you can see in my pictures…they look cool and they make you look cool8. They are very well made, sturdy zipper, they look like they will last a long time9. Another advantage is that unlike suitcases…you can fold or fill these cubes in ways that will allow them to fit in all types of luggage…backpacks, suitcases, duffel bags, even purses…you name itI received this product free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Better than my crocs:Oofos have drastically improved my quality of life! Have suffered with plantar fasciitis for a while and with this footwear, symptoms greatly reduced. Would recommend for anyone with foot issues.
  • Good cube packing system…..:We just returned from Europe having used cubes for the first time and they quickly became indispensable to the point where we would not travel them.Our initial purchase was based on many reviews outlining the advantages of compartmentalizing personal items using the Shacke system when packing. Our trip took us to several different countries with temperatures ranging from cool and damp to humid and hot and we really appreciated the open web design that made it easy to identify and locate the appropriate clothing and accessories.The cubes don’t look that big out of the package but they are well designed to expand allowing lots of items to be stowed with next to no wrinkling but still allowing for compression when being packed in a suitcase. The zippers are heavy duty and have tabs attached making opening and closing easy and the nylon material is heavy duty and seems snag proof. Also the included laundry bag was particularly useful for transporting dirty items to and from the local laundromat.As much as the cubes helped with packing they are even better when on the road as they make unpacking and repacking a breeze, particularly during short hotel stays. Instead of dragging all of our items out of the suitcases and placing them in drawers only to repack a few days later we quickly transferred the cubes instead. In the unlikely event you are overweight at the airport removing a small cube vs digging through all your personal items is a lifesaver and much less embarrassing too. Absolutely one of the first purchases to consider if you travel or plan to travel in the future.
  • oofos are perfect:Great Buy! Very comfortable. Mad I can`t get the Navy also.