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  • Problem with the strap.:I just received my Vera Bradley Hipster purse in my favorite print, Rhythm and Blues (which is now retired and hard to find). It is lovely, and the seller did a great job of getting it to me quickly. I’ve never had a Vera purse before, but I am hooked on the beautiful prints, the thick quilting, and how light even a full purse is! I was hoping this purse would be big enough for my needs because it was available in the pattern I wanted; unfortunately, it’s just a little too small :( I’m a diabetic, and by the time I have stowed all my daily stuff in the purse (wallet, notepad, pen, keys, lipstick, small mirror, e-reader, etc.), there’s just not room for my testing kit. I can still use it for quick errands (and I will), but I will have to order a larger purse (in a different print, darn it) for daily use. I’ve decided to give the Vera Bradley Mailbag (in the Canyon print, my second fave) a try.I highly recommend any Vera Bradley product (and for the most part, Amazon’s sellers do a great job of selling the products below the price you would pay in a Vera store).Replica Hermes Belt Authentic
  • Yes.:Excellent value, just what I was looking for. Very happy with my order.Replica Hermes Belt Black
  • I would recommend these to anyone looking to get a good workout without their shoes on!! Wonderful Yoga Socks by PurSabino!!:I recently have been trying out yoga so the concept is very new to me. I have been practicing at-home videos. At home I have hardwood floors and I have found that with my regular socks my feet are always slipping and sliding (even when I use a mat my feet tend to slide when I step off the mat just a bit). These yoga grip socks by PurSabino have been very useful to me lately because they are comfortable, they keep my feet from sliding (they have a nice grip to them), and they fit my feet very well. I like that these socks are toeless and they also have an opening in the middle section because they are breathable, perfect for yoga, and comforting. I would recommend these socks to those of you who are new to yoga and those of you who practice yoga frequently because they are great! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review, however all opinions expressed are completely my own.Replica Hermes Belt Cheap
  • The Stitching is poor.:I love itReplica Hermes Belts For Men
  • It came quickly through Amazon Prime and she says it’s the best one she has ever had:This is the Cadillac of shoe horns. If you want to keep your kicks looking fresh and clean a shoe horn is a must
  • Five Stars:Love it! My favorite pattern.
  • Perfect for the kiddos!:Excellent shoe string replacements. My husband wears boots alot because of work. So when he wears tennis shoes they feel funny to him and tight so I got him these to try out and he was able to adjust and make it comfortable for him. I received these shoelaces at a discount price for my honest opinion.
  • Five Stars:A bit smaller than I had expected, but overall a great product!!!!
  • Great Shoe Horn:A bit big for Asian feet. But curve it and it will be great.
  • I really love it. It has just enough pockets for everything:Color is beautiful, It will go perfectly with summer outfits. Has plenty of pocket room. I also ordered the wallet to go with it.
  • Five Stars:Very nice, well made shoe horn. Threw all my plastic ones away after receiving this. It should last a lifetime.
  • Just perfect:I received this bag to review for free in exchange for my honest opinion. This bag is very well made, also has a layer of clear plastic inside that makes it waterproof but that also makes it super easy to wipe clean. I am currently using mine to store my makeup when I am not using it, and it holds a very large amount of makeup. Another plus with this bag is the PVC bag it comes in when you order it, it is also reusable and about the same size. So that’s just an extra bonus to me. :) Love Dot&Dot’s products, I will definitely recommend them to any and everyone and will also be buying more in the future!