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  • Excellent product. Helped tremendously when packing to go on …:When we travel, we like to bring a wide assortment of clothing; these bags will make it so much easier and neater to do so.Buy Replica Hermes Belt Online
  • will never pack without!:I am a pretty big guy. I wear XL-Tall shirts and 38×32 pants. On trips I prefer to live out of my suitcase. I can fold my shirts into 11×11-inch squares and pants into 13×14-inch rectangle. Obviously these could be folded into smaller squares but then the squares become thicker and fewer fit into a packing cube. I generally don’t roll clothes because that is a pain and the rolls tend to expand over time meaning that you can’t fit clothes back.The Shacke-Pak system works well for me. Three of the four sizes are at least 13” in one dimension which fit all my folded clothes sizes. The extra-large size is for pants and a couple of shirts. The large size is for shirts, the medium size for underwear, and the small for socks. The best part of the system is that it gives you easy access to the bottom of your suitcase. Simply remove the Shacke-Paks containing the clean clothes, get whatever you need from the bottom, and then put the Shacke-Paks back. Typically I have dirty cloths and jackets at the bottom of the suitcase.I have not figured out how to use the included storage bag yet. Stuffing dirty clothes into it does not seem space-efficient. Plastic bags do a better job of holding shoes. The bag does make a useful place for storing the packs when you aren’t travelling.Compared with other packs, 3 of the 4 Shacke-Paks are larger at 13 inches in at least one dimension and 4 inches thick. If you need more than 4” of clothes, the extra width of these packs will bulge out to hold what you need. The packs are solidly constructed and seem to me made of heaver material than other systems such as the Pak-It system.Overall, the Shacke-Pak system works great if you are packing suitcases with clothes for a variety of occasions. For backpacking trips where you wear mainly T-shirts and shorts, you might want to opt for smaller, lighter packs such as the ones from Eagle Creek.Replica Hermes Belt Kits
  • They actually stay on:Though my daughter wears larger clothes (she’s 7-months and wears 12-months) the 12 month booties were too small. They appear to be well constructed and snuggly, but there is no tread on the soles and I think she will slip around in her walker, exosaucer, jumper, etc. We will be returning these slippers for something more practical; however, if she wasn’t almost mobile, I would keep these to see us through the winter as I think they would have been much easier to use than socks.Replica Hermes Belt Malaysia
  • Good shoehorn:My husband can now get his shoes and slippers on without help. He had broken down the counters of his shoes by wearing them as slip ons and shuttled all over the house etc.Mens Replica Hermes Belt
  • Best ever:Having foot pain from planter facitis (?)..the soft cushioning and contour to my feet make theses great. The bonus foot massage tool was also great.
  • Love love love my Vera Bradley Hipster:Absolutely love this bag!! The shipping was great had no problems! The item looked brand new. Definitely worth the money
  • I have a thing for Vera Bradley and I LOVE the midnight blue style:I love it great size and shape,pretty colors enough pockets to put things like front part for iPhone.
  • RECOMMENDED:Just exactly what we were looking for! Great product at a great price. Thanks!
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • Now THIS is a shoehorn!:Amazon thinks these are shoes, for whatever reason. I have a pair of very nice Oxfords and I don’t want the back to get damaged. This works perfectly for that.
  • Going to order more of these:Ok, I love this little gem. It’s 14” × 5” × 2.75”, has a see thru mesh section on the top, zips all around to open completely. Its listed as a packing organizer, but I put it in operation as a food storage bag for my Bug Out Bag. Its filled with 3 days’ worth of emergency food (meal bars, beef jerky, powdered soup, snacks). And it fits just right in the bottom of my backpack. I use bags of different types and sizes in my BOB to organize like items and keep everything together, and I can’t wait to get more of these in the other sizes offered.I received this item free from the seller, in exchange for an honest review.
  • Smaller than I thought:Holds just enough. A camera, cell and small wallet still leaves room for sunglasses. Also, the adjustable strap is a plus!