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  • I really love it. It has just enough pockets for everything:Color is beautiful, It will go perfectly with summer outfits. Has plenty of pocket room. I also ordered the wallet to go with it.Replica Hermes Belts Prices
  • Best shoe horn I’ve used:Product as described, delivered on time.The product is made of mild steel and may not be suitable for hard day to day use.Reversible Replica Hermes Belt
  • Very satisfied with both Service, and Item!! Thank you, Amazon!!:I love it! The size and shape were just as I expected. The purse is actually a bit roomier than anticipated. I also love the bright colors. I was a little nervous that the purse would not be as vivid as pictured, but it looks just as amazing in person!Replica Hermes Belts Mens
  • Not just for shoes:I ordered the pink shoe bag. Very pretty pink color. It is very lightweight, yet seems very strong. I like the fact that it is spacious enough for two pairs of shoes. I was able to fit two pairs of sandals, or two pairs of flats, I even fit two pairs of pumps. I wear a size 8.5. I also like the fact that the shoe bag is soft enough to be able to conform to certain empty spaces in the luggage.Replica Hermes Blue Belt
  • Essential equipment for slip-on Vans:This shoe horn stands out from the rest of the pack. This is a solid and well designed shoe horn. It is wider than any of my previous shoe horns, but not too wide. It is the best shoe horn I have and worth the extra bucks.If you want a economy shoe horn (nothing wrong with this apporach), but something else. If you want a primary shoe horn you look forward to using each day, this is the one for me.
  • Just the right size for my travels!:This packing cube was great for our purposes. My wife and I travel a lot, so we already had some packing cubes. However, a slightly longer trip that required some more skillful packing prompted this purchase. The item came just as described, and it held up really well to some rough backpacking through central and eastern Europe – the zippers remained strong, there was no fraying of the lining, and the handle stitching remained perfectly intact. It’s capacity was about average depending on what we tried to stuff inside of it. We had hoped to stuff all of her bulkiest dresses into the bag, but only 3/4 fit + a scarf. We eventually just put all of our socks and underwear into it, and it was perfect – that’s 9 days worth of sock & underwear for two people, and it all fit easily. One final note on the zippers – make sure to pull only on the metal part if possible. We didn’t personally experience this problem, but my buddy who had the same bag had the little plastic ends pop off when he tried to pull the zipper shut with it. Otherwise, awesome bag I’d recommend to any traveler.
  • Every home should have a Shacke shoehorn:it might as well be this one. I am a disabled 40 year old. My girls are very affectionate and always helped me with my shoes, but I want my independence without always having to bother them. I can now put my shoes on without help. It has a handled tip, which makes it easy to hold while wedging my feet into shoes. Also the base is wide enough to be comfortable against my big feet. The shoehorn does slightly flex with use, but not to the extent that I’m worried about it breaking; flexing just enough to be comfortable, but it is still very solid. It is long enough for me to stand and bend slightly to put shoes on, but not so long as to be unwieldy putting on shoes while sitting.I would definitely recommend it.
  • Five Stars:Awesome, beautiful and a great size!
  • Great shoe:Excellent shoe….great arch support is what I was looking for and found it in this shoe!
  • DOT&DOT MAKES AN IMPRESSIVE PRODUCT AT FANTASTIC PRODUCTS!:We love these. Got them today, clothes are packed and off we go tomorrow. They work Great
  • Helps with my Plantar Fasciitis:This is my 2nd pair. They are incredibly comfortable. I wear them ALL the time. I have plantar facitis in both feet. I even had the surgery a few years ago. My feet love these shoes! Worth every penny!
  • very warm:Ok so not really a fan of the brown color, might need a little work on the actual color. I thought it would be more like a brown that matches his outfits (carter’s) but its a strange color. I also have a grey pair of these and they really are a lifesaver!! I put socks then these and zero issues, they stay on, feet stay warm and no dumb baby shoes that fall off!