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  • Must have tool if you have back problems:I played with those metal shoe horns for many years and they always bent on me.. I wondered if a plastic shoe horn would be any better. Wow what a pleasure to use this device, it was always a pain to put my work boots on, but now it’s a walk in the park. Just sorry I did not get one earlier.. Highly recommend to all.Red Replica Gucci Belt
  • Love this purse:This is a good quality purse, as always from Vera Bradley. I have the older version of this style, and it is smaller by an inch or so all around. I wish they had left this version the same size. The zipper pocket in front is a nice addition, but it’s a little too small to hold a phone, and if I put my keys in it, my phone will not go all the way to the bottom of the slip pocket. This is a design flaw that I assume Vera Bradley will correct eventually. I have the small hipster as well, though not in this pattern, and what I would really like is one that is in between the small hipster and this hipster.But if you are looking for a larger hipster, then this will be perfect for you. And this pattern is really lovely in person, and good for all four seasons.Replica Gucci Belt Bag
  • I can’t see my feet but I can get my shoes on now:This shoehorn has eliminated considerable pain from my daily rituals. I no longer experience it while putting a shoe on my left foot. I’m grateful for its ease of use and durability.Replica Gucci Belts Mens
  • Wonderful but need non-slip grip pads on the bottom:This is one of the best baby products out there for winter! When you baby does not walk yet it is cold, these booties (i have 2 pairs) were so helpful for both my son and daughter. Great design and quality!Replica Gucci Belts Sale
  • A Key to My Morning Routine:Not lazy, Practical. Been using 5 days a week for over a month. Seems strong, works great. Minimal effort getting new slip-on steel-toe work shoes on. (yes, slip-on steel-toe. I thought it sounded ridiculous too. Boy was I wrong. I’m glad they were out of my size in the shoe I was going to buy).
  • Lime Hipster:Love it. Bright and bold colors and patterns. Christmas for my daughter. She has one now and needs another to switch up. the one she has now has held up well.
  • 24″ Showhorn…:This was for my Husband and this was exactly what he wanted to put his shoes on without alot of bending. It can be hung on a wall which is helpful and can be found easily.
  • Five Stars:I love my new bag! It’s so spacious and the design is nice. I’ll surely buy another when this one wears down.
  • Amazing!:The shoe is comfortable, but there is a lot of extra room at the front of the toes and the extra tends to catch on things and may cause one to trip. I you get a smaller size, then it would probably be too small in the back.
  • Five Stars:I ordered this bag thinking it would be too big. But its just the right size. Not to big… with lots of room for everything! Highly recommend. Its a structured bag so you dont have to worry about it if you dont have much to put in it. I love MK products!
  • Just what I needed:i bought this shoe horn for my husband, who had been looking for a longer one to use. My only question is, how does it know his right shoe from his left? It works equally well on either side, but I do not see a switch or anything like that to differentiate between right and left. It is just magical– Bravo, Shacke, on a fine product– Bravo.