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  • … others who have visited them have used this and liked it because of the durability and length:This shoehorn was exactly what my husband needed. He has a bit of trouble bending down to slip his shoes on and now he doesn’t have that problem. It appears sturdy so it should last a very long time. Thanks.Mens Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Super Cute:Love the many pockets and beautiful pattern! So glad I bought this bag!!Replica Gucci Mens Belt
  • Five Stars:Perfect size purse, great new colorMen Replica Gucci Belts
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE:High quality wallet as all Vera Bradley products are.Replica Gucci Belt For Womens
  • Four Stars:I absolutely love these shoes and use them as my "inside shoes" all year!!
  • your family shoehorn:Good value for the price. It has a good long handle and a wide heel base made of heavy metal making it very easy to use while saving the back of the shoe from being crushed.
  • Much relief from Plantar’s Fasciitis:There simply isn’t anything more comfortable you can put on your feet if you have Hugh arches like I do. It’s like getting an arch massage with every step.
  • Good shoe horn:at 70 years old and a little over weight my lace up boots are a problem to get on..this solves that very well.
  • Excellent Product:The perfect organizer – I just got back from an international trip and it worked great.
  • Yoga Toeless Socks are Amazing:I love these yoga socks! They are easy to put on and look great! I really appreciate the breathable fabric and that non slip bottoms. The extra padding on the bottom provides cushioning to my heal area which is an added benefit! I enjoy wearing these around the house. I feel safe and secure wearing them since they are non slip. I love them because if I want to go outside, I can slip on my flip-flops easily!These socks are easy to care for. I hand wash them out at night and lay them flat to dry. These socks also offer warmth and compression, which I find keeps my feet from getting so tired!I was excited to get these yoga socks for a discount to evaluate and review. They have exceeded my expectations in every way!
  • Five Stars:happy with this,
  • This thing is great. Works wonderful:Very timely delivery and perfect size. long enough to get in but short of enough to hold in hand. Plus unlike plastic shoehorns this will last. Also fits perfectly in shoeshine box I have next to my shoe stand. Glad I bought 2.