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Customer reviews

  • My purse!:This purse is so beautiful, nice and spacey. I’m in love with the color (Mocha). I would recommend it to the ladies that love big purses.Replica Gucci Belts On Sale Replica
  • ok no bad:This was a gift from my son. This tote is very well made, I love it and it holds a lot.Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • Great arch support:I wish they made more colors! Now I need to buy flip flop socks (is there such a thing?!) to wear them in winter!Replica Gucci Belt Bag
  • Damn Good Shoehorn.:No delivery problems. Larger than the standard-issue shoe store horn. Plenty generous for six-inch pull-on work boots. Smooth, sturdy steel with etched logo on back looks good. Only issue with the machining is that the edges should be lobed or a tad smoother. There are no burrs or sharp edges, but the hand-feel is not like the old-school shoehorns that I’m used to. Better than the high-end famous shoe brand plastic ones that I’ve broken, this does the job and will certainly outlast me.White Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • best shoehorn:Exactly what my 84-year old husband needs to assist him with his shoes. Raves about it every day. Thank you.
  • Five Stars:IT’s a fine product for a great price.
  • Evaluation of Long Shoehorn:I bought this shoehorn in May 2014 for $15. My initial thought was $15 is a lot to pay for a plastic shoehorn — but I went ahead w/ the purchase anyway. Upon receipt I was pleased to see that the item was made of sturdy plastic, unlike some of the flimsy, cheap ones that I had purchased historically and threw away before too long. This one is not so thick that it would make slipping your feet into shoes an arduous process. The 24" length is a REAL back-saver too — when you are over 40 like I am (and I’m not saying how far over 40!) that’s a real good thing. I use the item pretty much everyday and after 2 months it seems to be holding up pretty well. In short, this was a good investment and I would purchase the item again should the need arise — which may be a while.
  • Quality Product:Does what it’s supposed to do, is very sturdy, and arrived very quickly.
  • In Love:My sister, daughter and myself are addicted to these sandals. Your legs don’t get tired and you can walk forever on the beach!
  • Perfect Fit and Comfortable:This is my first pair of Clarks and I love the fit and comfort of these sandals! I’ll definitely buy at least one more pair in another color.
  • Five Stars:Love this bag! Colors are bright and cheerful. I have washed it, it comes out perfect!
  • Good length for grip and pretty to look at:Beautiful shoe horn plenty long enough for ease of use. Very strong and smooth.