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  • WAY CHEAPER AT MACY’S !!!!!!:Love my bag!!!!💜💜💜Belt Replica Gucci Replica
  • … due to my back ache & this tool is wonderful & very helpful when I’m putting on my shoes:I purchased this, upon request, from my 92 year old father, who can no long bend to put his shoes or slippers on. I asked him to describe how it works for him and he said "good." There you have it.Replica Gucci Belts
  • Gift:Indeed a Vera Bradley for a great price. Such a cute bag with lots of pockets! :)Blue Replica Gucci Belt
  • Four Stars:Awesome, beautiful and a great size!Replica Gucci Belts Sale
  • Love love love:My SIL, who travels all the time, said this was a great bag because it holds what she needs (plus a little) and is easy to pack along. I am keeping this on my list of easy-to-give gifts because I love all the patterns.
  • Great for boots.:My husband has lower back issues and this makes it so easy to get shoes on without bending over. We keep it hanging by the door so everyone can use it.
  • Perfect for travel:Well made can be used for many things! Love them!!
  • Like a having a shoe valet.:Love, Love, Love this bit shoehorn. I have ankle high boots that are hard to get on. This shoehorn is big enough that I can stand and slip my boots on….love it!!!! PS…seller and shipper are great. Thanks!!!
  • gracias:Great quality build and exactly what I was looking for. Fits most of my checkbooks and what not. I simply love it.
  • Don;t be affraid to try one. Good investment:I ordered this shoehorn because I am not quite as limber as I used to be. It is excellent. I now put on my sneakers without issues. It’s comfortable to use, perfectly shaped. Your foot slides right into your shoe. It is made of good quality material and is very sturdy so I expect it will last for my lifetime, for sure. It was shipped very quickly and arrived fast. Excellent service!!
  • Not Useful for My Needs:Used to sell these at store I worked in from 2000 thru 2006, loved them. This is the only color/pattern I’ve liked in their designs the last few years. Already have several "bags" in this pattern and expect to purchase more when I can find them.
  • Durable and Usable Michael Kors Tote:I was a little skeptical about purchasing a name brand purse on Amazon, but I was proven wrong immediately. This purse is beautiful! I will definitely recommend & purchase another one in the future!