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  • Aaahhhh:I have 3 pair of Oofos now! Does not heal, of course, but great for me… I have plantar faciitis and a spur! I just recently purchased a pair for my mom!Replica Gucci Horsebit Belt
  • It’s durable just like their other products:Awesome bag. Easy to pack. I use it to carry my olympic weightlifting shoes with me and I’m extra careful with them.Replica Gucci Belts For Sale
  • Five Stars:Fiance loves it. She uses this purse every single day for almost a year now. Great purchase.Replica Gucci Horsebit Belt
  • Unexpectedly comfortable:These are not shoes so I could not answer the questions asked. It is a metal shoe horn, which fits into the back of my husbands work shoes very well. This is a good sturdy product, seems like it will last for a long time.Replica Gucci Belts Uk
  • Shoehorn necessary for my husband:I got a new pair of Fry boots, and might be installing some heel stops to snug up the fit at the heel a little bit, depending on how they break in, and that package suggested getting a shoe horn, to protect the position of the inserted/glued padding. I started looking at reviews, and saw that some had comments about fragile plastic, and some did not seem to have anything to hang by, some mentioned handles that were hard to keep in position as you slid your foot in, etc. I decided to go with this one, even though the handle looked a little big. It is a very sturdy horn, easy to position, and the handle is just fine, and perfect to hang the horn from. I stuck a little plastic glue backed hook on the side of a small cabinet near the door, so my shoehorn is always in easy reach. It is nice to not have to sit down to put my boots on, even if I never install the heel padding. I also have some other shoes that have backs that tend to collapse when I put them on, this will be great for those too.
  • i am not happy with this bag:i am not happy with this bag. the strap and the depth of the bag just do not make me a happy camperi
  • Excellent seller and excellent product:I purchased several shoehorns over the past few years. This is the best so far! Good quality. The length is perfect.
  • nice packing cube:I just received my large packing cube today, and I can’t wait to use it. The quality is exceptional. The idea is great, things that you don’t want to move around in your luggage so that they don’t get wrinkled, get packed in this cube and stay in place. Not only is the cube made exceptionally well, but the quality exceeds the purchase price! The cube comes packed in a plastic slide zip bag that can also be used to pack wet or soiled items that keep clean and soiled/wet items separate. Purchase a couple, you will not be sorry! I can’t wait to view all of the products made by Dot & /Dot. This is the second purchase I have made from Dot & Dot. The first was a stroller drink holder which is fantastic and appears to be worth much more than the price I paid.
  • great product:Fast Delivery! My husband has a metal one and I like this one MUCH better. I am a retired therapist and have often recommended to my patients. Now I need one!
  • Durable:Well built, but has some inconsistently sized pockets. Some card pockets aren’t deep enough. Passport pocket works wonders. I wish it had another small pocket for keeping MicroSD cards and SIM Cards.
  • Happy with gift:With an aging back and short arms I have bought many long shoehorns. This is the best by far. This is my second purchase – a gift for my podiatrist.
  • Wife loves it!:Really like this bag. Keeps me from taking a bulky purse around. I have used daily for 9 months. The only issue is that the stitching on the zipper has pulled away from the bag. It’s an easy fix, just need to do it. It is comfortable and perfect for when you want to be hands free like during shopping. I purchased the wallet that matches and get compliments often on both.