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  • What a Great Idea:I have a couple pairs of shoes that are difficult to put on. I went to Amazon to find a shoehorn. I found one, but I spotted this two foot long shoehorn. The price was good so I decided to give it a try. I can still bend to put on my shoes, but why would I want to? This shoehorn is terrific. No more bending. I love it.Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Love it:I love my Vera Bradley Hipster. The colors are so bright and cheerful, also, but now I have to get some spring and summer clothes to go with my handbag!Replica Gucci Men Belt Replica
  • 24″ Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn:Wow, if you ever put your back out this is a must have tool. Some of my slip on shoes still require the use of a shoe horn and when I recently suffered very bad back pain I was limited to just one pair of shoes. Now using this I can easily and with little pain wear my other slip on shoes. It seems well made and the price is right alsoReal Replica Gucci Belt
  • LOVE IT.:About a month after I got it, it ripped in two places. I absolutely loved it until then. Be careful what you spend money on.Men Replica Gucci Belt
  • Best shoehorn ever:yes your shoe horn works very well for me i am 72 yrs old and i wear pullon boots with a 11 in. shank they are very hard for me to pull on but your shoe horn makes the job much easier thank you
  • Beautiful gift:It is better than I expected. I really like it
  • Five Stars:It was awesome!
  • Love Vera:Love the pattern. It’s so comfortable to carry. I have it fully loaded and it’s not bulky or heavy. Room for so much stuff!My favorite purse ever!
  • so happy!:Excelent the best service.👍👍👍👍
  • Opening too narrow.:This bag is just what I was looking for. I can carry everything I need in it including my tablet. I can fit my glasses case, my tablet, my cell phone and keys/wallet inside. Just the right size for me.
  • No more stooping !!!:The shoehorn I had for years became unusable. I ordered this shoehorn and it is great. It was just what I needed. Thank you.
  • Amazing!!!:Perfect! I was hesitant to purchase due to the price but am now going to order some in other colors. They stay on all the time and keep babies feet warm but not sweaty. Excellent design.