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  • Love it!:I bought this shoehorn for my husband who is tall but has developed some back problems and has a little trouble slipping on his size 13’s. I got this as a little surprise for him and he thanks me over and over for it. It’s amazing how a simple tool can bring so much relief for a simple job of putting on shoes. It’s very good material and just the right length. I recommend it especially for anyone who is tall, but short people can use it, too.Replica Gucci Belt Uk
  • Truly A Lifechanger…:This shoehorn works the way shoehorns work with the added benefit that it can be used while standing, because of its length, and even sitting there is no bending over. It’s one smooth piece of assistance. Great choice for someone with limited mobility. Looks like it’s made of material that will last.All Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • I am very pleased with the OOFOS:These are the most comfortable flip flops ever. They feel weird at first but u willl love them after 5 min.Cheap Replica Gucci Belt
  • So many uses!:seems nicely constructed; nice material. You can see in . Of course I haven’t USED it yet. More to come perhaps.Replica Gucci Gg Belt
  • Awesome Shoehorn.:I like the length of the shoehorn, but wish I had bought a metal one. I am afraid it won’t take much to break this one being made of plastic, I’ll just wait and see. But it works good, and does help to get your shoe on easier. Mine has a hole in the handle and I put up a hook and hang it where I get dressed, don’t have to keep looking where I put it last.
  • Not only for travel:I love these muti purpose bags! Now all I need is one in each size available because they are perfect for caring in your purse or just keeping your items organized. An added bonus is that these are also waterproof so your items will stay safe from the other elements. If your a traveler or have some traveling buddies these would make a cute gift by filling up the bag with goodies.
  • Five Stars:This extra long shoehorn is perfect for people with mobility problems. My husband had been having problems getting his shoes on, but with the shoehorn it is no longer an issue.
  • Shoes are great! I needed comfort for my heel pain:Like waking on air with arch support! I have to wear Orthotics with other shoes but with these I can wear them all day!
  • I wanted a Spring handbag and I love Michael Kors bags:Received the item in excellent condition.
  • Great purse!:Beautiful purse! Very happy with purchase.
  • Love this shoehorn:I bought this for my husband who has a difficult time bending. He loves it. It’s just the thing so he doesn’t complain anymore about not being able to get his shoes on. Thank you so much
  • Five Stars:I find it to be the perfect size when I do carry a bag.