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  • Blood Pressure Monitor fits:This worked great for me for my weekend away this weekend! It was perfect and compact and I was able to keep my shoes separated from my clothing in my small travel size suitcase. Product is durable and well made. Very impressed. The color is true to the pictures. I will be ordering more for Holiday gifts.Replica Gucci Belt Women
  • Sturdy yet flexible LONG shoehorn…:Its extra large!Great for boots!! Makes putting them on so much easier!Love this Shoehorn!i recommend everyone gets one!Cheap Replica Gucci Belts
  • Treat Yourself:Good quality – 24 inches long and has nice large handles that makes using while standing a real blessing.Will probably buy another for downstairs.Replica Gucci Belt For Kids
  • The Perfect Travel Accessory:Very compact, good finish and grt to travel. All documents can be very well placed.. A very useful buy.. Will definately recommend it.Replica Gucci Belt Buckles
  • Good product:Works as expected. First Shoe horn I’ve ever owned so don’t really know how to compare.
  • Cute and functional =) Love these on so many levels!:I am just starting to do some yoga and to be honest I have zero balance… Hoping the yoga helps but I was finding that I constantly wash,slipping even on my non slip mat.. These have ended this. But not to mention I have no carpet in my house so these are excellent to walk around the house and not bust my bottom. Normally I don’t like toe socks but these are very comfortable I think it’s because of the opening that my feet don’t feel so confines.. I was lucky to get these in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and loved them after testing them out.
  • great tool:Suited me down to a tee. Now I can get my shoes on in the morning without undue effort. I can sincerely recommend and the delivery was excellent.
  • Great product:Smoothly finished sturdy shoehorn that does the job I purchased it for. Haven’t made up my mind about the loop handle.
  • Wonderful!:I literally just pulled these out of the box. I’ve never used packing cubes before, and I’m leaving the country for 8 days next week. My suitcase is already packed and full to the brim, so I’ll be very interested to see the difference once I use these. I will post a follow-up review upon my return, but here are my initial impressions…- I ordered these Sunday from Amazon and they arrived today (Tuesday) right around noon. Excellent!-Packaging: they arrived in a slim Amazon box that was padded with inflated bags. The cubes were packed one inside the other and then tucked inside the included laundry bag. Excellent!-Build quality: Appears and feels to be very good. Obviously, I haven’t actually used them yet, but they look and feel like excellent quality. Excellent!-Additional Content: Included was a card with warranty information that led me here; as well as a quick start guide showing how best to use the cubes for trips of different lengths. Excellent and helpful!So far, I’m very impressed. It seems silly to get excited about something like packing cubes, but I travel alot and items like this are very helpful. And when the presentation, packaging, and product itself all demonstrate quality, it makes it exciting. I’ll bump this to 5 stars once I return from my first travel with them.
  • update on the plastic shoehorn:I liked the first one so much I ordered another. I may never, ever have to bend over again. I am trapped in this review and cannot get out. Maybe I have to order another shoe horn. It’s like the movie Ground Hog Day
  • Smooth and solid…just like me:Great quality product. It’s just a slab of metal, but you can tell it will last a long time.
  • Awesome for plantar fasciitis sufferers!:The bottom of the sole does not extend fully to the entire shoe making it feel a bit strange to walk with. Could have been a comfy piece of footwear if not for the lack of a full edge at the heel.