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  • Five Stars:uses dailyCheap Replica Gucci Men Belts
  • Five Stars:love itCheap Replica Gucci Belt
  • Five Stars:Great for after long runs and tired feetReplica Gucci Mens Belt
  • Love It!!!:I love it so much !!! I get a lot of compliments on it , Thank you for having so a wonderful bag!!!Mens Replica Gucci Belts
  • VERY HAPPY I PURCHASED THIS ITEM:My dad has Parkinson, and has a hard time getting his shoes on. I bought him some with velcro instead of laces and he liked them but his balance isn’t very good and once he fell over trying to put his shoes on. I didn’t even know that anyone made or sold shoe horns of this length. Its perfect for him and he liked it alot.
  • great booties:I have another pair and plan to continue ordering them for my baby girl, they replace all socks. I wish they had some grip on the bottom for the larger sizes so I could order her some once she starts walking too!
  • Well Pleased:Purchased as a gift for my aging parents after noticing they were having problems with getting their shoes on using a short shoe horn. They were very happy and said it is making the task of getting their shoes on much easier. It is a nice length, sturdy and is working out well for them.
  • Good design, too:Absolutely a beautiful bag – and in my favorite colors to boot! Just the right size to fit everything I need. I ordered a wallet to match!
  • good!:LOVE IT!!!!
  • GORGEOUS Bag at a GREAT price!:Love this purse! I spent a lot of time seeking the perfect bag to hold an iPad, wallet, phone, keys and small cosmetic bag. This cross body fits it all with room to spare! It’s a cute and fun pattern as well!
  • Great shoehorn. I’m young and fit:I needed to buy a shoehorn for a recent purchase of high top shoes and it works great. I’ve never had to use a shoehorn before and I love the idea of not having to lean over to put my shoes on.
  • Tote for the wife:Beautiful! Great price for a designer bag. Checked it out throughly for authenticity and it matches everything it should be. I only purchase designer bags, so I have learned over the years the things to look for to make sure it is the "real thing."