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  • Best product ever I am going to ordre anothe one I will recomend to a lot of people:I got this for an elderly relative who had a hard time reaching down to put his shoes on. The shoehorn made it easier for him to put his dress shoes on. Plastic material makes me nervous on whether it will be sturdy in the long run. At first touch it seemed to be something sturdy.Replica Gucci Belt Black
  • Sturdy construction, Easy to travel with! great all around winner!:LOVE these organizers! I almost have a complete set in my closet! they come in all different sizes and colors too!! Fantastic construction, full opening zipper and PERFECT for traveling. I received this product in exchange for inspection and my honest review.Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Four Stars:Love this it’s perfect for spring!Replica Gucci Belt Blue
  • Great hands/arms free bag!:I bought this bag for outings with the kids. It’s big enough for a small wallet, a bottle of water, a small brush, hand sanitizer, tissues and gum. Love that the strap is adjustable and the bag allows me to have both hands free.Replica Gucci Belt Brown
  • excellent!:Arrived fast, box was a little banged up but the bag was not harmed. Wrapped up in every detail. Size is not too large, very comfortable size
  • Not a compression baf:I Love these bags. They come in such a variety of colors you can personalize them to your style. If you have multiple people in your family you can get different colors for everyone so no unknown packed items that you have to open and go through to see who it belongs to. They come with a thick plastic zipper case that you can store them in when not in use. So no more bags randomly thrown in closets. The quality is great and the zippers are secure. There is a double zipper so you can secure them with a lock if need be and they have a handle for carrying. Love Love Love cannot say it enough
  • … due to my back ache & this tool is wonderful & very helpful when I’m putting on my shoes:Well my husband I guess has got to the stage where he can no longer reach his shoe with a small shoehorn. So as a gag I got him this. Well he loves it!!!! Uses it every single time! Very good quality. Highly recommend.
  • Four Stars:I have a very happy little girl!! She loves this bag! Very well made and the price was outstanding!!
  • Just what I wanted:I read a lot of your reviews before I purchase anything and I was leery about plastic. But, my husband who broke his hip had no problem putting on his shoes with this. He is loving this !
  • Easy to use for kids shoes:These link laces make life so much easier. I absolutely hate battling with tieing shoes. Love the design on them. They are easy to put in. Great for kids or adults. Perfect to use for a variety of reasons. No tripping, no dirty shoe laces, hands hurt or don’t work well no problem. This product was purchased at a promotional price for testing and reviewing purposes.
  • 24′ long shoehorn:It is a shoe horn. It helps me get my shoes on. It’s long so I don’t have to bend over too much. I like it.
  • I have really nothing to say about this product and …:Very convenient and easy to use. Won’t travel without them.