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  • LAST ONE YOUR EVER NEED:I have a couple pairs of shoes that are difficult to put on. I went to Amazon to find a shoehorn. I found one, but I spotted this two foot long shoehorn. The price was good so I decided to give it a try. I can still bend to put on my shoes, but why would I want to? This shoehorn is terrific. No more bending. I love it.Replica Gucci Belt Buckle
  • great tool:I sent for this shoehorn to use as a "boothorn" as I have a new pair of boots which are difficult to get on. This shoehorn does the job very well and I find it to be a good product.Replica Gucci Belt Price
  • Long shoehorn does the trick:My husband has used a long handled shoehorn for several years….his broke. He added a new one at the top of his Christmas list, because it is so necessary for him to use when putting on his shoes. He has a serious back problem, bending over is very painful. The shoehorn solves the problem, and being longer is going to be an extra bonus for him.Mens Replica Gucci Belts
  • A Great Shoe Horn!!!:I bought this shoehorn for my 94 year old Aunt. She doesn’t have to bend over to try to put her shoes on anymore with this shoehorn. She loves it. Great product. Very well made. She also likes the easy grip handle. In ending, when she’s happy everybody is happy.Cheap Replica Gucci Belts
  • Best case …:There are 3 things about this I didn’t like.1. The main thing I don’t like about them is the zippers. It doesn’t flow quickly and easily, I have to fumble at the corners to open it. It’s okay, not bad, just not great.2. It doesn’t fit easily into the top compartment on my carry-on bag outside. It does with some manipulation but not easily. I’d have preferred something slightly smaller, that would fit easily.3. I don’t love the design. The boarding pass fits outside but the compartment is tight, so I have to push it in. But then the passport doesn’t fit outside. We always need the passport and the boarding pass handy at the airport. The boarding pass is, but we have to open the whole thing to get to the passport. It is just not great.I still used it in my last trip since I didn’t have anything else, but I was slightly annoyed the whole time. The organizer does keep the documents safe and in one place.
  • Great orthopedic product!:from the grip handle to the wide bottom this product is superior to any 24" shoe horn i’ve used previously.material seems plenty rugged; likely to last, forever.
  • midnight blues turn lock wallet:The quality is exactly same as I saw in the shopping mall, the prices is unbeatable,and the shipping is fast . This is a perfect gift for Mom.
  • Five Stars:Bought these based on a couple of friends recommendations and I’m happy that I did. I love comfy, casual shoes that I can walk distances in and these fit the bill! And thank you for the foot massager gift :) Regarding sizing, I wear between a woman’s 6 & 7 normally and find that the women’s 6 in this works just right.
  • Amazing! Worked well in both left and right shoe:Amazing shoe horn, not to big or small, changed my son’s life. He no longer has to battle his Soccer shoes for Saturday’s games.
  • Good Shoehorn:Very pleased. Was exactly what I was looking for. Good quality, sturdy, useful for all ages. My husband is pleased too.
  • excelete producto:This is a quality, sturdy travel organizer. The only caution I have is that it is big! Check the dimensions, this is not going to fit in normal pocket and doesn’t have a good clip for attaching to belt.
  • Independence After Surgery!!!:I have 3 of these and really love them. Just having back surgery has left me without being able to put my shoes on so this extended shoehorn is just the thing I needed to help me.