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  • Great product:You all would be surprised what a few inches can do to ease the strain on your low back… Especially when the weather is cold and your muscles are tighter. My roommate *loves* this thing and he says it makes the hardest dress shoes slip on w efficacyReplica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Beautiful purse for the money:Perfect size & I love the color. I can fit all my stuff needed in it.The zipper compartments are great.Replica Gucci Belt For Men
  • Three Stars:Not as sturdy as I hoped. Had it for a few weeks and the handle already snapped :/Replica Gucci Belt For Womens
  • Five Stars:Fit as expected as it was recommended by neighbor. comfortable to wear. seems well made. look forward to wearing in warmer weather.Real Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Great Packing Cubes!:These are great for packing in an organized manner. I purchased some packaging cubes from another well known company for myself; and these for my husband and son. These are a little thinner BUT they work just as well…..and cheaper.
  • Good product.:I am one week post spinal surgery, and I find the shoehorn extremely helpful. This is one of the few post operative aids I will keep. Highly recommended.
  • Great purchase:I love this – so much better than bending and using your fingers to help slide your foot in the shoe. My kids thought it’s so cool – they didn’t know what it’s for 😀. Now my daughter uses it all the time when she puts her sneakers on.
  • Works well and it’s durable:I am very happy with my long-handled show horn. I would prefer it be made of metal, but so far the plastic is working quite well. It is great for putting on my boots without having to bend down.
  • LOVE IT!!:Perfect bag for me. Small enough that I don’t overload and get it too heavy; but big enough for all my essentials and lots of pockets for organization. Crossbody is comfortable and easy. Love the patterns. I had a fall pattern and ordered this one for Spring. I get lots of compliments on the bag. A good friend just ordered her own because she liked the organization and attractiveness of mine.
  • Could Be Used For Many Things:I love these packing cubes. When traveling you can put your makeup, curling irons, panties and socks in etc. Very easy to put in your suitcase and organize and have more room for other things. They are really nice. They are made really good and have a mesh front so you can see what you have in the cubes. I would recommend these to people who love to travel and like to take alot of things with them.I received these products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I was neither paid nor sponsored for my opinions and all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own.
  • Shoehorn ordered thru Amazon:This was how I felt about my experience with Shacke…… Their Customer Service is worth the cost of this shoe horn. I will not get into the details, as I am a firm believer that most "Details" provided within Reviews are only of interest to the writer of the review, not those who are reading it…….So lets be brief:1st: Shacke is a company that sits by the computer, waiting to respond to "any issue or complaint or concern or suggestion" it’s customers may have.2nd: This is a single plastic shoe horn – sturdy and well built and will clearly help you get your shoes on. …… Buy it.
  • Great durable shoehorn.:I ordered this item to assist my mother with the painful task of putting her shoes on. She is disabled from spinal stenosis and this product will help her in doing small tasks that allow her to keep her independence. Thanks for making the product.