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  • Five Stars:Me gusto bastanteReplica Gucci Belts For Women
  • 24″ Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn:Wow, if you ever put your back out this is a must have tool. Some of my slip on shoes still require the use of a shoe horn and when I recently suffered very bad back pain I was limited to just one pair of shoes. Now using this I can easily and with little pain wear my other slip on shoes. It seems well made and the price is right alsoReplica Gucci Belts For Kids
  • Cute purse and awesome price!:I love it……perfect for everything and every occasion! Great purchase and awesome colors. Great quality and nothing better than a hands free bag.Replica Gucci Womens Belt
  • Simple, Practical and Durable Shoehorn:The shoehorn I had for years became unusable. I ordered this shoehorn and it is great. It was just what I needed. Thank you.Real Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • The shoe horn handle is very sturdy. The problem is that it is thick:Well made and easy to use. I like the T-grip on the end vs. a ring because you can grip it, wrap your fingers around it and get more leverage for those tighter fitting shoes. I would recommend for anyone who has difficulty bending to slip on their shoes.
  • Great Weekender bag!:Bought the Heather design. I love this bag. It is spacious and can fit the perfect amount for a short trip. The color is definitely different from in the picture though so be aware that your cut of fabric will vary. My bag is predominantly green and lavender/purple. Not very much of the maroon color shows and the teal-looking color in the photo is more of a green. Hope this helps!
  • and I love them. They basically cured my plantar fasciitis:Couldn’t be happier!! Ordered my second pair….. different color
  • My first one broke after 3 weeks – sent it back and ordered another one just like it. Shipping time was great:I just received my bag today and it surpassed my expectations. I will definitely order more. This bag was not to small or to big it was just right.
  • Five Stars:I bought these to replace some other thong sandals that had broken (the toe cloth), since that same style was out of stock. These feel too padded as opposed to providing arch support. I use them mostly when I get out of the shower, rather than wearing them around the house.
  • Five Stars:beautiful, sturdy and a great size for stashing everything i need.
  • great helper:This is long and convenient plastic shoehorn. I am 6’3" and need only mild bend when I am using this one. Despite being plastic, it seems pretty sturdy, and was usable with every shoe I have tried. The end ring is also large, make it easy to hang it on whatever type of the hanger you have on the wall.
  • The quality of the material and stitching was better than I expected:I love this purse. The colors are beautiful and it has more room in it than you think. It is the right size for someone who does not like a big heavy purse to carry.